Ron Hill

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26 Jan 1989
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Alan Lawson  0:02  
The copyright of this recording is vested in the actt history project. Ron Hill technicolour technician, interviewer of Cooper, with Alan Lawson recorded on the 26th of January 1989. side, one wrong. When and where were you born?

Ron Hill  0:39  
bowling happy? Yes. in Hartford road happening. Yes.

Alan Lawson  0:44  
What was in 1910 1910? Yes. And what kinds of schooling did you have?

Ron Hill  0:51  
elementary? Yeah. Ordinary straightforward and who entered?

Alan Lawson  0:54  
Yes. Where was the school?

Ron Hill  0:57  
schools cut the road?

Alan Lawson  1:02  
And did you have Did you get after the schooling? Do you have any training for anything at all?

Ron Hill  1:08  
When I missed one, that's who? I got fixed up. They picked me up with a job working with a plumber. Yes. Now welcome when that plumber did really good.

Alan Lawson  1:24  

Ron Hill  1:26  
And I worked with him until the three estates he was working on ran out. That was good. I would do No, no. No. Yes. Oh, you know,

Alan Lawson  1:45  
what was it wouldn't green in that

Ron Hill  1:46  
area? Yes. But do you know moontide? Park? Yes. That was one beta site. Yes. That was built by smartens. And there was another one just nearby built by Ernie Kendrick. There was a they were owned all new prizes. Normally we use a woman's facial plumbing. Ha. He repaired and everdry kind of. Yeah, but now this was how

Alan Lawson  2:19  
installation. proper installation worked. Absolutely. Yeah.

Ron Hill  2:23  
And that in itself did the whole good in mind I have our drugs.

Alan Lawson  2:31  
What? You started what at 14

Ron Hill  2:34  
Then did you protein? What What did they pay you? Oh, I think my I think there was a tension week

Alan Lawson  2:45  
where you were an apprentice or just a maid? No, just guesstimate. And what happened after that? After the plumbing job, what did you do then?

Ron Hill  2:59  
Well, you chasing around trying to get another job would promise was not easy. Because you had to have a city of London guild to get in with a firm of Westham comers. And new is no way neither by hand. Because I hadn't passed the test at the Polytechnic. I used to go to the northern part of 71 in Prince of Wales road. No high road Holloway road. Then, from then on. I had a job when I was short term. Because phones are packing up. Yeah. Farmers used to last for 10 minutes. And then everybody would be out.

Alan Lawson  3:56  
This was what this was beginning of the slump, wasn't it? This was the beginning of the slump

Ron Hill  4:02  
left right.

Unknown Speaker  4:06  
And 2628

Alan Lawson  4:08  
Yes. What was it? What happened then? What What did you know? After your your part time jobs, freelancing? What did you do then?

Ron Hill  4:18  
Well, I got into more each town.

Alan Lawson  4:23  
Yes. Now how did you get that job?

Ron Hill  4:26  
That was picked for me by a friend of Sammy Newman. Reverse either given or semi given he was a boss. Oh, dad had worked point. Oh, goodness, family years old together was in about six years. Yes. But this time there wasn't any lapses as part of this premium.

Alan Lawson  5:02  
What did you do at Moyes then? What work did you do at Myers

Ron Hill  5:10  
all kinds of things when I go back saying hard to do jobs. That show is a gentleman you knew.

Alan Lawson  5:29  
Just going back a second talking about your father. He was he was working at Newman Sinclair. What what actually did he do at Newman? Sinclair?

Ron Hill  5:39  
Who's his timekeeper? Yes, that was his main, his main. Yes,

Alan Lawson  5:43  
I see.

Unknown Speaker  5:45  
How many.

Alan Lawson  5:46  
How many brothers do you have? I know you had George and Ted

Ron Hill  5:51  
Pryor was George. Yeah. Yes. How paid and jolly? I see a Nebraska Oh, yes.

Alan Lawson  6:01  
Yes. Did did they all go into now?

Ron Hill  6:13  
George is the eldest. He went to New he went to New England when he was 14 years. The next one, which forget about your next eldest, that Bob went to Newman for a short time, but he couldn't stand the pressure put it that way. Now he does his his father worked there. He probably worked there. He he, he did a good cyber. So I'll turn it in. Eventually when the Air Force but he was a very, very good engineer. And he finished up as work Monday here for the our fellows who were bottle filling machine minivator I have a patents about the first paper do business. My motion? Yes. And anyways, brother Tate. Hey, he started work at Plessy Halbert Elford, our pronoun Haywood from Plessy to at night money firms. Engineers should be measured repeatedly This is just off of Oxford Street.

Alan Lawson  8:23  
They hadn't come into being then just off Oxford Street. Now, he wasn't it wasn't Newman and Kingston on the line

Ron Hill  8:39  
during God, then he went on from there two years in bear and then took over the reins when George left went down to the bush. Yes, he became foreman.

Alan Lawson  9:00  
Then the other brother,

Ron Hill  9:02  
and it was Charlie. Oh, Charlie was the only one in the family. That didn't take anything mechanical. He worked for Chalmette from BP. And he worked in Kelvin to a very good position. Very good job. I knew you'd have to treat it very well. Importantly, after you've been retired for about four, four years, five years. He'd bought a house at a restaurant, not just his side and walked across in front of us. That was like

Alan Lawson  9:57  
now we come back to you. But then You know, whichever way we look, we see a hill in the business icing. Coming back to you. You worked for my eyes and then but then after my eyes Where did you go?

Ron Hill  10:19  
After morning? George was busy on a sound aids Yes. Now when he perfect he called me up shares in the same house he called me up CG Roy. He says the job going.

Hush. Oh, yeah. He said, Are you interested? He said he working in the film industry? Yes. Well, he said I can pick you up with a dog. We've lived in Edmonton.

There you should set up a dish that I will be making the sound age. hat with Joe moto and everything tied up together is Joe Marlowe, Ted. And George.

He said stop and think all right. Oh, shit, if you want to start working. He said I got picked up with a dope. So the job was with

people Edmonton. And they will not they were known as Holly. Oh, Isiah was Harry. Li he was Charlie. So the two the two friends showed up in business but Previous to that they had worked for Houghton and butcha. When they stopped this other business, it was very successful. And then I made a minimally and I went over there is the idea of working on the sound on the channel disk. Yes. I would do in sound just the turntables ever hear out Yes. And

Alan Lawson  13:13  
what did but he did that didn't last very long. Didn't

Ron Hill  13:18  
know that lasted for a period about proximately six months occurred for that time. I read with tips. I got rid of everybody pretty well. Now Pandora kept on with about three girls. And they were on call one he did other moulds making moulds guess

Alan Lawson  13:52  
what not when he was fired, you know? Can you see Oh,

Ron Hill  14:01  
but that was nothing nothing on my side.

Alan Lawson  14:05  
Then Then what what happened when you got the chips when What happened? Then? Where do you go?

