Index of Interviews

Interview Title Forename/s Surname Work area/craft/role Industry
738 Gawn Grainger Gawn Grainger Actor, Writer Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
737 Rowland Hart Rowland Hart Projectionist Film
735 Gerry Morrissey Gerard "Gerry" Anthony Morrissey Head of BECTU Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
734 Roger Neal Roger Neal Vision Engineer TV
733 Philip Gilbert Philip Gilbert TV Director, Producer, Head Of Department TV
732 Robin Sutherrland Robin Sutherland Camera TV
731 Brian Summers Brian Summers Vision Engineer TV
730 David Hamilton David Hamilton TV Announcer Film, Radio, TV
729 Tom Bell
728 Philip Bonham-Carter Philip Bonham-Carter Camera Assistant; Cameraman, Director Film, TV
726 Roger Smither Roger Bernard Newbold Smither Archivist Film, TV
725 John Scott John Scott Music Film, TV
724 Barry Cryer Barry Charles Cryer Comedy writer, Actor, Presenter Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
723 Chris Lycett Radio Producer, Radio Studio Manager, Radio Engineer Radio
722 Madeline Smith
721 Norman J Warren Norman Warren Producer, Director, Editor, Writer Film, TV
719 Brian Marshall Sound Recordist Film, TV
719 Renee Glynne Renee Glynne Production, Script Supervisor, Script Editor, Continuity Film, TV
718 Doreen Marshall Production Secretary Film
716 Carol Owens Carol Owens Film Editor, Manager-Metadata Innovation TV
715 Julia Cave Julia Cave TV
713 Gerry Weinbren Gerald Weinbren documentary, Director, Camera Film, TV
712 Neville Wortman Neville Wortman Production Theatre, TV
711 Stephen Cavalier
710 Anne Hanford Anne Hanford Film Librarian TV
709 Michael Darlow Michael Darlow Director, Producer, Writer Film, Theatre, TV
708 Rebecca O'Brien Rebecca O'Brien Producer Film, TV
707 Peter Mullins Peter Stuart Mullins Art Director / Production Designer Film, Theatre, TV
706 Sydney Samuelson
705 Roy Fowler Roy Fowler
704 Roy Lockett Roy Lockett Union Organiser
703 John Ireland John Ireland
702 Dave Moody Dave Moody
701 Dick Mills Dick Mills Sound Design Radio, TV
700 Brian Tesler Brian Tesler Production, management TV
699 Taylor Downing Taylor Downing Producer, Writer. Film, TV
698 Anne Fleming Anne Fleming Archivist Film, TV
697 Kennith Trodd Kennith Trodd
696 David Elstein David Elstein Producer, Director, Head of Programmes, CEO TV
695 Bill Rawcliffe Bill Rawcliffe Sound Engineer TV
694 Clyde Jeavons Clyde Jeavons Archivist, Film Historian, Writer Film, TV
693 Christine Bellamy Christine Bellamy
692 Patricia Dainton Patricia Dainton
691 Margaret Watt Margaret Watt
690 Lynn Lloyd Lynn Lloyd Library, Union (ACTT/BECTU) TV
689 Oswald Morris Oswald Morris
688 Tony Pierce-Roberts Tony Pierce-Roberts Cinematographer Film, TV
687 Howard Lanning Howard Lanning Editor, Productcion Manager Film
686 Maurice Kanareck Maurice Kanareck Presentation TV
685 Alison Chapman Alison Chapman Camera Operator TV
684 Pete Murray Peter Murray Disc Jockey (DJ), TV Presenter, Radio Presenter, Actor Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
683 Jack Hollinshead Jack Hollinshead Sound Radio
682 Terry Ackland-Snow Terry Ackland-Snow Art Director / Production Designer Film, TV
681 Tony Laryea Tony Laryea Producer, Director, Editor TV
680 Michael Bond Thomas Michael Bond Studio Cameraman, Writer Film, TV
679 David Prowse David Prowse Actor Film, TV
678 Earl Cameron Earl Cameron Actor Film, Theatre, TV
677 Derek Threadgall Derek Threadgall Studio Manager Film, TV
676 Doug Allan Doug Allan Wildlife Cameraman, Underwater photographer Film, TV
675 David Francis David Francis Archivist Film, TV
