Index of Interviews

Interview Title Forename/s Surname Work area/craft/role Industry
1 Eric Cross Eric Cross DoP, camerman Film
2 Bryan Langley Bryan Langley DoP, cameraman Film, TV
3 Bill Girdlestone Bill Girdlestone Editor and laboratories Film
4 Freddie Young Freddie Young DoP, Cinematographer Film, TV
5 Dallas Bower Dallas Bower Director, Film Editor, Writer, Sound Recordist, Producer Film, Radio, TV
6 Kitty Wood (Morrison) Kitty Wood (Morrison) documentary, Editor, Continuity Film
7 Sidney Cole Sidney Cole Producer, Editor, Union (ACT/ACTT) Film, TV
8 Richard (Dickie) Best Richard (Dickie) Best Editor Film, TV
9 Oswald (Ossie) Morris Oswald (Ossie) Morris Director of Photography Film
10 Reginald (Reggie) Beck Reginald (Reggie) Beck Editor Film
11 Winston (Wyn) Ryder Winston (Wyn) Ryder Sound Editor Film
12 Bessie Bond (nee Span) Bessie Bond (née Span) Union, Tailor & Garment Workers, ACT
13 Peter Tanner Peter Tanner Editor Film, TV
14 Alfred Roome Alfred Roome Editor Film
15 Alan Lawson Alan Lawson Camera, Sound Film
16 Arthur Graham Arthur Graham
17 Reg Sutton Reg Sutton Sound Film, Radio, TV
18 Ralph Bond Ralph Bond documentary, Union (ACT), Director, Producer, Critic, Union President Film
19 Adolph Simon Adolph Simon Newsreel, Stills, Camera, Sound Film
20 Harry Miller Harry Miller Sound, Sound Editor Film, Theatre
21 Bill Mason Bill Mason documentary, Director Film
22 A A (Tubby) Englander A A (Tubby) Englander Camera Film, TV
23 John Shearman John Shearman documentary, Producer Film
24 Sheila Collins Sheila Collins ACTT, Production Controller Film
25 Philip Leacock Philip Leacock documentary, Director Film
26 Ted Candy Ted Candy Newsreel, Camera Film
27 Peter Proud Peter Proud Art Director, Producer, Production Designer Film, TV
28 Geoffrey Foot Geoffrey MacAdam Foot Film Editor Film, TV
29 Jack Hildyard Jack Hildyard DoP Film
30 Tilly Day Tilly Day Continuity Film
31 Kitty Marshall (Hermges) Kitty Marshall (Hermges) documentary, Producer, Editor, Director Film
32 Geoff Hermges Geoff Hermges Producer, Camera Film, TV
33 Walter Lassally Walter Lassally DoP, Director Film
34 John Taylor John Taylor documentary, Director, Writer, Camera Film
35 Muriel Cole Muriel Cole Crowd Casting Director, Head of Casting, Studio Secretary, Assistant Director Film, TV
36 Edward Dryhurst Edward Dryhurst Writer, Producer, Director Film
37 Francis Searle Francis Searle Director, Producer, Writer Film
38 Elaine Schreyeck Elaine Schreyeck Continuity, Script Supervisor Film
39 Tom Peacock Tom Peacock Plasterer Film
40 Ella Mallet Ella Mallet Music, Cinema Pianist Film
41 Alan Izod Alan Izod documentary, Producer, Director, Camera Film
42 Sydney Samuelson Sydney Samuelson Executive, Camera Film, TV
43 Peter Sargent Peter Sargent Camera Film, TV
44 Roy Parkinson Roy Parkinson Production Manager Film
45 Lionel Banes Lionel Banes Camera Film, TV
46 Guido Coen Guido Coen Producer, Executive Film
47 Doris Martin Doris Martin Continuity Film, TV
48 Val Guest Val Guest Director, Writer Film, TV
49 Ronald Craigen Ronald Craigen documentary, Camera Director Film
50 Robert Beatty Robert Beatty Actor Film, Radio, TV
