Robert (Bob) Dunbar

Robert (Bob)
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19 Jan 1989
15 Apr 1997
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Father a journalist for Kine Weekly

Apprenticed at Gaumont-British, Bob Dunbar (6th June 1914 – 29th April 2000) was sent to work at the UFA studios in Germany where he carried out publicity work and became a voice coach. Expelled from Germany when Hitler became Chancellor he returned to G-B and later moved to Alexander Korda’s London Films. In 1939 he went to Mexico. During World War Two he joined the Ministry for Information and from late 1944 he served four years as cultural attach[endif]--> in Moscow.

He returned to film and television production, and worked as a writer, producer and director, including a spell with Hammer on comedies, and became involved with the London School of Film Technique as it was then known, from its earliest days in 1957 in Brixton, and became its Principal.

He attended the initial meeting of the History Project, and subsequently attended meetings on an irregular basis, as well as conducting a number of interviews.

David Sharp 2018.

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