674 Simon Rose Simon Rose Editor, Director, Projectionist, documentary, Drama, corporate TV
673 Nigel Mantell Nigel Mantell Projectionist Film
672 Jenny Barraclough Jenny Barraclough Producer TV
671 Dennis Fraser Dennis Fraser Grip, Union (NATTKE & BECTU) Film
670 Chris Strachan Chris Strachan Executive Film
669 Hazel Ascot Hazel Ascot Child actor, Dancer Film
668 Bill Whittemore Bill Whittemore Laboratories, Union (ACTT/BECTU) Film
667 John Henshall John Henshall Camera, Director. Producer Film, TV
665 Brian Dale Brian Dale Laboratory Film
664 Heather Armitage Heather Armitage Set designer Film, TV
663 Joyce Skinner Joyce Skinner Amateur filmmaker Film
662 Roger Miles Roger Miles documentary, Archive features, Producer, Researcher, Radio Presenter Film, Radio, TV
661 Mike Bolland (2nd interview) Michael Bolland Producer TV
660 Laurence Marks Laurence Marks Drama, Sitcom, Writer Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
659 Maurice Leonard Maurice Leonard Director, Producer TV
658 Graham Hartstone Graham Hartstone Sound Film
657 Ken Holt Ken Holt Film laboratories, Special Effects, Studio Manager Film, TV
656 Alf Francis Alf Francis Exhibition, Projection Film
655 Waris Hussein Waris Hussein Drama, Director, Actor Film, TV
654 William Graham Edward (William) Graham Actor Film, TV
653 Kenny Lynch Kenny Lynch Actor, singer Film, TV
652 Walter Schneiderman Walter (Wally) Schneiderman Make-up Film, TV
651 Assheton Gorton Assheton Gorton Production Designer Film, TV
650 Assheton Gorton Assheton Gorton Production Designer Film, TV
649 Joe Kerr Joe Kerr Studio, Painter, Union (NATTKE) Film, TV
648 Richard (Dick) Pull Richard (Dick) Pull documentary, advertising, Editor TV
647 Richard Morse Richard Morse Editor, Producer Film, TV
646 John V Watson John V Watson Exhibition Film
645 Cy Young Cy Young Researcher, Film Editor Film, TV
644 Verity Lambert Verity Lambert Producer Film, TV
643 Peter Cox Peter Cox Editor Film
642 Pearl Clark (nee Hay) Pearl Clark (nee Hay) Actor, Model Film
641 Ken Rowles Ken Rowles Editor, Producer Film, TV
640 Edna Traill (nee Owen) Edna Traill (nee Owen) Executive Assistant TV
639 Mike Carmody Mike Carmody Production Film
638 Jenny Hooley Jenny Hooley Laboratory, Union, Lab technician Film
637 Trevor Owen Trevor Owen Projectionist Film
636 Derek Lewis Derek (Deryck) Lewis Exhibition, Projectionist Film
635 Barry Palin Barry Palin Producer Film
634 Keith J Nunn Keith Nunn Exhibition, Projection, Cinema Manager Film
633 Derek Boshier Derek Boshier independent cinema, Director, Script Film
632 Stan Fishman Stan Fishman Production, Distribution, Stage Manager, Film Booker Film
631 James Scott James Scott independent cinema, Artist Film
630 Joe McGrath Joe McGrath Producer, Director, Executive Film, TV
629 Harry Fowler Harry Fowler Actor Film, TV
628 Phil Hooley Phil Hooley Laboratory, Union Film, TV
627 Terence (Terry) Nunn Terence (Terry) Nunn Independent film, Director, Writer Film
626 Michael Glynn Michael Glynn Publicist, Producer, Actor Film, TV
625 Mary Hillman Mary Hillman Hair and Makeup Film, TV
624 Sam Lomberg Sam Lonsborough Executive
623 David Stevens David Stevens documentary, Writer, Producer Film
622 Hazel Adair Hazel Adair Writer, Producer Film, TV
621 Barry Quinton Barry Quinton Exhibition, Projectionist, Union (NATTKE) Film
620 Nigel Wolland Nigel Wooland Exhibition, Projection Film
619 Nigel Wolland (with Barry Quinton) Nigel Wooland Exhibition, Projection Film
619 Barry Quinton (with Nigel Wolland) Barry Quinton Exhibition, Projection, Union (NATTKE) Film
618 Betty Hickson a.k.a Joy Conway Betty Hickson Actor, singer Film, Radio
616 Julie Harris Julie Harris Costume Designer Film
