Peter Newbrook

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20 Feb 1995
17 Apr 1995
15 May 1995
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Interview notes

BEHP 0374 Filmography taken from BFI database in 1996.

All credits GB

1949 Melody Club. Photography

1952 Sound Barrier. Aerial photography

1953 Captain’s Paradise. Camera Operator

1957 Bridge over the River Kwai. Camera Operator

1962 Lawrence of Arabia. Second Unit photographer

1963 That kind of Girl. Photography

1963 Yellow Teddybears. Photography

1963 In the Cool of the Day. Photography

1964 Saturday Night Out. Photography

1964 Black Torment. Photography

1965 Gonks go Beat. Producer, Photography, author of original work

1965 Rig Move. [Documentary for BP, in Libya] Photography

1966 Sandwich Man. Producer, photography. [Covered in Side 10 of interview]

1966 Press for Time. Producer, photography. [shot at Beaconsfield; covered in Side 10]

1967 Corruption. Producer, photography. [shot at Isleworth; covered in Side 10]

1969 A Smashing bird I used to Know. Producer, photography. [Reel 5, side 10]

1970 Doctors wear Scarlet. Executive producer. [location in Cyprus]

1971 She’ll follow you anywhere. Producer, author of original work. [Breakup of original company – Titan closed]

1971 Crucible of Terror. Executive Producer, photography. [with Disc Jockey Mike Raven]

1972 Asphyx. Director.  [Last film with Freddie Francis; 35mm Todd-ao, quadrophonic sound. Discussed on side 11 of interview]

There was an interview with Peter Newbrook in Perfect Vision, v.6, no 21, Spring 1994, pp61-63.