Stephen Williams

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27 Aug 1991
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Stephen Williams.  (31 March 1908 - 23 November 1994) was one of Europe's pioneering commercial radio broadcasters. He was born in Hackney London and was educated at St Pauls, Trinity College, Cambridge.

He was  keen wireless enthusiast. "I was able to listen proudly to the debut of the BBC on 14 November 1922, and from the moment I heard the announcer say "This is 2LO calling, 2LO, the London station of the British Broadcasting Company", I was seized with an ambition to have a job like his."

During a break from college in 1928, Stephen landed a job as an announcer with the broadcasting yacht  “Ceto";  an early attempt at offshore commercial radio.

 In December 1933 he became the first English radio presenter at Radio Luxembourg as well as serving as manager of the station. 

He joined the BBC in 1950 and  became  Senior Producer of Outside Broadcasts. His most well known achievement was the BBC radio series “ Have A Go “ with Wilfred Pickles which he  produced for about 15 years from November, 1953

When Radio Luxembourg eventually closed at the end of 1991, the last words were those of Stephen Williams, "Good Luck, Good Listening.. and Goodbye".

As recognition of his contribution towards establishing closer links between Luxembourg and Britain, he was awarded the Order of Merit by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 1992.