Noreen Ackland (Best)

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Ackland (Best)
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16 Jun 1994
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Left school at 18 went to work for Kodak in offices. Called up to Army 1942 into Paycorp.The transferred to Army Kinema Services as assistant under Sergeant Tilly Day working alongside A A Englander and Freddie Young. Demobbed in 1946 went to Denham Labs as a Negative Cutter. Had previously joined the Union ACT in 1943. Then long career working as asst to Reginald Milsl on the films of Powell & Pressburger. On the Red Shoes as Assembly Cutter where Anne V Coates was also asst.For the Third Man film she edited the sewer sequence and was credited under her married name Noreen Best married to Richard Best (#8). Dubbing asst on The Malta Story. Asked by Michael Powell to edit her first film Peeping Tom in 1959 at £35 per week. To Television as Editor on the series The Prisoner. Appeared and edited a special on Michael Powell in 1992.