615 Angela Allen Angela Allen Continuity Film
614 Peter Rankin Peter Rankin Actor, Producer Film, Theatre
614 Mary Orrom Mary Orrom documentary, Writer, Producer Film
613 Ray Townsend Ray Townsend Executive, Editor, Director Film
612 Nigel Ostrer Nigel Ostrer Film
611 Alfred Wilson Alfred Wilson Dubbing Editor Film, TV
610 June Carter (with Joan Lowe - The Carter Sisters) June Carter Actor Film
610 Joan Lowe (with June Carter - The Carter Sisters) Joan Lowe Actor Film
609 Norman Tozer Norman Tozer Actor, Producer
608 Harry Alan Towers Harry Alan Towers Producer Film
607 Jim Whittell Jim Whittell Executive Film
606 Joy Cuff Joy Cuff (née Seddon) Model maker Film
605 Richard Pryke Richard Pryke Sound
604 Ray Pascoe Ray Pascoe Projectionist Film
603 Jonathan Mann Jonathan Mann Restoration
602 Vincent (Vince) Narduzzo Vincent (Vince) Narduzzo Special Effects, Colourist Film, TV
601 John Herron John Herron Library Manager Film
600 David Puttnam David Puttnam Producer Film
599 Muriel Pavlow Muriel Pavlow Actor Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
598 Graham Murray Graham Murray Producer, Researcher TV
597 Evan Pearson Evan Pearson Fiction, documentary, Commercials, Director
596 Tony Palmer Tony Palmer Editor
595 Eddie Joffe Eddie Joffe Producer TV
594 John McCallum (with Googie Withers) John McCallum Actor Film, Theatre, TV
594 Googie Withers (with John McCallum) Googie Withers Actor Film, Theatre, TV
593 Alvar Kaulins Alvar Kaulins Productcion Manager, Producer
592 Christine Whittaker Christine Whittaker documentary, Researcher, Producer TV
591 Bill Bebb Bill Bebb Producer Radio, TV
590 Bernie Andrews Bernie Andrews Producer Radio
589 Jimmy Grant Jimmy Grant Producer Radio
588 Jeff Griffin Jeff Griffin Radio Producer Radio, TV
587 Christopher Morahan Christopher Morahan Director Film, Theatre, TV
586 Ray Harryhausen Ray Harryhausen Special Effects, Models Film
585 Paul de Burgh Paul de Burgh Laboratory Film
584 Johnny Hamp Johnny Hamp Producer Theatre, TV
583 Mark Webber Mark Webber Avant Garde, Distributor Film
582 Glyn Jones Glyn Jones Writer, Producer
581 Alan Douglas Alan Douglas Laboratory
580 Mike Eames Mike Eames Special Effects
579 Robert Rietti Robert Rietti Actor, Producer, Dubbing Expert Film, Radio, TV
578 Diane Tammes Diane Tammes documentary, Camera, Director, Producer Film, TV
577 Jimmy Sangster Jimmy Sangster Assistant Director, Production Manager, Screenwriter, Director Film, TV
576 Bill Lewthwaite Bill Lewthwaite Film Editor Film
575 Doug Robinson Doug Robinson Actor, stuntman Film, Theatre, TV
574 John S Smith John S Smith Editor, Director TV
573 John Hough John Hough Director, Producer Radio
572 Laura Mulvey Laura Mulvey documentary, Director, Producer Film
571 Peter Davis Peter Davis documentary, Director, Producer
570 David Cobham David Cobham Producer, Director Film, TV
569 Yvette Vanson Yvette Vanson documentary, Producer, Director TV
568 Stephen Black Stephen Black Comedy, documentary, Scriptwriter, Director, Medical Broadcaster Film, Radio, TV
567 Darrol Blake Darrol Blake Designer, Producer, Director Theatre, TV
566 Maurice Kanareck Maurice Kanareck Presentation, trailers, doumentary, Director, Producer TV
565 Brian Murphy Brian Murphy Actor Film, TV
564 Jim Clark (Session 2) James Arthur Clark Editor, Director Film
563 Kevin Brownlow Kevin Brownlow Director, Producer, Editor, Historian Film
562 Ean Wood Ean Wood Features, non-fiction, Director, Writer, Editor Film
561 David Wilson David Wilson Film Editor, Post Production Manager TV
560 Tony Garnett Tony Garnett Producer, Actor Film, TV
559 Stuart Josephs Stuart Josephs DoP, Producer, Director Film
