Stanley A Long

Stanley A
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24 Nov 1999
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BEHP 0461 Stanley Long

[Transposed from handwritten notes by Manny Yospa, so there may be some errors]

Interviewer: Denis Gifford. Recordist: Manny Yospa


Born in Stockwell, father a chauffeur. Did photography at school, worked as “sweeper-upper” studio, Fleet Street, Argyle Street 1949, apprentice Barbara Golen. Fashion photos, dye transfer, assistant to Maurice Ambler 1950. Children’s film matinees, Saturday mornings. Lady Harriet Bowers Picture Post. Called up as nursing orderly, RAF. Welsbourne Mount School of Photography. Arnold Wesker, Henry Thornton Grammar School, evacuated to Littlehampton. Hope and Glory. Majestic, Clapham, 1954 Worked on his own; David Bailey.


Glamour photography, very prim and proper. First Wife: Windmill Girl, daughter. Sky TV., Arnold Miller. Capital Paper Company; Photostudio, 16 Soho Square, Harrison Marks; John Straker; Stag Films Ltd., Ben Holloway, “Silky” David Sullivan; Lifeboat call; Hogarth, Cyril Shaps, UMP; Excalibur Films; Searchlight Films, 1959; River Pilot; Reed Labs; Tozer £800, Nudist Memories, 35mm; Sydney Samuelson; McKrasky; Spielplatz; John Trevelyan; Victoria Neves; Hank Jensen; Steven Francis; Plumbers Mate; EJ Fancy, Leonard Urry; De Vere Clifton; Wolfenden Report; Harold Bain; £300 Arriflex; West End Jungle; On the Game; Prostitution; Naughty; Take off your Clothes and Live; Nudes of the World; Marsh Court[?]; Bob Allen; Miracle Films; Lord Morrison.


Circlorama; Leonard Urry 1963; Frank Brockliss, Circlorama Cavalcade; Cyril Collick; Malcolm Stewart; 


Alan Lavender; PAG batteries; Albert Dubois; Liquidation of Circlorama; RAF Documentaries, Ministry of Defence training films; Flyer; Television; no work; Gerry Poulson, The Sorcerer Boris Karloff, Mike Reeves; Tony Tenser; Johnny Cockyer[?]; Witchfinder general; London in the Raw; Compton; Michael Klinger, Tony Klinger; Bernard Samuels; parted with Arnold Miller 1969; David Bailey; Repulsion, Roman Polanski; Assassination of GG Passion [?]; Eric Swain.


Bailey; Punch and Judy; Screen Time; 1983; 1969 Martin Jarvis Secrets of a Windmill Girl, Pauline Collins; Last Windmill star: Patricia Lammio [?]; Ken Bandy; Death’s Head Vampire [?]; Vernon Sewell; George Miele; Wife Swappers; This, that and the other; Derek Ford; Dennis Waterman; Miracle Films. Salon since 1979; Groupie Girl; censorship, John Trevelyan.


Censorship, Polygram Record Groupie Girl; Esme Johns; May Blizzard; Bread; Isle of Wight Pop festival; Directed Bread, first directors [?]; Eskimo Nell; Martin Campbell; Michael Armstrong, writer, director; Eagle Films 1974; Roy Kinnear; Christopher Timothy; Anna Quail Adventures of…;Television; commercials; The Navy is a Ship; Naughty; 1972; Documentary: The History of Erotica; Germain Greer; On the Game; Sex and the Other Woman; Alaistair Reed: It could happen to You; Michael Green; anti-VD film; Dr Catterall; James Pringle Clinic; Intimate Teenage Secrets; 1975 Adventures of a Taxi Driver; Bob Webster; Susan Mercer.


Film circuits, ABC and Rank; Alpha Films; Barry Evans; Bob Lindsay; Judy Geeson, Stephen Lewis; No 8 1977 Screen International; Comedy: Private Eye; Diana Dors, Harry H Corbett, Barry Evans; murdered, Christopher Neal; Distributors; Alpha, success; video market; 1982. John Bentley; Intervision; Dream House; That’s the way to do it; Do you believe in Fairies; Screen Time; Dora Bryan; Alpha bought out by Intervision; Blockbuster; Rent equipment; Al Beresford; self-financed; Doris 1982; No big budget films; Peter Walker; House of Long Shadows; Michael Kahn.