Ron Hill  14:10  
After? Hi, today I went down to more do camera cover rows or can bail engineers and ear? cam Yes. l camera girl and their speciality Lucy near Wembley head projector. Yes, of course. We noticed I used at that time that everything was just going on nicely. Yes. Filming she was friendly, no domani and it was Feel attractive by certain people. Frigidaire very good. About my about When

Alan Lawson  15:09  
was this? What

Ron Hill  15:11  
What about what you haven't been written about 19 in 2008 2009

Alan Lawson  15:17  
so sound was coming in rabbit hole

Ron Hill  15:19  
just coming in. Yes, yeah, of course. George Rudra who is head yes. And he paid me the very early stage

Alan Lawson  15:33  
and where were those heads been fitted to the cam cams? I don't projector or not?

Ron Hill  15:39  
Oh no, no, no. No tune out with all between George

Alan Lawson  15:48  
now, how long did you stay up cam

Ron Hill  15:51  
stereo cameras I think it was about 18 months in that period and that was when nine uncommonly they used to be at Kingston or they shut down and engineering places all over the country shutting down site. It was only about nine in 29 time.

Alan Lawson  16:29  
What were you earning by then? How much were you earning by then? Some really

Ron Hill  16:48  
pretty good. Really?

Alan Lawson  16:49  
Yes. Yes.

Ron Hill  16:50  
Yes. For those days Yes.

Unknown Speaker  16:53  

Alan Lawson  16:55  
And why did you leave Can

Ron Hill  16:57  
I add two cards?

Alan Lawson  16:59  
I see

Ron Hill  17:00  
what the person is lastin first out Yes.

Alan Lawson  17:05  
I see a

Ron Hill  17:06  
ghost with the within the scene to self being not in a happy position.

Alan Lawson  17:15  
What What did you do after that after cams?

Ron Hill  17:19  
article hymns? I had been off work for about a fortnight and I have a letter from an idiot. Just stated he would like to see me. He put a note behind underneath it. It is with regard to a job. So did give me guess your time when we do nzme I'd got my tools only. Oh, he said you got it. Got it. Got it. Oh, he saw I beg your pardon. He said I could be explained. Whitmore's has nothing to do with this. But he said this to do with drolly appraisers. Now, I had worked on this lowly appraisers business for some considerable time.

Alan Lawson  18:22  
Where does that thing where did you work on the lowly then before this?

Ron Hill  18:28  

Alan Lawson  18:29  
I will see later I interrupted you. Sorry.

Ron Hill  18:34  
Let me just let me he stated he would pick me up yet. He didn't go any further. But what he would what he did was he picked me up with the only appraisers because they wanted to instal stuff down seven bush. I've got photographs of

Unknown Speaker  19:09  

Ron Hill  19:23  
so I went down to see lowly. Always Mr. lowly, but we preferred to the door Dolly. And he was quite pleased to take me on. As his enzyme he said there may be a wave of doing waving his gum trees. He said because we're waiting for the opportunity with work on the building. You'd be unfinished. Then we'd get in. Usually, if you're willing to wait fully And take a shower all the way to the point and then got an alert. Nope. Miss Dory. And we started work started work on the on the Monday it there was one other chap you working with him. But he was more than cash and ordering God because He designed or not not not design. But he was a draughtsman on the whole job. So he you get bits and pieces of a one. I was very useful that in my time of plumbing and that type of work. I just fell into job. quite natural

Unknown Speaker  21:05  
processing machines. So that was a wet quick way to put it. But they did make some mechanical stuff inside. Yes. I'm a bit confused there because I've never imagined you'd worked on the website with with lonely developers. Nothing. I thought you know, we've been under. Yeah.

Alan Lawson  21:26  
Well, we'll have a look at those again.

Ron Hill  21:30  
Yeah. To

Alan Lawson  21:35  
then you must have while you were there, did you did you have any contact with the bush people at all? Hitchcock and and Bill? Yes. Not all men, Hitchcock. And Bill, Bill girdlestone. Did you

Unknown Speaker  21:51  
go there was it? Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  21:53  

Ron Hill  21:55  
Yes, I use Mr. Heat hooked himself was a toggle man. If you if you go to bed. Yes. You could actually get something back. You could put up as it Yes,

Unknown Speaker  22:21  

Ron Hill  22:22  
But personally, I go. He always used to come around the price every morning and holding all the walls. Never, never said this. Because I always say that. Mistakes happen hoping that he would come along and take note of the work of going on. Because he and loli were wasm pals and they were very crafty engineers as well just have to the extent that they wanted to devise depth page because they will develop a one to two on the three machines.

Alan Lawson  23:31  
I remember them I was I was at the bush at that. That period actually in the studio. That's why I asked you about Hitchcock.

Unknown Speaker  23:45  
his company's had his Sunday, Tiffany Cochran. Oh, yeah, yeah, he's been confusing in the manager.

Ron Hill  23:54  
Oh, hold on. Can I use a B and D as working out the boot time? Can you remember? Okay. No, big engineer's ramp No,

Alan Lawson  24:06  
I really now I don't

Unknown Speaker  24:07  
remember them.

Alan Lawson  24:12  
How long were you at the bush then we're working on that.

Ron Hill  24:16  
It's hard to I can't remember that time but I would say it was about nine months just trying to get through in finished Yes.

Alan Lawson  24:28  
Then what happened after Lord is or did over after that Job did you stay with normally?

Ron Hill  24:34  
No. I spoke to he got about a job down days. So he's rose can't make any promises at all. He said we've got our own people is hidden. I have a vote this way. If I don't work out between them. I'll get rid of Anyway, there's no need for that.

Unknown Speaker  25:17  
Where do you go after that run?

Ron Hill  25:21  
After that, I went to Yes. cams head word members in direct and I move angle can remember, you know, again a very curious shape but a very clever bloke. Again, I had a letter from London came in so he was pleased as well going on. And they were offering me a job at the new problem that I was starting up. So I went down Sam, Simon. I see. The point is he said, we are out to smash cams. I said, Nope, are not interested. I said if you want to give me a job to pay to the workplace, but I don't want to know politics. Now, fair enough. Lawrence came, he was a young boy. But he was a stepfather. to them. He been an awesome family and the old chap died he took the youngsters schools and then he left and came to work at Pam's after time please got so bad that they found out between them all I knew was with Willie. Willie a worker and Friday and kam and Lawrence Lawrence came lemma came as l came and go, yes. So the decision was made available in our title under the business automatically, they will pull out between the hole and then each learner can she put down an awful sum of money quote, it was an old Asian way to get this other firm going. Share the trailers. Yes. Can you remember them? I remember the Navy is now they started and the first thing they did was to draw them in the fall with a machine shop Okay. That was the first move to finish came drove on of course he did a lot of damage. But this particular individual and I couldn't see either way. I just couldn't be no good I suppose. Or shipments and then came a holiday. And of course by this time my wife then came and Erica were a unit. Fred, Fred, not with Fred and Walker. And they paired up leaving the other two Woody and Lawrence Payne to look out the camera go well in the meantime, forget will happen now oh no came up on the holiday and pinky and the fallen he caught on to me he got a totally outside of your damn job because i hadn't done any turning over months and months

he gave it a drawing and his particular double got interrupted cut he was overseas as a partial time and i had got a tip to online on how to use a tip tool on a job with interrupted cuts is not a good plan to go to and of course tomorrow invoke t came rarely is charged off is no good no we don't mean to say because you know i boarded up on that back i said

is no turn up on the friday night paying out of av he paid me i'm a college saudi was very nice only says i know your father i was trying he said i know your sister because my sister used to be secretary julian julian wore the purple

sash right you know my father he had my sister but apparently him you don't know me as that appointment as messiness i said what you're doing you're listening to one side of a discussion and one time only you shut your ears to what you don't want to hear i should never get to where you want to go on i said and you're not a man i thought i was out prevent cool couple of weeks and david snapper newman's so i said my apprentice huber he's had new moons because i've carried over now i was indeed george rescuers in 1930 after in 31 and i stayed here for about seven years

