Paul Wilson

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15 Oct 2001
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Interview with Paul Wilson no. 494 15 January, 2001.

Tape 1 side 1.

Born in London, Upper Tooting, November 15 1925, Beck School 1942 Matriculated. Uncle was a pioneer photographer, father was dramatic critic on Star. during war father reviewed films. evacuated to Sussex. joined Shepherds Bush studios, Bill Batchelor. 1942 "Man in Grey" etc. flat feet, Bevin boys. 1943 Navy photographic section course. special camera, Chick Waterson, Paul Beeson, back to Shepherds Bush 1948. camera department, Peter Hennessy, George Hill, Hours of work, £2.10.0 per week, "Miranda", £6.10.0 Lived near Balham, cycled to work, bought a car 1950’s, focus puller, Charlie Wheeler, J.Arthur Rank. Independent kame. Ostrer Brothers, studios closed, Ealing Studios, freelancing. Harry Waxman, Gil Taylor, Freddy

Francis. Arthur Ibbotson.


Side 2.

Dick Lester, operator, "Moby Dick" Gus Loman, two tanks, Madeira, Desmond Dickinson, "Superman", PAUSE , Derek Brown, Beatles film "Hard Day’s Night", "Help", "Superman" model unit, Derek Meddows, America, Nick Roeg, TV series, Albert Fennel, Commercial, American Commercials, Douglas Fairbanks., Brighton studios,           Daz, Bob Krasker, Herbie Smith, Effects, 1978, "Superman" Colour, Technicolor, Eastmancolor, "Moby Dick" Marshall Plan, Imperial War Museum, "Somewhere to Live", Kokachrome, Humphrey Jennings.

Tape 2, side 3.

Permanent Staff, Ealing,ABC,MGM, Pinewood, Denham, Shepperton, "Frenzy" Alfred Hitchcock,. Charles Chaplin, "Countess of Hongkong", "Superman", Roy Field, "Moonraker", Lewis Gilbert, "Superman 2", 1992, "Goldeneye", "Thunderbirds", Bond Films, Computors FX, Changes in Industry, ACTT, Charles Cooper.