Hugh Attwooll

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19 Nov 1993
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BEHP 0306 S Hugh Attwooll Synopsis.


Born 1914. Educated Hampton Grammar School. In 1928 offered a job as an assistant Stills man at Worton Hall Studios. He also worked in Automatic Barnes laboratories, then worked at Twickenham on the RAYCOL colour system. Became an electrician in 1930, working at Ealing Studios, moving to Islington Studios, worked at Albany Street Studios as a general handyman. Together with two others started their own documentary film unit for the Ministry of Defence. The building of Pirbright Camp. In 1939 called up to Territorial London Scottish.

He relates some of his wartime experiences. Demobbed in 1946 went to the Bush [Shepherd’s Bush] and got a job as Second Assistant Director, later to be made Production Manager. Went to the United States in a reciprocal arrangement, along with George Hill. On return continued as production Management, worked on Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1950). In 1959 approached by Cyril James of the Disney Organisation, with whom he worked until 1965, and then he worked on various “odds and sods”.


This side consists of reminiscences of his early career and the various directors he has worked with. He winds up talking about the changes and how the “accountants” have taken over.


Born 1914 took job in school holidays in film studio and left school at 14 to work at Wharton Hall. 1929 to British Acoustic in sound department. Then to Siemens . And back to Wharton Hall in print lab. Part two is anecdotes about many British film personnel. Recalls using the wrong voltage lamps for Alfred Hitchcock. Talks of a run in between Anthony Asquith and Walt Disney.