Alan Lawson  33:41  
what year did you actually go to newman's was about the same time that george went

Ron Hill  33:47  
oh yes

Alan Lawson  33:50  
no no i did when george left did you go yes

Ron Hill  33:54  
i see a doctor when i see so you never actually worked we'd go get newman not would go much no

Unknown Speaker  34:04  
i thought you know this talk for that in about i thought connecting work with you

Ron Hill  34:08  
i work with ted ted took over to the show

Alan Lawson  34:15  
what was it like working with your brother

Ron Hill  34:22  

Alan Lawson  34:27  
he got all right

Unknown Speaker  34:29  

Ron Hill  34:31  
but you couldn't you couldn't call your face your own no

Alan Lawson  34:48  
yes well yes i'd like to talk a little bit about oh man newman what was he what was your impression

Ron Hill  34:58  
of him and Very, very clever chap. Yes. You can't You can't say that he was Obama.

Unknown Speaker  35:23  

Ron Hill  35:25  
And what he said when and they would not broke any interference. Linear ideas

Unknown Speaker  35:39  
was the place opposite where you live in Granville

Ron Hill  35:44  
chose the runner's high they

Unknown Speaker  35:47  
have a place in your outlet

Ron Hill  35:49  
yes eventually because obviously almost That's right. That that was when they were moved by the warm up this is a they came from what they called a cow's head which was either you replace the word literally one time it was a cow. There is a right next right next to the wooden stone public house. Very convenient.

Unknown Speaker  36:21  
Well, if God ain't he and I could have found a cashier at a few years before we retired before he died. We were trying to salvage 16 million in business improvement in find a place big enough to rent

Alan Lawson  36:36  
good I can remember when I was with bad television, Elmer Newman was making us a 17.5 camera today split split 35 I remember going to going down to him and him demonstrating to us how he cuts rockets a used a piece of string and a loop on the pencil made various arcs all the way around. He said well that's the template was it was that true?

Ron Hill  37:14  
Did he do we didn't do for the map train? What were you to do when I was the out? We turn up the sprocket on a barrier to maintenance and you're left a ridge who really really yes and then that you report on the drum machine the 80s which was a knock up job part of a naive and borrow some of the wish was a good and there was a prior cover

Unknown Speaker  37:54  

Ron Hill  37:56  
500 would be on a spindle here will be a part of itself and it would revolve past and he was on 2040s and there used to be accurate

Alan Lawson  38:19  
I mean the the the Newman was the Rolls Royce of the Hancock

Unknown Speaker  38:24  
beautiful Are you an engineer

Alan Lawson  38:28  
but he was a beautiful job but they were very slow to make them right they well they're all handmade

Ron Hill  38:37  
oh that was bright easy. We used to might I would care for currently checked in hammary

Alan Lawson  38:51  
Did you do any of them would work on the magazine oh

Ron Hill  38:54  
they would work now that was a crappy job that was done by a class of people all together that I will say are today going on jersey gentlemen job

Alan Lawson  39:13  
Yes. Which was made up from all made up from sheet yes all handmade incredible quite incredible

Ron Hill  39:23  
because a little booklet

Unknown Speaker  39:32  
yes he's

Ron Hill  39:35  
he was quite quite a nice to the job.

Alan Lawson  39:42  
The one thing that people probably don't know about the the patent that was always put on the new man. Did you ever have any? Did you do any of that making the clip the diamond power? Yes.

Well, how was that done?

Ron Hill  39:55  
Well now first of all, you got all we played Have your camera. Yes. You got it. Right get bottom plate, packing plate plate inside. Right now you'd have to fit all your cases up first. When you came up and finish all holes, ruin that. Yes. Out roll retightened races. Everyone will be numbered. And then the boys in the back will have the job have Sam Piper and stripe green. All right.

Unknown Speaker  40:34  

Ron Hill  40:35  
And when I say straight rain, there are no curtains up today and then come back. Right over over the top. So you've got no curl at all. Having got there is they had a little g which was nine. Yes. Yes. Come across. Yeah. Did you what type of page and shift under the two new double cross circular cross section. One section would be polished. Now that was done with a piece of caulk and every powder. Now on the second one is a 118, Polish polished, and the other would be met. Yes. You got the two. Clear nice.

Unknown Speaker  42:04  
What did I do

Alan Lawson  42:07  
on that? Oh,

Unknown Speaker  42:07  
no, no, no, no, no, no, it's

Alan Lawson  42:09  
it was a it was a very it was very elegant.

Ron Hill  42:13  
Very nice. Very,

Alan Lawson  42:15  
very distinctive, very distinctive. But they didn't Unfortunately, they didn't make them quick enough. You're 16 and he's about 16 in a year. That's

Ron Hill  42:31  
60. I don't know about because there was the fourth, maybe three. Maybe straight after magazine.

Alan Lawson  42:51  
Because there was a 400 footer.

Ron Hill  42:53  
That was a big goal. Yes. Yeah. It used to

Alan Lawson  42:57  
that was only made presumably made to order was it at all? Yes. We go. We answer but 200 foots using the spring motor was a very good motor. Pre war days. It wasn't so good during the war because of the springs.

Ron Hill  43:20  
Couldn't get the springs. I say no, of course to downtown. Tech. You say yes.

Unknown Speaker  43:28  

Unknown Speaker  43:29  
Did you leave New Mexico?

Alan Lawson  43:35  
Yes, ma'am. So you stayed at Newman's until What? 38 set t

Ron Hill  43:42  
38. And

Alan Lawson  43:45  
what why did you leave? Or did they leave? You

Ron Hill  43:48  
know I had the opportunity offer another job? From Jo Ma. Yes. Now, Jamal was working at bush when he was offered the job of Chief maintenance technical camera department camera

Unknown Speaker  44:12  
for my eggs.

Ron Hill  44:15  
I showed afterwards. He contacted me about Yes. just moved in Sanford run. not changing job. Just as easy as that. We'll call the God within drag your job. Nothing new is wrong. Jamie Joby on initially that was to work in the in the camera department head tech service in all the cameras.