51 Adrian (Andy) Worker Adrian (Andy) Worker Accountant, Producer, Studio Manager Film
52 Cyril Howard Cyril Howard Studio Manager Film
53 William Fielder William Fielder Distribution, Manager Film
54 Jack Rockett Jack Rockett Exhibition, Theatre Manager, Executive
55 Paula Wright (Springall) Paula Wright (Springall) Crowd Artist Film
56 Betty Bachelor Betty Bachelor Union (Electrical Trades Union)
57 Kay Mander Kay Mander Director, Script, Continuity Film, TV
58 Gordon McCallum Gordon McCallum Sound, Recordist, Dubbing Mixer Film
59 Christopher Challis Christopher Challis DoP Film, TV
60 Barbara K Emary Barbara K Emary Writer, Associate Producer Film
61 Len Runkel Len Runkel Laboratory, Union (ACTT), Technician Film
62 Alf Cooper Alf Cooper Laboratory, Technician Film
63 Paul Beeson Paul Beeson Director of Photography Film, TV
64 Erwin Hillier Erwin Hillier DoP Film
65 Geoff Labram Geoff Labram Camera Film
66 Wolfgang Suschitzky Wolfgang Suschitzky DoP, Camera Film, TV
67 Ray Elton Ray Elton documentary, Director, Producer, Camera Film
68 Douglas Slocombe Douglas Slocombe Director of Photography Film
69 Jim Gorrie Jim Gorrie Laboratory, Projectionist Film
70 Ken Cameron Ken Cameron Sound Film, TV
71 Peter Handford Peter T Handford Sound Recordist Film
72 Charles Crichton Charles Crichton Director, Editor Film, TV
73 Robert (Bob) Dunbar Robert (Bob) Dunbar Producer, Director Film, TV
74 Ron Hill Ron Hill Laboratory, Technician Film
75 Ken Roberts Ken (Alfred Kenneth) Roberts Union (ACTT) Film, TV
76 Cyril Crowhurst Cyril Crowhurst Sound Engineer Film
77 Richard (Tony) Arnell Richard (Tony) Arnell Composer Film
78 Joy Batchelor Joy Batchelor Animation, Producer, Director, Animator Film, TV
79 Allan Tyrer Allan Tyrer Film Editor TV
80 Daphne Ancell Daphne Ancell Union (ACTT)
81 Len Lawrence Len Lawrence Laboratory, Technician, Editor Film
82 Keith Ewart Keith Ewart documentary, Director Film
83 John P Hamilton John P Hamilton Sports programmes, Director TV
84 Daphne Anstey (nee Lily) Daphne Anstey (nee Lily) documentary, Neg cutter, Producer Film
85 Denis Forman Denis Forman Producer, Executive TV
86 Ted Hallows Ted Hallows Electrician Film
87 Geoffrey Conway Geoffrey Conway Editor Film
88 David Prosser David Prosser Union (ACTT), Camera, Producer TV
89 Gordon Hales Gordon Hales Editor, Director Film
90 Charles Potter Charles Potter Distribution, Publicist Film
91 Frank Littlejohn Frank Littlejohn Laboratory, Manager Film
92 Bernard Happe Bernard Happé Laboratory, Technician
93 Daphne Shadwell (with Joan Winter/Oldfield, Hazel Allen and Sheila Shadwell) Daphne Shadwell Producer TV
93 Joan Winter/Oldfield (with Daphne Shadwell, Hazel Allen and Sheila Shadwell) Joan Winter (Oldfield) Actor TV
93 Hazel Allen (with Daphne Shadwell, Joan Winter/Oldfield and Sheila Shadwell) Hazel Allen Violinist TV
93 Sheila Shadwell (with Daphne Shadwell, Joan Winter/Oldfield and Hazel Allen) Sheila Shadwell TV
94 Harold Myers Harold Myers Critic Film
95 Albert Critoph Albert Critoph Projectionist, Technician Film, TV
96 Henry Seward Henry Seward Laboratory, Technician Film
97 William R Vicker William R Vicker Engineer
