Richard (Dick) Pull

Richard (Dick)
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21 Sep 2012
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Richard Pull
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[Transcribed from brief handwritten note]

[Born] 1944 29th January, Clapham, London; no awards or honours. Parents not in the industry, no film making at school [but] interest at 17, bought camera: Eumig Standard 8[mm], with tape attachment [made] amateur films.

Job in advertising agency at £5 a week in Hill St [?]. Interest in film and TV – deliver TV commercials; became ‘Producer’, at Royalty House in the West End. Big name Producers use big name directors to shoot commercials. Not in the union at that time. Took stills on set.

Q: You had a passion?

A: I never had to work! It was pleasure.

Q: Adventures?

A: Never had adventures. Job in newspaper, Assistant Editor. Keith Latham, worked at Editing [?], at Lime Grove. Cement join, then tape joins. Freelance; Goldhawk Studios. Lane End Productions, own company and successful. BBC Producers choice; video equipment.


Dick Richard Pull . he was misnamed on a screen credit as Dick so he adopted it. Started in ad agency as runner. Graduated to breaking down commercials. Worked as Editor on Midweek and various documentaries for the BBC. Talks about editing equipment is use . Went to Lane End Productions.