Geoff Labram

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25 Oct 1988
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Interviewed in Theatre 5 at Pinewood. Born in Isleworth November 1923.Took degree and failed twice called up to REME. Went to Pinewood as maintenance engineer after WW2 ended.Dubbing and Post synching only embryonic in 1948. Maintained playback from Disc on floor of set using very large and heavy 78rpm  Western Electric disc players.On a film Hotel Sahara had 11 songs to playback he devised a unique system for it. His system was adopted for the studios which became Central playback.Involved in magnetic recording on film when the change from photographic recording was made. A film fan at 18. Early interest in Civil Engineering.Worked at Denham in holidays with A W Watkins in sound dept.Worked on The Way Ahead. Promoted to development engineer. Eventually became chief sound engineer around 1971 until retirement.. Joined ACT union in 1948 with mixed feelings and lodged card when becoming management.Respected trade unions as a whole.Works committees in Studios happened almost weekly. Very comprehensive report about optical to magnetic transition in Pinewood as regards to recording and editing. The Leevers Rich pulse equipment.