98 Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson Producer TV
99 Margaret Thomson Margaret Thomson documentary, Director Film
100 Barbara (Bimbi) Harris Barbara (Bimbi) Harris Camera, Director Radio, TV
101 Norman Fisher Norman Fisher documentary, Camera Film
102 John Aldred John Aldred Sound Mixer, Sounds Re-recording Film
103 Roy Ward Baker Roy Ward Baker Director Film
104 Marion Grierson (Taylor) Marion Grierson (Taylor) Director, Producer Film
105 Henry Geddes Henry Geddes Writer, Producer, Director Film
106 Reg Hall Reg Hall Electrician, Grip Film
107 Peter Hopkinson Peter Hopkinson documentary, Director, Writer, Producer Film, TV
108 Hugh Stewart Hugh Stewart Producer, Editor Film
109 A W (Nick) Nicholls A W (Nick) Nicholls documentary, Director, Producer Film
110 Maurice Elvey Maurice Elvey Actor, Director, Producer Film, Theatre, TV
111 Desmond Dickinson Desmond Dickinson Camera, Director Film
112 Jimmy Gemmell Jimmy Gemmell Newsreel, Camera Film
113 A A "Alf" Tunwell A A "Alf" Tunwell Newsreel, Cinemagazine, Camera Film
114 George E Hill George E Hill Engineer Film
115 George Elvin George Elvin Union (ACT/ACTT), General Secretary
116 Max Anderson Max Anderson documentary, Director, Editor, Writer Film
117 Ted Hill Ted Hill Union (Boilermakers)
118 Ivor Montagu Ivor Montagu Director, Writer, Editor, Union (ACT/ACTT) Film
119 Bert Craik Bert Craik Union (ACT), Special Effects
120 Denis Mitchell Denis Mitchell documentary, Director Film, TV
121 Charles Cooper Charles Cooper Distribution Film
122 C M (Cyril) Pennington-Richards C M (Cyril) Pennington-Richards Director, Producer, Camera Film
123 Jimmy Wright Jimmy Wright documentary, Producer, Camera Film, TV
124 Michael Relph Michael Relph Producer, Set Design Film
125 Dudley Lovell Dudley Lovell Camera Film
126 Leslie Norman Leslie Norman Director, Editor Film, TV
127 Norman Swallow Norman Swallow documentary, Current Affairs, Producer, Director Film, TV
128 Jack Gold Jack Gold Director, Producer Film, TV
129 Ena Baga Ena Baga Cinema Organist Film
130 James (Jimmy) Gilbert James (Jimmy) Gilbert Director, Producer TV
131 Ron Genders Ron Genders Producer; Assistant Director Film
132 Frances Cockburn Frances Cockburn Editor, Executive Film
133 Ernest Steward Ernest Steward DoP Film, TV
134 Peter Cotes Peter Cotes Producer, Director, Actor Film, Theatre, TV
135 Jim Pople Jim Pople Director, Producer, Editor TV
136 Harry Holton Harry Holton Lighting TV
137 Morton Lewis Morton Lewis Director, Producer Film
138 Fred Pugh Fred Pugh Laboratory, Technician Film
139 Anthony Havelock-Allan Anthony Havelock-Allan Producer Film
140 Denny Densham Denny Densham Camera, Director Film
141 Andrew Mitchell Andrew Mitchell Executive Film
142 Anthony De Lotbiniere Anthony De Lotbinière Producer, Director Film, TV
143 Sidney Gilliat Sidney Gilliat Writer, Producer, Director Film
144 Kenneth Griffith Kenneth Griffith Actor, Writer, Presenter Film, Theatre, TV
145 Sydney Newman Sydney Newman Producer Film, TV
146 John Read John Read Arts Documentaries, Producer, Director TV
147 Tony Bridgewater Tony Bridgewater Engineer TV
148 Keith Barber Keith Barber Sound, Actor Film, TV
