Mike Craig

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7 Mar 2000
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NB: this summary mainly covers names of people -often from the North of England – that Mike recalls working with and writing for.


Born Batley, Yorkshire, 1935. Schooling: Hanging Heaton Church of England School. Derek Harrison; Eastborough Dewsbury; Betty Boothroyd, Eddy Waring. 11 scholarship to Wheelwright Grammar School; Theatre. Mother a hairdresser; Carlton Dance Band run by father. Blackout. Dewsbury Empire, Albert Modley On with the Modley; Merry Arcadians; Happidrome; Doris, Up for The Cup; unhappy family life.

Dewsbury choir Moot Hall, Church pantomime, Mr Clerihugh; Joe Black, Harry Shiels, Harry Hanson, The Saxon Players; Richard Vernon, Garrard Green, Anthony Nelwey, Douglas Hayes, David Gordon; Bobby Howes, Robert Beatty; Marie Burke; Jimmy Handley, Dinah Sheridan; Dewsbury Empire, Dr Ferguson, Accountants, Batley Amateur Thespian Society; RAF at 18; Len Sinnot [?], Dance Band, Freckleton, Bonfire Burlesque.


Down Your Way; Paddy Garland; 1955 Back to accounts; Our Miss Gibbs £25 radio show 1953; Huntley & Palmers; son – Phil Craig; Variety Club, Batley; James Corrigan; Laurie Kingsley, Wilfred Pickles double act, 1964. Honor Blackman; Yorkshire Post; Jack Platt, Guisborough; Ray Fell, Colin Clewes; Alec Fine; TV; Freddie Davies; Golden Pilot Club; James Casey; Jeff Lawrence; Morecambe and Wise; Barbara Knox; Harry Worth; Eric Morecambe; Ernest Binns; David O’dea; Des O’Connor; ATV; Radio Tarbuck; Thames TV; Les Chatfield; 1976 Morecambe & Wise, producer; Bill Maynard; Al Read; writing comedy, North East accent; Bobby Thompson; David Hatch, producing.


Grumbleweeds/Fred Fibber, Bernie Clifton; Variety Club; Bob Oliver Rogers; The Winners; Bob Hoskins; Waiting for God; Rob Naylor and Doug Grant Red Dwarf; Ballard Berkeley; retirement, then recalled….