Born in Stockwell father chauffeur . Photography at school. Sweeper upper Fleet Street studios, Argyle St 1949 . Apprentice Barbara Golen fashion photo's . Dye transfer asst to Maurice Ambler 1950. Children's film matinee Sat mornings. Lady Henrietta Bowles Picture Post. Into RAF . Wolstorne Mount School of Photography. Arnold Wesker, Henry Thornton Grammar School. "Hope and Glory" Majestic Clapham, 1954 slf employed 1954. Davod Bailey. Glamour Photography married Windmill girl., Daughter Sky TV, Arnold Miller, Capital paper Co. Photostudio with Harrison marks Soho Square. John Straker Stag Films Ltd. Ben Holland "Silky" Davbid Sullivan "Lifeboat call" Hogarth, Cyril Shaps UMP. Excalibur Films Searchlight films, 1959. River Pilot Reeds Labs. "Nudist Memories" 35mm . Sydney Samuelson Krasky "Spielplatz" John Trevelyan, Vivian Neves, Hank Jensen,Steven Francis. "Plumbers Mate" E J Fancy, De Kere Clifton, Wolfended Report, Hardy Bain. £300 Arriflex, "West End Jungle" "On the game" prostitution, "Naughty" "Take off your clothes and live" "Nudes of the World", Bob Allen, Miracle Films, Lord Morrison. Circlorama, Leonard Urry 1963 Frank Brockliss, Cyril Collick, Malcolm Stewart, Alan Lavender, PAG batteries, Albert Dubois liquidation of Circlorama. RAF documentaries MOD training films, Flyer Television 1967. Gerry Poulsen "The Sorcerer" Boris Karloff MIke Reeves, Tony Tonser?, Johnny Cockyer? "Witchfinder General" "London in the raw" , Compton, Michael Klinger, Tony Klinger, Bernard Samuels. Parted with ASrnold Miler, 1969 David Bailey "Repulsion" Roman Polanski "Assasination of GG Passion" Eric Swain. Punch & Judy "Screen Time" 1983 1969 Martin Jarvis "Secrets of a Windmill Girl" Pauline Collins Last Windmill show. Patricia Lammia? , Ken Bandy, "Death's Head Vampire" Verno Sewell, George Miele, "Wife Swappers" "This that and the Other" Derek Ford, Dennis Waterman, Miracle Films, Salon since 1969 "Groupie Girls" Trevelyan censorship. Polygram Record "Groupie Girl" Esme Johns, May Blizzard, "Bread" IOW festival of POP. Directed "Bread" and "Eskimo Nell" , Martin Campbell Michael Armstrong - writer director Eagle Films, 1974 Roy Kinnear Christopher Timothy, Anna Quail, "Adventures of - " . TV commercials "The navy is a ship" "Naughty" 1972 Documentary "History of Erotica". Germaine Greer "On the Game" "Sex and the other Woman" Alistair Reed, "It could happen to You" Michael Green, Anti VD Dr Catterul, James Pringle Clinic, "Intimate Teenage secrets" 1975, "Adventure of a Taxi driver" Bob Webster, Susan Mercer.  Film Circuits ABC & Ranks Alpha Films, Barry Evans, Bob Lindsay, Judy Geeson, Stephen Lewis. 1977 Screen International Comedy "Private Eye" Diana Dors Harry H Corbett, Barry Evans murdered . Christopher Neal . Distributors Alpha success. Videomarket 1982 Jhn Bentley Intervision "Dream House" "That's the way to do it" "Do you believe in fairies" "Screen Time" Dora Bryan. Alpha bought out by Intervision. Blockbuster rent equipment. Al Beresford, self finance "Darts" 1984 No big budget films, Peter Walker, "House of the Long Shadows" Supplying equipment Michal Kahn.