Steve Minchin

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2 Dec 1996
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BECTU HISTORY PROJECT. Log sheet for interview 392, Steve Minchin. E/5,L/5,14,A6. Transcript of rough notes,

SIDE ONE   Born in the east end of London in 1930. His father was a fireman, his mother a housewife.Went to a West Ham school. Moved to Romford 1941, Chase Cross, Picketts Lane School, left school at 14, became rewind boy at Rex Cinema. Family friend Jack Hilyard introduced him to Denham Studios, Bert Easy, became clapper boy, Caesar and Cleopatra by Gabriel Pascal was being made. "Carnival" -Guy Green. Harold Hansom - "Hamlet"called to RAF 1948, air traffic controller. 1950 "No Highway" Pinewood. "The Verger"- Ken Annakin - "Meet Me At Dawn"- Gunther Krampf -Betty Box- Ernie Steward- "Appointment With Venus"- Covent Garden- Brendon Stafford- Twickenham - Stanley Pavey,- Ray Sturgess- . In January 1955 saw advert for commercial television as trainee video tv operator. £6-10 per week- May 1955 3 months' course at Associated Rediffusion- September Independant TV- "The Geranium"- Senior cameraman - 1964 trainee director required- John P. Hamilton- ACTT- Chairman of shop- Chairman TV branchExecutive Committee- George Elvin - Alan Sapper- Paddy Leach-The Highlander - became trainee director- Fred Sadoff- 18 month period of training- Vic Gardner- "Hello, Hello Dolly"- John Macmillan- World wide radio stations- Malta TV three months- Outside broadcast departmentMiss World- World Cup Final- Graham Turner.

2nd Side. Football broadcasting- Sports - Frank Keating- Frost Programme - John Cleese -Dr. Charles Hill - Rediffuslon lost control ABC Howard Thomas- Merger ATV ABC Rediffusion. Thames LTV took overBrian Tesler- Bernard Greenhead - Carlton - Thames- BAFTA Awards- "Miss World" - "Wish You Were Here"- Peter Hughes- Judith Chalmers- Film Industry relationships- Royal Film Performances-50th Anniversary Pinewood cancelled- turned into tribute.-BAFTA Lifetime AchievementDirk Bogard - Julie Andrews - Sean Connery

TAPE 2. Royalty, two weddings- Queen's 60th birthday- 1991 retired now freelance, still working. Goldeneye.   [END]