149 Adam Dawson Adam Dawson Editor Film, TV
150 Alan Sapper Alan Sapper Union (ACTT/BECTU)
151 Sid Etherington Sid Etherington Laboratory, Technician Film
152 John Halas John Halas Animation, Producer, Director, Animator Film, TV
153 Bill Cotton Bill Cotton Executive, Producer TV
154 Johnny Jay Johnny Jay Stills Photographer Film
155 Peter Dimmock Peter Dimmock Executive, Producer, Commentator TV
156 Arthur Evans Arthur Evans Photographer, Stills Film
157 Royston Morley Royston Morley Producer, Director, Writer Film, TV
158 Bob Godfrey Bob Godfrey Animation, Producer, Director, Animator Film, TV
159 Molly Watkins Molly Watkins
160 Charles Wilder Charles Wilder Production Accountant Film
161 Richard Greenough Richard Greenough Designer TV
162 T Leslie Jackson T Leslie Jackson Producer TV
163 Stephen Peet Stephen Peet documentary, Producer, Director Film, TV
164 Stephen Hearst Stephen Hearst Writer, Producer, Executive Radio, TV
166 Peter Morley Peter Morley documentary, Producer, Director, Writer Film, TV
167 Johnny Speight Johnny Speight Writer Radio, TV
168 Angela Allen Angela Allen Continuity Film, TV
169 Fred Tomlin Fred Tomlin Sound, Boom Operator Film
170 Brian Shemmings Brian Shemmings Union (ACTT) Film
171 empty - Peter Mullins - cancelled empty empty
172 John Dark John Dark Producer, Director, Sound Film
173 Charlotte Jennings Charlotte Jennings Designer, Director Film
174 Maurice Carter Maurice Carter Art Director, Production Designer Film
175 Sam Williams Sam Williams Laboratory, Union
176 Cynthia Moody Cynthia Moody Editor Film
177 Muriel Box (Gardiner) (nee Baker) Muriel Box (Gardiner) (née Baker) Director, Writer, Producer Film
178 Ronnie Noble Ronnie Noble news, Current Affairs, Camera, Producer, Wimbledon Tennis Press officer Film, TV
179 Harold French Harold French Actor, Director Film, Theatre
180 Rudolph (Rudi) Cartier Rudolph (Rudi) Cartier Writer, Producer, Director Film, TV
181 Nancy Thomas Nancy Thomas Secretary, Programme Planner, Producer Radio, TV
182 Edward (Teddy) Carrick (Craig) Edward (Teddy) Carrick (Craig) Art Director, Production Designer Film, Theatre
183 Godfrey Jennison Godfrey Jennison documentary, Producer, Director Film
184 Francis Gysin Francis Gysin Producer, Director Film
185 Pat Jackson Pat Jackson Director Film, TV
186 Peter de Normanville Peter de Normanville documentary, Director Film, TV
187 Sarah Erulkar (de Normanville) Sarah Erulkar (de Normanville) documentary, Director Film
188 Patrick (Paddy) Carey Patrick (Paddy) Carey Camera Film
189 Leonard (Len) Harris Leonard (Len) Harris Camera Film
190 David Attenborough David Attenborough Producer TV
191 Maxwell Setton Maxwell Setton Legal Adviser, Producer, Executive Film
192 Lindsay Anderson Lindsay Anderson Director, Actor Film, TV
193 Karel Reisz Karel Reisz Director, Editor Film, TV
194 Daphne Shadwell Daphne Shadwell Director, Producer Radio, TV
195 John Allen John Allen Laboratory Film
196 Frank Godwin Frank Godwin Producer, Writer, Director Film
197 Wendy Toye Wendy Toye Director, Writer, Actor, Dancer Film, Theatre, TV
198 Syd Wilson Syd Wilson Laboratory, Technician, Manager Film
