Ralph Sheldon

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8 Oct 1998
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Notes on interview 439 Ralph Sheldon 8th October, 1998.

[This summary lists the many of the names and film or television programmes mentioned. DS]


TAPE ONE SIDE ONE [Unfortunately there is no indication as to when SIDE TWO starts.]


First fil m seen was with Cecily Courtneidge [in]. Father was a policeman, lived

in Saville Row police station. Went to Hackney Downs school with Harold Pinter. Visited Two Cities Films in 1942. Father arranged an interview with the MOI [Ministry of Information] in Malet Street [MOI took over Senate House] with W.A. Pennel. 16 years old, he was junior library assistant at £2-12-6 per week [c. £2-62p]. Pinewood Studios; Adelaide Pentecost (‘Penty’); John Victor Smith, John Mantell, Ian McLeod, Maxie Elliot, Peter Regg; Bell and Howell foot splicer. Terry Trench, Ralph Elton, Derek Armstrong, 1946. Beaconsfield, Voices of Malaya; Twickenham, Danclng with Crlme, Eileen Boland. David Hawkins, Ken Bilton. Called up RAF [Royal Air Force]. Photography course trade training, Farnborough, Heath End, compassionate posting to film unit. Stanmore, West Malling in Kent. 1949 Back to Crown, joined ACT. Lucia Krakovska [BEHP Interview 427]; Jean McKenzie, Ken Cameron [Interview No 70]. Dubbing Editor, Peter Bezencnet , Sound editor.

1952. Crown Films cIosed down.  Frank Brice,  MentaI Health, Out of True, optical sound, co-operation with laboratories, blooping. Mike Batchelor, Gerry Bryan, Anvil films; Adrian de Pottier, Tony Gardner, Michael Clark, Studio Film Labs. Gus Holness, Third River, Duggie Myers, The Wedding of Lily Marlene; Arthur Crabtree, Southall        Studios, RCA Tower, Hammersmith. York Scarlet, George Burgess, Riverside, George pub. Everest Expedition, Powered Flight Countryman Films, 1953. Adrian de Pottier; Shell Film Unit, Stuart Legg, Peter Masefield, Peter  Brooks, Francis Rodker, Ken Bilton, Wendy Craig, John Hollingsworth, Malcolm Arnold, Alan Pendry; Michael Goodliffe; James Cameron, Film Centre, Australian Film Board. 1954 Queen’s Tour. Peter Finch, Ted Hunter, Stanley Hawes, The Queen in Australia; Baghdad, Iraq Petroleum Company. John Shearman [Interview No 23], Phil Law, Peter Kelly, John H Armstrong; Anvil; First Assistant, Arthur Askey, Ramsbottom Rides Again. Vi Burden. 1955, Beaconsfield, Frankie Vaughan, Shani Wallace, Barbara Emery, Michael Clarke, Billy Williams. Blackpool, Journey into Spring, Ralph Keen, Fully Fitted Freight, Under Night Streets.




Under Night Streets Ralph Keen, Jacques Brunius, Len Girdlestone, Holiday, John Taylor [Interview No 34], 16mm. Ian Ferguson, Chris Barber, Robert Shaw, nominated BAFTA, Travel Game, Tony Thompson, Hubert Gregg. Bert Hanstraa; 1958 Feature in Holland, Glas, one reel, 300 cuts.  Fanfare, in Dutch. The M.P. Case Ralph Keen, Julian Wintle, John Taylor, Winter Quarters Beaconsfield, River of Life, October Moth; Never Let Go, 1959 John Cruise, John Guillermin, Ken Annakin, Very Important Person Crooks Anonymous; The Fast Lady Peter Taylor, This Sporting Life, Night of the Eagle.




Sidney Hares, The Human Jungle, Herbert Lom, Tristram Cones, Unseen Enemies; John Arms trong . Underwater Search, Ron Bicker, 1964/5, Life of George V, Granada, Rome, Ken Annakin. 1966, The Biggest Bundle of them All, Panavision, Cinecitta;  MGM, Dave Hawkins; Holland, Everyman" Bert Hanstraa, Peter Brook, US; Geoff Shaftel, Bliss of Mrs.Blossom; Bert Luthwait, Shirley Maclaine, James Booth; Joe McGrath, Desmond Davies, A Nice Girl Like Me; Jim Clark, Marty Feldman, Say Hello to Yesterday.




Jean Simmons, Villain, Michael Tuckner, Running Scared, [DS1] David Hemmings, Gareth Williams, Ernie Day, Robert Powell, Helen McCray, Gail Hunnicut. 1971, The National Health, Carl Davis, Ned Sherrln, Jacob Gold.1974 All Creatures Great and Small; Every Home Should Have 0ne. David Suskind, Cecil Ford, The Likely Lads [film version], BAFTA. Edgar Anstey, Richard Causton. 1975; 195 Piccadilly, Sydney Samuelson [Interviews No 42, and 706], Harry Manley. l976 The New Avengers; Peter Tanner [Interview no 13], Johnny Goodman, Jim Goddard, BAFTA Award; 0ut; Loophole; Bray, David Corder, George Walker, Hadj. Douglas Gordon.




Craft Awards, BAFTA        Fox George    Fenton;  Parker, Danger  UXB.  Roy Ward Baker[Interview No 103],  The Flame Trees  of Thika; The Holcroft  Covenant.  Anne     Coates [Interview No 251]; John Frankenheimer,  Reilly, Ace of  Spies Martin  Camphill, Kennedy” .Jim Goddard; 1983 , Aida Young, Sandor Stern; Madonna, Sean Penn,  Shanghai Surprise         Home Box Office [HBO] , BAFTA award ReilIy…, [Phillip] Saville, Mandela;  New York, A Summer Story  Piers Haggard ,  1988. Chris Bird, Van der Valk , Stanley and the Women; Inspector Morse; France and Morocco,  Danny Farel, Kenneth Branagh .




All in the Game [TV mini-series]; 99 to 1; AVlD [editing software]; Heart attack; Roughnecks. Charles Elton, Sandy, Jack Higgins, Money ran out, Verity Lambert, Jack Gold, Heavy Weather; broke leg in Paddington Station; Morse: Daughters of Cain; TV techniques, changes in editing, disappointments..