558 Peter Jessop Peter Jessop Camera Film, TV
557 Philip French Philip French Critic Film
556 Moira Armstrong Moira Armstrong Drama, Director, Producer TV
555 Mike Bolland (1st interview) Mike Bolland Producer TV
554 Tony Sloman Tony Sloman Director, Editor, Producer Film
553 Coeks Gordon Coeks Gordon Theatre
552 Bob Jordan Bob Jordan Features, Commercials, Camera Film
551 Kent Houston Kent Houston Special Effects, Opticals Film
550 Brian Stevens Brian Stevens Animation, Animator Film
549 Jean Kent Jean Kent Actor Film, Theatre, TV
548 Peter Duguid Peter Duguid Director, Producer Theatre, TV
547 Mike Turk Mike Turk Boatmaster Film
546 Simon Relph Simon Relph Director, Producer Film
545 Paul Bradley Paul Bradley Producer Film
544 Seafield Head (with Helen Shingler) Seafield Head Producer / Actor Film
544 Helen Shingler (with Seafield Head) Helen Shingler Producer / Actor Film
543 George (Nosher) Powell George (Nosher) Powell Actor Film, TV
542 Cornel Lucas Cornel Lucas Stills Photographer Film
541 David Croft David Croft Producer, Writer, Editor, Director TV
540 Roy Douglas Roy Douglas Composer, Arranger
539 Ben Martin Ben Martin Photographer Film
538 Richard Need Richard Need documentary, Producer, Writer, Editor, Director
537 Arnold Barber Arnold Barber Distribution Film
536 Bert Wilkins Bert Wilkins documentary, Director, Editor, Camera (3-D & 'Scope) Film
535 David Fyson David Fyson Production Buyer Film, Theatre, TV
534 Ian Warren Ian Warren Producer, Distributor Film
533 Murray Martin Murray Martin documentary, Director, Producer Film, TV
532 Peter Graham Scott Peter Graham Scott Writer, Producer, Director, Editor Film, TV
531 Alvin Bailey Alvin Bailey Editor Film
530 Paul Dickson Paul Dickson Writer, Director, Producer Film, TV
529 Peter Bradford Peter Bradford documentary, Producer, Director Film
528 Tudor Gates Tudor Gates Writer, Producer, Director, Union (ACT/ACTT) Film
527 Paul Engelen Paul Engelen Make-up Film
526 Mel Faber Mel Faber Distribution, Sales Film
525 Diana Parry Diana Parry Casting
524 Ken Reeves Ken Reeves Camera Film
523 Tom Chantrell Tom Chantrell Publicity, Artist, Designer Film
522 Roger Graef Roger Graef Producer, Director, Editor TV
521 Arthur Pedlar Arthur Pedlar Circus Clown
520 Betty Willingale Betty Willingale Script Editor, Producer TV
519 John Hawkesworth John Hawkesworth Producer, Writer, Art Director Film, TV
518 James Cellan Jones James Cellan Jones Producer, Director TV
517 Robin Jackson Robin Jackson documentary, Writer, Director Film
516 Derek Williams Derek Williams documentary, Director, Camera Film
515 John Wiles John Wiles Director, Camera Film
514 Alfred Shaughnessy Alfred Shaughnessy Writer, Producer, Director Film, TV
513 Bob Holness Bob Holness Presenter, Producer TV
512 Virginia McKenna Virginia McKenna Actor Film, Theatre, TV
511 Fred Keil Fred Keil Scenery, miniatures and props builder TV
510 Esther Rantzen Esther Rantzen Presenter, Producer TV
509 Richmond Harding Richmond Harding Director, Producer Film, TV
508 Jonathan Balcon Jonathan Balcon Financier
507 Paul Lecker Paul Lecker Sound Film
506 Roly Stafford Roly Stafford documentary, Producer, Camera, Art Department Film, TV
505 Bobbie Reisel Bobbie Reisel
504 David Eady David Eady Director, Producer, Editor Film
503 Jeremy Summers Jeremy Summers Director Film, TV
502 Bob Thompson Bob Thompson
501 Alan Goatman Alan Goatman Producer Film, TV
500 Richard Attenborough Richard Attenborough Director, Actor Film, TV
499 Brian Taylor Brian Taylor Producer, Director Film, TV
498 Martin Smith Martin Smith Producer, Director, Editor, Writer Film, TV