Alan Lawson  44:56  
Yes, but I'm going to stop now and I'm going to Change sides.

Alan Lawson  0:02  
Run hills sign two. Before before I hand you back over to going back to Newman's Did you come into contact with no any of Newman's customers at all while you were there?

Ron Hill  0:15  
Yes, quite a lot. Can you remember them?

Alan Lawson  0:20  
Do you remember sit on it at all,

Ron Hill  0:22  
said Bobby was ever ever is he had an Austin seven bass right? And he came down a one day outside here shapeoko can in some parts or exhausted. So I went across to the PRC over the dam. And that was parts of it. And he came down with data. And his sound was was in the sound was well, 14 hours. And he was playing around with my son who was about four and he was giving him Riley shoulders. And as he came running around the Austin seven show you slipped Tony's face it raw. And he was great all the final mess. And he is fake about sinfulness.

Alan Lawson  1:32  
Did you did you meet said at all down in Salisbury road when? When you were Newman's Did you ever did it ever come down to him?

Ron Hill  1:43  
No, I never thought Yes, I did dream. I can't think of when these wires but 1933 or 34 there was an expedition to India to Everest.

Alan Lawson  2:07  
That was it. That was the one yes said flew over Everest.

Ron Hill  2:13  
And he took he took with him. JOHN mama nine five camera. Yes. He couldn't eat because he was too cold.

Unknown Speaker  2:28  

Ron Hill  2:33  
I've got the camera. I've got that camera upstairs now Really?

Unknown Speaker  2:39  
Never ever said that. But I've never.

Alan Lawson  2:45  
Did you meet any of the other customers at all? Can you remember?

Ron Hill  2:49  
Well, I met one two of them. But the point was you know the Benjamins needs to be at Newman DS. Yes, it was the first first section is the governor's office. Yes, right there. Then there was a space Yes. With the machine. Very Okay. Now the first bench Ted Magoo.

Alan Lawson  3:19  
Yes, I remember Bob yes as well. Yes.

Ron Hill  3:21  
I used to work on the on that bench. The second one had Tony Matthews on that. Third one. jackpot troughed. Now, Jeff, when they get in, I worked on the next one. So there was a space Yes. Twice. You will

Alan Lawson  3:57  
you learn way from the customer. Yeah. Well, I think what we'll do now is we'll we'll we'll, we'll go over to technicolour now. I'm going to hand you over to our right. Right.

Unknown Speaker  4:22  
When you when you left when you left the new ones and kind of tech you were a member of AC t

Unknown Speaker  4:28  
they may know

Unknown Speaker  4:30  
who pulled you during the ICT who did her work. Okay, right. So when you first came down to tech, the the actual department starting up it wasn't really well going Was it because of we've only been going what since 37.

Ron Hill  4:50  
Yeah, it was a it wasn't fully staffed by me. You see all the handling was For five cameras, D one, D, two, D, three, D, four, my roll three strip out three strip, and D, five, D, five D words a type of camera that was originally paid for purposes. And he was English. So that we had four cameras of the E. And one

Alan Lawson  5:40  
of the nice today

Ron Hill  5:47  
as programmers did us very well, right through the years is until all the new ones are made by people of Pittsburgh. Yes. New York. New address.

Alan Lawson  6:17  
Did you did wrong? Did you help make those ears? Did you help make those cameras? You know.

Ron Hill  6:28  
She is a specialised job to such an extent. First of all, there was no part on the camera, which really needed many factors. Again, I chose a remaining factor. But the only time when things were manufactured was when you accepted the contract to build us I think it was 15 cameras. And they also build and overstates Yeah, that was the only time that technicolour parts were manufactured because age product was a lifetime job yeah, I'm saying we put on no need to worry. How he gets his general service in it we used to carry out religious

Unknown Speaker  7:35  
it is to make room for landmass and thing for addition to that for

Ron Hill  7:39  
Leadville. Yeah, that was that was later today, I started making language when the cameras came down from New without any lenses. When we got the lenses as the role in itself from

Alan Lawson  8:02  
the cooks,

Ron Hill  8:03  
cook, TJ H. And we used to I used to pet them. I should build a mount. Right? To each camera. 175 5075 some men are 40. But there's a minimum number of engineers per camera. But

Alan Lawson  8:35  
actually we've jumped we've jumped to after the war. I haven't been because news didn't start until after the war.

Ron Hill  8:43  
No. You started at your day job. I couldn't start until the war commitments are here.

Alan Lawson  8:52  
So I think we we also I think we let's hold off on our news at the moment. Let's let's try and go in and progress actually.

Ron Hill  9:01  

Unknown Speaker  9:02  
when you actually came to tech, which was 3738 that what cameras you got there then they were made in a room? All started off. We got to tell Yes.

Alan Lawson  9:16  
Yeah. Yes. Technical.

Ron Hill  9:20  
Technical sent over the medium demo camera.

Alan Lawson  9:27  
Everything you said was false. Yeah,

Ron Hill  9:29  
that's right. And we had to make do with those. Right guys who did all yours. The only other addition was a D type. which went backwards and forwards until

Unknown Speaker  9:45  
the blue were the blips I call that put out in my role in case I came with and they work.

Ron Hill  9:53  
They had problems. They didn't they weren't mean to us as it is for cameras and for lots of sound equipment which meant it was dolly or gold again self hate and everything else that went with

Alan Lawson  10:21  
the tripod head do you mean no

Ron Hill  10:23  
that's right yes

Unknown Speaker  10:28  

Unknown Speaker  10:29  
while you were

Alan Lawson  10:30  
right this is before the war can you remember the first film that even though you've got involved with with technicolour at all was it wings of the morning when did you have anything to do with that that

Ron Hill  10:46  
i think that was wins the morning yes no no that was that was done just before i i say

Alan Lawson  11:01  
can you remember the first film

Unknown Speaker  11:05  
as it were your sidekick one your workmates in the camera department he was there before you and he

Ron Hill  11:13  
told me i started as the easter bring him along when did you need to

Unknown Speaker  11:25  
did you find did you find any peculiar about the american method of running departments

Ron Hill  11:31  
when you got into that camera department as a guest either in good english engineering the whole thing was that this department was wrong and happened as soon as someone who nines does that it goes in the system working very nicely and there was no point in all three that's a system right usually energy equipment is identical to yours i really we hadn't made far

Unknown Speaker  12:08  
so maintaining the cameras back and forth during that period life went on no but roll of normal headaches and go on with problems when did you start in point of fact going out with the cameras on locations

Ron Hill  12:25  
first was 1950 again yes

Alan Lawson  12:29  
i see

Ron Hill  12:35  

Alan Lawson  12:37  

Ron Hill  12:38  
i think i i think i had the biggest unit that one man ever had on his home

Unknown Speaker  12:50  
run i think of duct tape because i suddenly realised before before that day i thought it was earlier than that before that that were all the problems of the war when the war broke out and that is when we came into the downtrend as well you're involved you were involved in the progression of the dome train around you ish you said you're gonna talk about your contribution to that if