199 Jack Houshold John R (Jack) Houshold Laboratory, Technician Film
200 Ken Higgins Ken Higgins Camera Film
201 June Randall June Randall Continuity, Script Supervisor Film
202 Elizabeth Furse (nee Wolpert) Elizabeth Furse (née Wolpert) Continuity Film
203 Una Bart (Jennings) Una Bart (Jennings) Music, Pianist, Composer, Actor Film
204 Dennis Main Wilson Dennis Main Wilson Producer Radio, TV
205 Donald Wilson Donald Wilson Writer, Producer Film, TV
206 Philip Donnellan Philip Donnellan documentary, Writer, Producer Radio, TV
207 Bill Borrows Bill Borrows Union
208 Leon Clore Leon Clore Producer Film
209 Norman Roper Norman Roper Newsreel, Editor Film
210 Cliff(ord) Robinson Cliff(ord) Robinson Designer, Art Director Film, TV
211 Adele Spencer (nee Reynolds) Adele Spencer (nee Reynolds) Continuity Film
212 Ronald Spencer Ronald Spencer Director, Writer Film
213 Stephen Williams Stephen Williams Producer Radio
214 Patricia (Paddy) Foy Patricia (Paddy) Foy Music, Dance, Producer, Director Film, TV
215 Richard Levin Richard Levin Actor, Designer Film, TV
216 Angela Martelli Angela Martelli Continuity Film
217 Ronald Neame Ronald Neame DoP, Producer, Director Film
218 David Samuelson David Samuelson Camera, Lighting Film
219 Bernard Vorhaus Bernard Vorhaus Director, Writer Film
220 Ken Maidment Ken Maidment Producer Film
221 Teddy Darvas Teddy Darvas Editor Film, TV
222 Peter Plouviez Peter Plouviez Union (Equity)
223 William MacQuitty William MacQuitty Producer Film
224 Jean Anderson Jean Anderson Actor Film, Theatre, TV
225 Wilfred Brandt Wilfred Brandt Laboratory, Engineer Film
226 Billy Williams Billy Williams DoP Film
227 Yvonne Littlewood Yvonne Littlewood Producer, Director TV
228 Joan Kemp-Welch Joan Kemp-Welch Acrtress, Director, Producer Theatre, TV
229 Cedric Dawe Cedric Dawe Art Director Film
230 E E (Dave) Davies E E (Dave) Davies Laboratory, Technician Film
231 Bill Hughes Bill Hughes Distribution Film
232 Raymond Raikes Raymond Raikes Producer, Director, Actor Film, Radio
233 Guy Green Guy Green DoP, Director Film, TV
234 John Cooper John Cooper Laboratory, Laboratory Technician, Executive TV
235 Margaret Dale Margaret Dale Dance, Producer, Director, Choreographer Theatre, TV
236 Alan Hume Alan Hume DoP Film
237 Graham Thompson Graham Thompson Newsreel, Camera Film, TV
238 John Woolf John Woolf Producer, Financier Film, TV
239 Shaun Sutton Shaun Sutton Producer, Director, Writer, Actor Theatre, TV
240 Julian Aymes Julian Amyes Director, Producer Film, TV
241 John Trumper John Trumper Editor Film, TV
242 Stanley W Sayer Stanley W Sayer Laboratory, Visual Effects, Camera Film
243 Ezra Dearing Ezra Dearing Animation, Artist, Model-maker, Animator, Director Film, TV
244 Michael Orrom Michael Orrom Director, Writer, Producer, Camera Film, TV
245 Abel Goodman Abel Goodman editor documentary, Director commercials Film, TV
246 A F (Peter) Birch A F (Peter) Birch Sound Film, Radio, TV
247 Geoffrey Baines Geoffrey Baines documentary, Editor, Director, Producer Film, TV
248 Gilchrist (Gil) Calder Gilchrist (Gil) Calder Producer, Director TV
249 Sheelagh Rees Sheelagh Rees Production Assistant, Director, Producer TV