497 Mark Antiss Mark Antiss Editor TV
496 John Herron John Herron Library Film
495 Liz Forgan Liz Forgan Editor, Executive TV
494 Paul Wilson Paul Wilson Camera Film, TV
493 Jocelyn Rickards Jocelyn Rickards Costume Designer Film
492 Edward Mirzoeff Edward Mirzoeff Producer TV
491 empty empty empty
490 Clive Donner Clive Donner Director, Editor Film
489 Ernest Maxim Ernest Maxim Producer TV
488 Betsy Blair Betsy Blair Actor, Scriptwriter Film, Theatre
487 Julie Harris Julie Harris Wardrobe, Designer Film, TV
486 Rose Tobias-Shaw (nee Tobias) Rose Tobias-Shaw (nee Tobias) Casting Film, Radio, TV
485 Steven C Melendez Steven C Melendez Animation, Producer, Director Film, TV
484 Ronnie Udell Ronnie Udell Design, Construction Manager Film
483 Molly Sugden Molly Sugden Actor Theatre, TV
482 Ronald Freeman Ronald Freeman Chief Makeup Artist, Wigmaker, Wardrobe Theatre
481 Jack Amos Jack Amos documentary, News Librarian, Researcher Film
480 Mike Fentiman Mike Fentiman Editor BBC Community Programme Unit TV
479 Roy Fowler Roy Fowler Producer, Director Film, Radio, TV
478 Fred Gamage Fred Gamage documentary, Camera Film
477 Hazel Adair Hazel Adair Writer, Producer Film, TV
476 Ken Gay Ken Gay Production Manager Film
475 Robert Kruger Robert Kruger documentary, Newsreel, Director Producer, Editor Film
474 Charles Beddow Charles Beddow Exhibition, Projectionist Film, TV
473 Anthony Smith Anthony Smith Producer, Academic TV
472 Mike Craig Mike Craig Writer Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
471 Sarah Erulkar (de Normanville) Sarah Erulkar (de Normanville) documentary, Director Film
470 James (Jimmy) Shields James (Jimmy) Shields Sound Editor Film, TV
469 Colin Thomas Colin Thomas documentary, Drama Doc, Animation, Director TV
468 Dick Horn Dick Horn Animation, Director, Animator Film, TV
467 Phyllis Dalton Phyllis Dalton Costume Designer Film, Theatre, TV
466 Gus Walker Gus Walker Design Film
465 Esther Harris Esther Harris Trailer Producer Film
464 Arnold Louis Miller Arnold Louis Miller Director. Producer Film
463 John Box John Box Set designer Film
462 Ian Rakoff Ian Rakoff Sound Editor Film, TV
461 Stanley A Long Stanley A Long Camera, Producer, Director Film, TV
460 Geoff Mulligan Geoff Mulligan advertising, Training, documentary, Camera Film, TV
459 Joan Jenkins Joan Jenkins Actor (extra) Film
458 John M East (Baker) John M East (Baker) Producer Film, TV
457 Molly Weir Molly Weir Actor Film, Radio, TV
456 Derrick Knight Derrick Knight documentary, Director, Producer Film
455 Brad Ashton Brad Ashton Comedy, Writer Radio, TV
454 David Meeker David Meeker Archivist Film, TV
453 Norman Spencer Norman Spencer Production Manager Film
452 Paul Watson Paul Watson documentary, Producer TV
451 Ron Goodwin Ron Goodwin Composer Film
450 Ray Herbert Ray Herbert Director TV
449 Phillip Jones Phillip Jones Producer Radio, TV
448 Peter Manley Peter Manley Director, Producer Film
447 Ernest Dudley Ernest Dudley Actor, Writer Film, Radio
446 Norman Mitchell Norman Mitchell Actor Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
445 Arthur Wooster Arthur Wooster DoP Film, TV
444 Ken Locke Ken Locke Editor, Head of Film Examination, BBC Programme Acquisitions TV
443 Ian Keill Ian Keill Producer, Director, Actor, Writer Radio, Theatre, TV
442 Charles Beddow Charles Beddow Exhibition, Projectionist
441 Rafe Newhouse Rafe Newhouse Editor, Writer Film, TV
440 Sue (Susan) Crockford Sue (Susan) Crockford documentary, Director, Writer Theatre, TV
439 Ralph Sheldon Ralph Sheldon Dubbing Editor Film, TV
438 Mattie (Matthew) Faint Mattie (Matthew) Faint Electrician, Props Maker, Stage Manager; clown Theatre