Ron Hill  13:14  
you wouldn't mind or the first part of the trailer was the device which we perfected and wiring up or making a hole disappear on the screen and it wasn't very easy but eventually we've we've worked on a stable air air compressor and a needle on the end of this plunger phone pole poland and it would make a hole in paper head now eventually the head to overhead view the new member of the hat about that domino

Alan Lawson  14:18  
about about four inches more than that

Unknown Speaker  14:21  
667 inches yeah

Ron Hill  14:24  
shannon about that this other one knew to print open selfie yes but not tight now on the system i had a night he was constantly on there will be shown his food opposite where the autosave the bullet yes i've gone through yes now one of those was made to repo Yes, it will make you laugh to treat using a 12 volt windscreen wiper motor driving a large gear so you didn't have some idea of the speed that was being turned that is extremely slow he punches two punches a hole through both the hat comes out and this one is well minestrone but it hasn't come out this has one test got it storable and or you may see about four or five holes and then suddenly it is disappearing because where it's turning so slowly this hole has been punched and

Alan Lawson  16:27  
what it is it's acting as a Chateau radius and it is acting as a shutter that's right yes is acting as a shepherd very

Ron Hill  16:36  
very strategy.

Unknown Speaker  16:38  

Unknown Speaker  16:39  
they will object to this this will take me three years to try and teach me where my dream in front of them moving aircraft yes so the bullet would reach the position when the aircraft got there and it was playing the feel that it

Alan Lawson  17:01  
said that you were working out where you were working on the working on that was the that was this the word it was not a chicken and egg situation it was the chicken came first and laid the egg you laid the egg

Unknown Speaker  17:14  
Did you Did we make the did you make the technical itself? Might the cams that move the cameras? They did they made down the design and happier they

Ron Hill  17:25  
went to our trifold

Unknown Speaker  17:29  
did you have to assemble any of the stuff out you know ultimately we're making big eaps and stuff and sending it out to the various parts of the world? Well, we've written that in China.

Ron Hill  17:44  
Whatever happened to the dog on the train was completely isolated from what we were doing in the camera department. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  17:53  
I wasn't sure I know. I know I was involved in producing the film but I never knew who actually who the paperwork and working on the unit through a sent out now and they were going out on technical omens. Okay, Ron, what was the next big incident in the technical camera life? Apart from losing people let me write most people.

Ron Hill  18:21  
When I say core knowledge was the first trips I made.

Unknown Speaker  18:32  
That was

Alan Lawson  18:34  
I was easily wasn't

Ron Hill  18:37  
it? The second time? No new empty one.

Talking about quovadis

Alan Lawson  19:02  
who was the camera man on that.

Unknown Speaker  19:06  

Alan Lawson  19:17  
Buck you

you probably would have had more to do with the operator wouldn't you? Probably than the camera man.

Ron Hill  19:46  
He didn't usually unless they're in trouble. Yes, you are.

Alan Lawson  19:53  
You weren't in love or did what you wanted often where you want Often

Ron Hill  20:01  
well not often in the first place they send us out to multi duty motors they will always suspect why they will suspect I don't know but we had no complaints from a cameraman and the operator we should do what was doing is that as I told him as nothing I can do about it because I got no indication as to where the trouble might be.

However, it transpired that one of the questions came from me he stated that there's one particular part hadn't been fitted a President may know multiple learners in colour coordinate

Unknown Speaker  21:31  
oh you told me about the camera he was a minor technical his cameraman that he was trying to think of who was

Alan Lawson  21:43  
Jeff and wasn't Jeff fonzworth was

Unknown Speaker  21:49  
there don't get caught in my object COVID might explain a treated black Narcissus remembering that they're about a folk not trying to take crowds and got nothing on the side of Bowers road God Blimey. Never mind.

Alan Lawson  22:08  
Anyway but what other what other film did you go out on? Your

Ron Hill  22:20  
next film was as a pirate

Unknown Speaker  22:43  
they go 70 gone wrong. who suddenly will

Ron Hill  22:49  

Alan Lawson  22:56  
Crimson parrot that was Aaron Errol Flynn wasn't it? Was it Errol

Unknown Speaker  23:01  

Ron Hill  23:05  
on my quite likely did some shorts IV or Shree

Alan Lawson  23:24  
was supplement now after Crimson power it did did you can you remember any other films you

Unknown Speaker  23:34  
worked on?

Ron Hill  23:50  
I do three locations

Alan Lawson  23:56  
wow this Crimson parrot one other

Unknown Speaker  24:03  
studio name oh

Unknown Speaker  24:16  
man unique again to

Alan Lawson  24:19  
Italy then we're doing Oh yes.

Unknown Speaker  24:22  
Studio nine in the Bronx new euro

Alan Lawson  24:25  

Unknown Speaker  24:26  
Sani set up. The studio was called

Alan Lawson  24:30  
cinecitta wasn't it? Clearly

Unknown Speaker  24:35  
a different one. Yeah. Anyway, that was tied out with Monson and the chemical people with a

Ron Hill  24:45  
DuPont DuPont

Alan Lawson  24:48  
anyway want to

Unknown Speaker  24:56  
remember is pretty young.

Ron Hill  25:01  
You know, put them in a cup.

Unknown Speaker  25:06  
So you weren't you weren't on lunch?

Alan Lawson  25:11  
You didn't work on Lawrence or Chicago? No,

obviously not.

Ron Hill  25:21  
Navy. We had every camera back to the plan for servicing. Yes. But unless there was some travel on the floor as remunerated and this was in trouble on the floor. We never went out from Devon.

Unknown Speaker  25:47  
He was one of the big one that you went out. We wanted a big production. I'm trying to think. Anyway, you were on Bravo.

Unknown Speaker  26:05  
But you

Unknown Speaker  26:10  
didn't get it. You weren't on film brebis.

Alan Lawson  26:21  
Anyway, nevermind. Don't worry.

Unknown Speaker  26:27  
You probably lose Tyler in it.

Ron Hill  26:33  
This time,

Unknown Speaker  26:35  
let's play the wishy washy in the production.

Ron Hill  26:38  
This time was only

Unknown Speaker  26:44  
sesion clear.

Ron Hill  26:46  
Coronavirus. She married her husband, and she came out and you just go as an extra not as an extra that she was given a job. Just

Unknown Speaker  27:03  
special guests.

Alan Lawson  27:08  
That was Toby was Todd wasn't it? That was our husband couldn't God?

Unknown Speaker  27:15  
Yeah, we had a lot of trouble. We had a lot of trouble in. In Caesar and Cleopatra. They started off somewhere they started in America, they came over to England and started shooting and they went for a Burton and they went out to Italy for it didn't go to your mother and a lot of trouble with her. She was very temperamental. You and I

Ron Hill  27:37  
I don't even remember that picture. Apart from the fact that they were done a shot of playing with Syria. And they've got two cameras on the end of a plane where say goes doesn't broke stereo they own this back and add to his counterweight. And strangely enough to take the wrong somebody's rude whistle rub time. They stepped off camera.