250 Charles Bennett Charles Bennett Writer, Director Film, TV
251 Anne V. Coates Anne V Coates Editor Film
252 Tina Peters (nee Corder) Tina Peters (nee Corder) Production Manager Film
253 Robert Cartwright Robert Cartwright Art Director Film, TV
254 John Monck (Goldman) John Monck (Goldman) Producer, Director, Editor Film
255 Stanley Forman Stanley Forman Distribution, Executive, Producer, Director, Script Film
256 Colin Young Colin Young Education Film
257 Paddy O'Gorman Paddy O'Gorman Union (ACTT), Laboratory Film
258 Stanley Warbey Stanley Warbey Laboratory, Union Film
259 Leslie J Wheeler Leslie J Wheeler Engineer, Executive Film, TV
260 Leonard Miall Leonard Miall TV
261 Richard Q McNaughton Richard Q McNaughton documentary, Director, Editor, Writer Film, TV
262 Russell Lloyd Russell Lloyd Editor Film
263 John Spencer John Spencer documentary, Commercials, Director Film, TV
264 Cyril Frankel Cyril Frankel Director Film, TV
265 Diana Morgan Diana Morgan Script Writer, Actress Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
266 Les Ostinelli Les Ostinelli Camera, Laboratory Technical Adviser Film, TV
267 Alfie Cox Alfie Cox Film Editor, Sound Editor Film, TV
268 Percy Livingstone Percy Livingstone Distribution, Sales Film
269 Harry Courcha Harry Courcha Laboratory, Technician Film
270 empty (George Hawk - cancelled) George Hawk
271 Charles W. Smith Charles W. Smith Camera (3-D & 'Scope) Film
272 Paul Bernard Paul Bernard Director, Script Writer, Production Design, Actor Film, Theatre, TV
273 John Jeffrey John Jeffrey Laboratory Film
274 Les Hollings Les Hollings Laboratory, Props, Rigger, Printer Film
275 Roger MacDougall Roger MacDougall Writer, Music, Director Film
276 Sydney Lotterby Sydney Lotterby Camera, Producer TV
277 Paul Fox Paul Fox Writer, Producer, Executive TV
278 Gus Walker Gus Walker Construction Manager, Design. Film
279 Lewis (Rory) McLeod Lewis (Rory) McLeod Documentary; Union, Camera Film
280 Anthony Mendleson Anthony Mendleson Costume Designer Film, TV
281 Alice (Queenie) Turner Alice (Queenie) Turner Laboratory, Assembly, Archivist. Film
282 Billy Jordan Billy Jordan Camera Film
283 Norman Chapman Norman Chapman Sound Technician Film, Radio, TV
284 Edwin (Ted) Astley Edwin (Ted) Astley Music, Composer Film, TV
285 Rosamund John (Silkin) Rosamund John (Silkin) Actor
286 Len Evans Len Evans Publicity, Laboratory, Technician, Executive
287 Alfred Black Alfred Black Camera, Director, Producer Theatre, TV
288 Carmen Dillon Carmen Dillon Art Director, Production Designer Film
289 John Elliot John Elliot Director, Producer, Writer Film, TV
290 Lew Grade Lew Grade Producer Film, TV
291 Julien Caunter Roland Julien Caunter Editor, Special Effects Camera Film
292 John Hargreaves John L Hargreaves Location Adviser, Producer Film
293 Peter Stroud Peter Stroud Projectionist Film
294 Maurice Askew (with Bill Welch) Maurice Askew Sound
294 Bill Welch (with Maurice Askew) Bill Welch Design, Props
295 L P (Bill) Williams L P (Bill) Williams Art Director Film
296 Ray (Ramon) Morse Ray (Ramon) Morse Designer, Model maker Film, Theatre
297 Lois Singer Lois Singer Producer Film, Radio, Theatre, TV