Ken Reeves

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16 Jul 2003
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Lived in New Malden Surrey. As  a child had 9.5 projector. Went to local Odeon cinema and asked for a job.1941 got job in Camera dept at Merton Park as general asistant . Joned ACTT union at once. Instructed in early animation techniques. Worked on training films for Army. In 1942 employed by Crown Film Unit at Denham Studios. Joined as clapper/loader. Crown moved to Pinewood. . All shot silent in B & W. Newman Sinclair and Vinten Cameras plus one Mitchell camera.Worked on many military documentaries. Worked on films with Humphrey Jennings. Very detailed anecdotes about the different films he worked on. Lilli Marlene was one. Ken was eventually called up for service. Returned to Crown after he was demobbed . Promoted to camera operator in 1947.  Filmed at Trooping the Colour of as Camera Operator in colour. Filmed the Brabazon aircraft at Bristol 1949 on its first flight. Filming in Nigeria with sound on film stock. Opened photgraphic shop in Harrow. Crown film unit had closed. Reeves now freelance. Became cameraman at DATA?. Filmed  Freddy Truman and Bobby Charlton as ex miners. For Mining Review. From mid 1950's onwards various documentaries. Working for Worldwide using a video camera. Worked in Falkland islands after the war with Argentina.Retired to do garden.