Alan Lawson  28:18  
That's right. Yes.

Ron Hill  28:20  
Do you remember the current

Alan Lawson  28:22  
the camera man on that was jack Hilliard that? Yes. That's right in where was this? Pinewood Yeah. And his operator was badly hat is jack. Jack's got a recollection of that? And he told us about it.

Unknown Speaker  28:46  
And that was a technically camera.

Ron Hill  28:48  
Yes. Because I

Unknown Speaker  28:50  
mean, they were big everything. Yeah.

Ron Hill  28:55  
Next door. She came colder say we want a Saturday afternoon. We be shopping he knows who she is. Miss Josie said I found you by rain and sun some of the others. She got the phone and somebody came down from tetanus. They dropped a camera in the water. Of course john ma Wasn't he wasn't available to anyone on the phone at that time.

Unknown Speaker  29:42  
He ran the login over the road when he

Ron Hill  29:45  
had he not for the weekend to Prince's so I came I came here. Overtime I got there at five o'clock. See the assistant taken a bit of code Lord enjoyed him while I was driving around with any mortgage off issue prison prison was what

Unknown Speaker  30:23  
was it that was the secret of the camera

Ron Hill  30:32  
is on the trouble of it

Unknown Speaker  30:34  
Don't wander there the light got through that guy reflected off that gold slip in the middle of the night he was a gulf gold leaf in the middle of the prison well

Ron Hill  30:53  
I don't know whether a gold leaf or not no it wasn't

Unknown Speaker  31:04  
he was gold colour on it

Alan Lawson  31:06  
yes that's quite different

Ron Hill  31:12  
I can't really see what took place here because the only panel that didn't he had to do was a firm was john john here and he was in Australia

Alan Lawson  31:27  
This is john Mahler

Unknown Speaker  31:28  
thing that staggered me Ron was every every time I brought it in in the finish you know i to be responsible for sensitising industry spirit negative it suddenly came down if they stopped shooting on a roll to get the camera to come back to me okay every bit for it were bringing the camera again and I don't ever recall it coming back we want to jump the pose of the magazine when in the water master town just ordinary level air tight they were like I wonder if I wore a tie watertight

Ron Hill  32:09  
well hey was fairly well worth a bear in mind

Unknown Speaker  32:15  
the atmosphere where they're going through coffee if you

Ron Hill  32:19  
had a camera in the water right that which is quite a while in itself oh wait they were 60 pounds 30 pounds and then magazine 50 pound the magazine because magazine was 20 and 310 pound a group A we are doing the magazine July

and then on top of that you got the head yes that was quite heavy used to go over

Unknown Speaker  32:58  
60 pound the cameras that include the blimp

Ron Hill  33:01  
Oh no. Totally different I've got a white everything every door is upstairs if I clear it on that

Unknown Speaker  33:18  
wall goes down that way boy I can't remember the chemicals I used to use the names warning come to me so don't worry. Can you remember any industrial incidences in the camera department and in the firm? Can you remember any incidents industrial incidents in the camera department technical with the with the firm

Ron Hill  33:56  
know your revenue

Alan Lawson  34:06  
was the most was the was the camera department fairly happy unit to work in all the time. Really? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  34:16  
They seem all to get on very well from my outside experience. So irrespective of their rank you know they were just one or two they've been a toughie knows there's no foot from the scene you know the camera types but the ordinary the older the department got very well when you think going back there was a trap you you mentioned a little while ago level Jimmy right when the junior high and Oh dear, dear. Can you remember the name of the icoc what was John's first name? Your mate your sidekick on the match it bring gun

Ron Hill  35:02  
here for russia

Unknown Speaker  35:10  
he used to be a motorbike maniac he is caught as they are called scott he was yeah it was of course beautiful yeah beautiful tunes

Ron Hill  35:26  
and i can tell you that but he's not

Unknown Speaker  35:32  
he's not still got it

Ron Hill  35:34  

way leave the here are mine packed up for our driving down time shirt didn't matter he used to give me a down front and as i'm walking down the path he's terrorised for such as a free down the road here by the railways heaven

Unknown Speaker  36:13  
which one

Ron Hill  36:15  
holland run down the core what it used to be

Unknown Speaker  36:20  
the way she

Ron Hill  36:22  
passed away to

Unknown Speaker  36:24  
the red line

Ron Hill  36:25  
no that's one down

Unknown Speaker  36:28  
the western great western great west

Ron Hill  36:31  
has really changed gear as they call it

Unknown Speaker  36:35  
that for

Alan Lawson  36:41  
what what what once they started on mono pat what did you do then

Ron Hill  36:48  
for monetate you're dealing with somebody of a different carrier free bullet pack was only used for the olympic game the game we shouldn't we i change 1918 cameras over to one of our all cameras over get because

Alan Lawson  37:35  
when you say you change them over what did you have to do then

Ron Hill  37:39  
well first of all you had to check his planes and repossessed them and they had to be repositioned because our money back your shoes you with us the year from altogether so if you got emotion to emotion yes whereas normally it was emotion for

Alan Lawson  38:10  

Ron Hill  38:11  
yes right now what happened immediately you got six hour difference the past six hour film to register its objective so in conjunction with every names you had to work it out and to set them back by six might mean point to a short focus yes yes to about six hours on all right seems to be worked out my job was to get them all over it and tests were shot on each camera they were done the test shot by nate centile

Unknown Speaker  39:41  
yeah this was in tennessee

Ron Hill  39:50  
then the brown glass quarter had to be adjusted yes christus as you've seen how Notice how he did have trouble with motors that we could go over him injury. And why would Why would you have trouble with motors

Alan Lawson  40:17  
that are Because? Because extra load

Ron Hill  40:21  
now these motors are coming down from New, untested. Yes,

Alan Lawson  40:29  
yes, yes. Chris

Unknown Speaker  40:34  
what was it when I started to have fun and come in touch with you? When we went over to vid tronics that was another big change. Camera department in both Ecuador used

Ron Hill  40:46  
to come in to work and I knew

Unknown Speaker  40:49  
Yeah, well yeah, that was that was the last big change I wanted to visit running. What Yeah, before I after I became plant liaison officer we do an eye contact with you then the night so the reason for that but

Alan Lawson  41:03  
before before we get onto Vin tronics once Eastman colour came in what did you What were you? Oh, you see, what were you up to? When Eastman colour came in? What did you do that?

Ron Hill  41:18  
Well, first of all, we had to create new movements. Yes, complete new movements new camera that was quite young. And that were done in the camera department. But the movement itself was mainly upon outside concern.

Alan Lawson  41:41  
Was that new news again? was it was it was it news again?

Ron Hill  41:47  
No, I don't have any orders it these days Kenny from Hollywood.

Alan Lawson  41:54  
Oh, I see. I import it they came from the States

Unknown Speaker  41:59  
an easement car when each when they come in we weren't using technically comes responding well.

