Nick Ardizzone

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13 May 1995
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BEHP 0355 S Nicholas Ardizzone synopsis

[These notes typed from Manny Yospa’s handwritten text, exactly as they appear]

Born 1939.Montgomery [?] Father artist. Stonyhurst, Oratory School. National Service, art school, 1960. Film industry. Michael Gray. Sierra Leone Embassy. Jerry Lewis cameraman. Assistant camera. New decade. Stanley Marks and freelance. Alan King. Focus Puller. 1960s Bill Brayne, Derek Lighterman. Charles Stuart. TV series. Studio experience. Operator commercials.

1970 Australia, easy going. Australian Broadcasting Commission. Government Film Unit. Freelance. Teaching at art schools. Film Australia. New Guinea independence film. Melbourne. Commercials. Sydney 1976.Britain 1978. Father died. Brother head of Film ILEA Television service. Tonight. Lecturer at London College of Printing. 1987/88 no work. Retrained as conservator of works of art. Documentary cameraman. Doctorate RSA. Improved by ACTT. Freelancers shop, secretary of shop. Australian union. Active camera section. Benefit film? TV. Secretary. Teaching. Chair of camera section 6 years. Rep for London Films division. E.C. 2 years. Merger, BECTU. Tim Potter. Function of grades. Documentaries.


Son of Edward Ardizzone