Philip Gilbert

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19 Oct 2018
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Philip Gilbert was inspired to take a keen interest in broadcast television when, at the age of seven, he watched the television coverage of the Coronation in 1953. He managed to get a taste of working in a television studio when he helped out at ATV's London studios in his holidays. On leaving school, he was taken on by Granada TV as a trainee camera operator at their newly opened Studio 10 in the Kings Road, London. At Stuio 10 Philip worked on a variety of different shows including 'The Army Game' and 'Bootsie and Snudge'. He rose to No 3 camera operator before moving to the BBC  as a trainee floor manager/assistant producer. Philip Gilbert became assistant producer to Head of Events, Anthony Claxton - a role he would eventually succeed to after a spell in studio management at both the BBC and Central TV. As Head of Events at the BBC. Philip Gilbert was responsible for  for recording the Queen's Christmas Message and became the main person at the BBC to liaise with Buckingham Palace. He was in that position as Head of Events  in 1997 when the sad news that Princess Diana was killed in a car crash. You can listen to the incredible confusion that followed that terrible event in the week leading up to her funeral on 6th September.

One of the great shows that Philip Gilbert invented for the Nation, was 'One Man and his Dog' . He can hear how the programme was devised and reached our screens in the interview.