Ron Hill  42:06  
No Well we need from God Amen. We were on the point of changing all this up

Unknown Speaker  42:17  
because invariably the production companies are using their own gear that was one of the things they didn't like having to use all the technical equipment on flat funding one of the main other politics

Alan Lawson  42:34  
I'm surely when when Eastman colour came in

Ron Hill  42:41  
what what cameras were you changing to retain at face trip camera I see in the movement of the face to camera and putting this other movement in. At that time, it was a lazy 815 Yes, sir, you got a picture of a Trashman?


Alan Lawson  43:07  
So it really is it yes, it kind of CinemaScope or whatever. This division? Yes, yes, that kind of thing. I see. I see what you mean. I see that's what we're doing. Right

Unknown Speaker  43:22  
now of course, a lot of a lot of the stuff we're using Samuelsson is using technicolour Can we say then the next thing was electronic Hamlet. And yes, I can understand what caught me when I'm involved with you was in those days we will be we're putting film to tape tape to film I will then put in film the tight tight to film how electronics this section was set up the camera was involved a bit in that can you were involved with that a bit the camera maintenance people?

Unknown Speaker  44:03  

Ron Hill  44:07  
first of all, camera department closed down in 1967 to age seven, now the Vichy had got rid of a lot of equipment. And these other people bought a lot of it out. And they came down and took over the camera. And I was the only one left in the camera department. So they said would you like the workflow? Yes. All over doing are you doing now? and maintenance or having surgery shows that show?

Unknown Speaker  45:31  
Are you 67 or 67?

Ron Hill  45:38  
was it

Unknown Speaker  45:38  
was it as early as 67 when they came down?

Ron Hill  45:44  
She chenrezig shade.

Alan Lawson  45:50  
Yes, so it's about right. Yes. I got to stop now I'm going to change over to the real

Alan Lawson  0:00  
Brown Hill side three right?

When they tried when technicolour started out with the tronic process to the camera department Were you involved in the in that particular period

Ron Hill  0:16  
when we used to have this service camera every day

Alan Lawson  0:25  
what camera was this was

Ron Hill  0:26  
it the special 35 mil movie camera and it was a beautiful job and I didn't know that Moyes at that time had been building cameras I built these previously again there was no God to price type photograph was screen about that

Alan Lawson  1:05  

Ron Hill  1:07  
camera would be rounded up and really picked position cameras that was removed from one day no no now had put a filter in front of the the image yes yes to straightened out otherwise would have been all bent and twisted and when I got one those were working nicely as they will we want some of those made out one would you rather make them or have you been to drawings? I should have made them up from Oman Oh sorry. Congo endorsed these a and they don't have any don't even sketchy. So it was through the whole rigmarole measure this measure check this check and then finish I made one up complete and they drive down and fortunately worked quite shy. I was to Australia altogether that it was quite a job nothing that you get by ordinary maintenance and you're ready energy it was being cheesy. I think he worked up Amanda what happened because along with it, some were drawn only made fantasise and that was unconscious flavour it was all nice and tight put carefully on one bench go away check Rose insitute eyes rolling daily pneumonia as we have a look around the department and I find this very bright was at a time as a parent or family to the drawing

felt I forget the series What is it should be on the main floor should be not never shown

Alan Lawson  4:18  
anybody when

Ron Hill  4:23  
I last loaded the tools it always made me very sad that we're no good the iPhone SE sellers her dance as you know prove that point was I got a bill is working in the time well, anything

Alan Lawson  4:51  
because the other thing was was a trade offs are in technical policy was to keep everything for one department and actually part was just secret one technicolour is a man of secrecy

Ron Hill  5:05  
well up to a point it was paid dividends

Alan Lawson  5:20  
there's a problem or any shortcoming you know because people were in the early days we had a hell of a job breaking down his business if anybody got from one department to another that was that was a crime that we found in another person's department and cavity pa work the same way but in the cloud itself as a even more dreaded number nobody was supposed to know what the number meant you know what it what it was the calls were never mind

Ron Hill  5:54  
it was an unfortunate thing in a respect because i know for a fact the camera department was always recommend the start and end of it in actual fact it wasn't so it was a policy not to mix with departments mix too much maybe it's time you know across a machine shop to jump over there and you could feel

Unknown Speaker  6:42  
it raining

Ron Hill  6:46  
until i finally broke the ice part down out of every nine months for pain damage

Alan Lawson  6:56  
courses it's amazing actually what that firm made itself apart from the stuff that brought in oh yeah it did add a capability engineering capability it could have actually made everything couldn't be in virtual frenzies i don't think it was a capable of producing his own lens

Ron Hill  7:14  
outside of this they had the finest machine shop in the south of england

Alan Lawson  7:23  
and the skills to go with it employed

Ron Hill  7:29  
he said some very good shape

Alan Lawson  7:32  
but it was a lot of tom taylor's grandmama tom taylor's grant

Ron Hill  7:38  
he will always get that

Unknown Speaker  7:40  

Alan Lawson  7:45  
and yet when i went to technical i don't know where the one pair and it was the only place where it was in your departments the only place where everybody tried their artistry to the next guy what to do yes when i was at ks it was different altogether 51 bro then what do you found that from an engineering point of view well you must have done because you must have found that that camaraderie and help who is working with john and then we bring in all that everybody out want to know that they show one another passive skills around

Ron Hill  8:21  
so they

Alan Lawson  8:26  
might be successful

Ron Hill  8:31  
but also there's a cost to them having the tools man is god he never mind and in consequence now i'm on alpha chain bring jonas he would be the one of the mentors or if he wanted you or something he didn't carry a postcard until saturday or sunday notice in the drawing alternatively if i want to design it in which he presents how to design

Alan Lawson  9:22  
did you get involved with anything else in making stuff of the mechanic process did you get involved in any other part for the train guy was a big tronics thinking we understand upon

Ron Hill  9:45  
your refers to individual jobs and one of the things i wanted done for the set up the camera Shall was quite nice job and they were working then on a floor which was a false floor which was nine inches higher than the ordinary concrete it was necessary to do that Chi Chi was everywhere you got to whip out didn't didn't bother very much because the floor was so solid obviously two foot square steel plates yes I know covered tonight that Python lead Yeah. Underneath what before Jax? Yes. Ella is Jax had a header has a head head who's available? Yes. So you see it here and the right handle tonight The to date the title Yes. A bit better at depth they would sit into these sections you have seen the fraud hold now very neatly done. said you get these forget. And Sydney tops real easy.

Alan Lawson  11:39  
Clap your play.

Ron Hill  11:40  
He's just sitting there quiet.

Alan Lawson  11:43  
Could it be a rock? Yeah, we used to get another complaint he used to get another defect with that camera you see noise was interpreted on the screen like with regulation I I come up against defects which were misleading to me when I was involved with that tronic business and it was moved movement and noise around the camera when it was working look the guy was the effect of reticulation on the screen which is very confusing.

