Gawn Grainger

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8 Jan 2019
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Gawn Grainger.

Gawn Grainger is an important actor and writer. For some reason his career seems less well known than that of his peers and yet he has a cv the equal of any British actor of his or any other generation. He has worked extensively on stage, in both repertory theatre and then at the National Theatre at the Old Vic.  He has many television, radio and film credits and whilst these are touched upon, this interview focuses primarily on his theatrical career, and on his written work. He talks about early appearances, including his London debut in Ivor Novello’s King’s Rhapsody in 1950 and the pattern of touring repertory theatre in places such as Frinton, and Dundee, where he started. We learn about many of the productions he has performed in, both in the UK and the USA and the directors he worked for and the actors he worked with. He talks about “retiring” and then being encouraged back by Harold Pinter. His work with Olivier is discussed, particularly helping with the book “on Acting”. He has an autobiography in the pipeline.

David Sharp March 2019.