Sydney Samuelson

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13 Jun 2017
7 Jul 2017
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Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE, has been interviewed on three separate occasions for The British Entertainment History Project.
First Interview (on Audio)  No: 42. Covered his family, his early days in the film and television industries and the creation with his brothers of the Samuelson Group of Companies.
Second Interview (on Camera) No: 706. Covered how he became Britain's first British Film Commissioner.
Third Interview (on Camera) No: 706 (continued) Covered his role as British Film Commissioner, a remarkable and frank assessment of his six years in the job, including the role of government and of the British film and television industries at the time, the difficulties included  during his six years as Commissioner having to deal with nine different government 'Films Ministers', but there was also success. Spielberg's 'Saving Private Ryan'is one example among many others, chiefly from the US.