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6 Jan 1988
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Born 1915 Putney, went to Latimer School leaving at 18

Father was a Journalist working for the Baily Herald - mother did'nt want him to become a journalist because of the lack of social life - so his second choige was films. His father's friend on the Herald Sydney Moseley (film critic) got him an interview with Bill Hammond at BIP and then with Bill Lott of ARP Ealing, where he started in the camera dept, but about one later he went into the Cutting Rooms where Thorold Dickinson was cutting "Sing as we go", Ray Pitt was Thorold's assistant, Within in no time was working an 80 hour week. Started at no salary and after 3 months was earning 15 shillings and after a further 3 months it rose to 25 shillings. Some 4 years after Ealing start moved to Denham working with Walter Stokvis, Hugh Stewart, Robert Hamer Mayflower Productions period. Then moved to BIP worked with Harry Biller, living at Denham Village. Worked with Hamer ete Eric Pommer, David Lean, Jack Kitchen, Sid Cole. War years when Hamer went to work with Crdwn Film

Unit, he joined Crown working with Humphrey Jennings and Jack Holmes. Called up

into the Tank Corps after basic training moved to OTC as tank driver, then 'claimed! by Thorold Dickinson for AKS at Wembley, cutt then directed training films there. Demobbed in 1947. Gota call from Tony Havelock Allen to become his P.A at Cineguild. About a month later took over as Editor on "Take my Life", Ronnie Neame's first feature films as well as Geoff's first feature , then "Blanche Furt", Passionate Friend" poome good stories about David Lean from whom he leamnt a great deal. An amusing story ~~vabout "Sound Barrier" and his argument with David Lean. Random talk about "Another Time another place","Stolen Holiday " went to work with Warwick Films 1958 mdde seme 12 films with them including "Peter Finch's" Oscar Wilde, very interesting recollections on. that. Made several films with Johnny Hough.

Talk about the different techniques of then and now, dubbing techiques, cutting etc. Recruited into ACT by Sid in 1935, has been Chairman of Editorial Section, was on Pinewood Committee also its Chairman, together with Wyn Ryder after the war years > helped to get some order into the ACT Records.

Then went to to talk abont working with Launder & Gilliat.

Interview runs approx 1 hour 15 ithiyutes



Geoffrey  Foot (19 May 1915 – 9 September 2010) was a British film editor. He was born in Putney and began his career with Ealing Studios. Foot was a co-founder of the Guild of British Film and Television Editors  . After the Second World War, during which he worked for the Crown Film Unit, he assisted David Lean, most notably on The Sound Barrier (1952), written by Terence Rattigan, which won an Oscar. His work was noticed by Walt Disney, who hired him for Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue (1953). In 1967, Foot was supervising editor on the cult television series The Prisoner. This interview was recorded on the 6th January 1988.