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31 Aug 2000
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Julie Harris from early days wanted to be an actress on stage. Attended private school and briefly went to the Chelsea Arts School. Won a Scholarship top dress designing College and was inspired to dress design after meeting the Actress Greta Gynt whilst at work. Joined the ATS in WW 11 and was injured by a bomb in the Cafe de Paris nightclub in London . Joined Gainsborough Studios after the war. Won a Costume Design Oscar for "Darling" . Her list of credits is extensive "The Wrong Box"  "Hard days Night" and "The Slipper and the Rose" to name a few. Did the costumes for a six part series on TV with Nigel Havers."The Perfect Hero". Julie Harris talks about censorship and sound problems with costumes. She thinks elegance is missing in modern films and comments she thought Julia Roberts wore the wrong clothes in "Notting Hill".

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