Ron Hill  12:13  
Let that franchisee either

Alan Lawson  12:19  
get involved in clearing that alright I made a fool of myself because I thought I've got a chemical problem when I was involved and then later but so far your next your next thing then no matter the when we went over to scrap it and recording you got involved you said with the heads yes when you were making the first

Ron Hill  12:53  
half of them but the point was you say to the she jumped in Hello always too busy. But really as your most physician can you make some of these heads up? I don't even know I observe I never got it all done let's have it on the shelf and often the right time to come supplier with a drawing. But if I've got to make a drawing you could write the bar the

Alan Lawson  13:33  
same way with the guy was still When was the first flight we're doing the recording when Who? So women. I can't think of his name. He worked with me. I can't remember behind the industry quite a lot.

Ron Hill  13:49  

Alan Lawson  13:52  
Tell me wrong. Where did you Where did you learn to do machine drawing?

Or did you sell to

Ron Hill  14:03  
Gen X?

Alan Lawson  14:05  
Yes, yes. Yes. Nothing like it keeping an eye out. Yes.

Wrong was a very skilled man and hearing him talk about his his career chemistry. Where did he when he actually learned a door that engineering run you sort of went to all different phases. And you finished that highly skilled.

Ron Hill  14:32  
Other people have had apprenticeships. I didn't have an apprentice life. I went out the hard way. Well, I will do my own thing when the board is on a totally different

I what went on there and i went on there and in the finish you join all these engine you can wait quite quite sad at what you done

Alan Lawson  15:19  
i add that he's got to you got to get your ideas in my mind to co create your work one day on it

Ron Hill  15:31  
no i did a jump of brain only a few weeks ago

Alan Lawson  15:36  
radius still working on it marvellous

i used to do is like that and i'll tell you now my my my save rate camera they told me where is it ealing they used to send some work sometimes you'd send me to the place an evening then the camera firm that does repairs new sent me out and what are they called i took my i took my my mill and they said that it wasn't worth repairing because the cost of the repair would cost more than the camera was worth because electrics and tactile were either i can't even get the time think the piece is wrong what's the name of that firm you certainly want to pay on it and jeff chapter ealing repair replace it with an alien alien camera when mechanic kamberi foster man away

Ron Hill  16:41  
to eden studios

Alan Lawson  16:43  
no now it's a shot near boston manor somewhere completely in front of epic yeah i used to do some odd jobs the technical i didn't play for you in touch with them anyway we were talking about the hedge is recording actually

Ron Hill  17:16  
it was harvey harvey was hangers ready to push on the chevy as i pushed on me a push anywhere in the cloud mr carlo titling is not the point is it doing the wrong thing and on top of

Alan Lawson  17:43  
it after after you know after after big tronics what what next

Ron Hill  17:58  
hi retired surgeon 1975 i continue to do the same job did you retire on semi permanent

Alan Lawson  18:38  
he retired before me i didn't need you

Ron Hill  18:46  
i retired in 75 because then i was 65

Alan Lawson  18:56  
yeah well i think you were involved like one or two i'm going to next to work sort of basically took him

Ron Hill  19:02  
i did can travel maybe but number we got pneumonia page or pages where we bet barry surgery is wrong prezi or by origin come with now sorry we walked off going away how awesome was that first of all he said about like a six inch cvi eye it was a beautiful joy i've had it personally i've had it myself

too he deemed 48 i know i somebody might have done geography anyway he bought it from the quid pro in chuck alone was was that anyway he took when he showed me where the new workshop was here in the

Alan Lawson  20:45  
in the mind building

Ron Hill  20:46  
yeah whenever you see a case on the first floor rather cars all relate to that lady i like to use usually has to do with what do i do as a fresher

i urge you to go after this do not give anybody up fresh air said from denton as i say i couldn't work under those conditions is it not for you nor anybody else

you're gonna leave us as your main just referred to the air conditioning i see you seen it over the replaced is no use emile integrity the title of that speech as a black grey anyway i couldn't stomach when i did some work in the workup is right behind the timekeeper and around

Alan Lawson  22:19  
yes i finished that in that lockdown they didn't do that all down the side of the driving that they put the stuff in an inlay so last time i talked to you that it was an eminent than the that i must have been in a day for a long time for that work because i was early in a place i painted me up because of sickness how long

did did you didn't stay there very long then after that

Ron Hill  22:49  
i stayed there until it must be doing dean 67 visits cottoned on to it all

Alan Lawson  23:09  
looking looking back over you know a very very career you've never had any regrets at all about

Ron Hill  23:17  
it no you're really jordan murphy

Alan Lawson  23:25  
was there anything you'd like to have done that you didn't do

Ron Hill  23:33  
i can't honestly say there was 10 london edina i live in new london 63 and i went down i will definitely come back with another one

Unknown Speaker  24:10  

Alan Lawson  24:12  
but definitely miranda she was

Unknown Speaker  24:14  

Alan Lawson  24:21  
you know in your in your long career who do you think has gave you the most help to stop you know get you going or

Ron Hill  24:29  
i would say it was god yes because it may not be generally accepted to me john was a very very gifted chap he really was now on both hey george jean pierre for years paul George left on a one john for the left and about 31 somewhere. And Eileen. john was several years younger than George and George's would have been the former. JOHN and George had always gone extremely well. Shallow when it came to George tying down to shepherds, Bush the job was now open at paying for studios. And john took over the job at nine Studios on in George and Nancy promises website, perimeters in Nazi department and ask him to go do their show goes down went down their oil income went down then quite a few years. And he started work and he wanted someone when he contacted the lightning lightly leg down downward. I'd say that

Alan Lawson  26:38  
ever they get added Ganga involved we go down because there was a bit of a connection there wasn't between gun and go gun. George gun.

Ron Hill  26:53  
I think I'm not too sure. I think he was chief of sound. quite as good Jones assumes he

Alan Lawson  27:02  
he'd been at the BBC actually go Ghana.


Ron Hill  27:05  
I did.

Alan Lawson  27:06  
I mean, the bush at the GDP. I

didn't know where agang came from. See because he came from the bush and he took over the camera department beginning in me. I thought that George Gunn was a production manager

Unknown Speaker  27:19  
or something like that. I made the wrong

Alan Lawson  27:24  
comments, production God beforehand.

Ron Hill  27:27  
I think I think I don't know. I couldn't tell you thinking. I'm not sure maybe

Alan Lawson  27:39  
there was certainly a connection between God and God on the

Ron Hill  27:43  
job joy enjoy. Yes. Because it got gone there one. Oh, well.

Alan Lawson  27:48  
Yeah, because

Ron Hill  27:52  
I suppose that was the case.

Alan Lawson  27:54  
Yeah. God knew what he was taking on. Do you know gunmen? we come to the end anyway.

Unknown Speaker  28:16  
Well, thank you rock.

Unknown Speaker  28:18  
Thanks very much.

Ron Hill  28:19  
A local

Unknown Speaker  28:22  
has a postscript to that recording. Ron hills has since phone to say that he remembers the name of the camera man. On quovadis. It was Bob 30 years. And the other big film, where he went as the technicolour camera maintenance man was Renoir's film The Golden coach.