Stanley Warbey

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12 Aug 1992
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Born 1925, went to local authority schools in North London, first job was in a show shop but the war put paid to that; then went to Kay’s labs in Finsbury Park in the negative drying room, which he describes. Called up in 1944, joined the Pays Corps and talks about hearing George Mitchell’s Pay Corps Choir when stationed in Marylebone. Demobilised in 1947 and went to Pathé labs in Wardour Street, again in the drying room, then was transferred to Elstree. It was through meeting Stan Collins at Elstree that he became interested in the ACT; he was soon elected to the Executive Committee and he talks about the early meetings that he went to. He was nominated for the post of Treasurer, but didn’t get it, however because of the resignation of the new treasurer he became Treasurer.

He talks about the lock-out of 1953; he also talks about the AGM when Gordon McCullum [McCallum ?] moved a resolution for support for the ‘higher paid studio technicians’, only to remind these technicians that they hadn’t supported the labs during the lock-out, so he was not able to move the motion. He remained the Elstree Shop Steward until 1967 when Elstree Labs closed. He went to Brent Labs for a short period, then he joined Denlabs as a Colour Developer on permanent night-shift. He was made Night-Steward, and was a member of the Lab Negotiating Committee.


He talks about ACTT personnel and the various members of the committees.