John M East (Baker)

John M
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East (Baker)
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4 Aug 1999
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Interview notes


[nb these notes – mostly a list of people mentioned, possibly more than once- were mainly transcribed by Manny Yospa from his own handwritten notes; The section for Side 4 was transcribed from Manny’s notes by me. DS]


Born West Norwood, London, September 10th 1931. Grace East, Grandfather John East, Father Henry Edwards. Chrissie White, Neptune Studios 1914. Grace 1920, pensioner of Cinema Trade Benevolent Fund at Glebelands. At 9 or 10 lived with Max Miller at Brighton; Mayor of Brighton; Educating Evans. Duke of Marlborough, John Marlborough East., Churchill, Charles East, Will Barker, Ealing, C T Brock, Invasion of England. Dr R T Juck, Percy Nash, stage Manager London Film Company. St Margaret’s Twickenham. Victor Mclagen, The House of Temperley. Ben Webster. The Fanatic. Christmas Carol. Henry Edwards, Charles Urban, Robin Hood. Little Lord Fauntleroy. Tucker. Harold Shaw. J Lennox Gilmour. 1913. Gerald Lawrence, Boreham Wood. Wellington. Artificial light studio with generator, Neptune Studios; Lancelot Speed; Bully Boy; F Morris Speed; Fenguelli; Georgio Ricci; Percy Nash blinded; Brian Daly. Ivy Lodge; Ben Webster; Gregory Scott Daisy Cordell; May Whitty; Douglas Payne; Max Reinhart; The Miracle; Enoch Arden; Gerald Lawrence; Little Minister; The Wellington; Queen Alexandra.


First World War. Power Cuts. Shortage of men and horses; 1915 Cecil King. Neptune closed. Clements Scott; Samuel Pendred; 1890s; Irving; Tyrone Power; Fred Power; Adora Clements-Scott; DuMauriers; Nellie East; Leah Marlborough; Sorrows of Satan; George H. Dudley; 1902, Cricks & Sharp, London Road, Mitcham; Oil illuminated lamps; Cricks & Martin; R.W.Paul, Muswell Hill; Madman’s Fate; 1906. Clarendon Studios; Lieutenant Rose; Williamson’s Studios; Brighton; Dave Ayot; Bert Wynne, John Henderson; Wild West; Winter Garden; Under Two Flags; London Film Company; The Manxman, Hall Caine. 1917. Henry Ainlie; Quota quickies; Clarendon Road; Leah Marlborough; 1868-1954. Fire at London Film Company. Twickenham 1919; Land of Mystery; Harold French; Basil Thomson; Bannister Mervyn;  Call of the Road; Sea Fury Mary Dibley; Kipps; Stranger left No Card; Dear Fool; Stoll; Famous Laski; Donald Crisp; The Bargain; Quality Films; George Cooper; John Stewart; Pat Mannock; Romany;  Irene Morgan; Owd Bob; Bert Ford. 1924. Sidney Jay – agent; Connie, secretary; Edward Chapman; Jack Buchanan.


See Nipples and Die; early 1950s; Empire Chatham, Paul Raymond, Terry Thomas, Ted Ray; 56/7 television; The Terror; Sean Connely [?]; Peter Cotes; Rough Justice; Peter Brook; Irma la Douce; Ronnie Barker; 1961; Archie Parnell; Tyrone Power; Devil’s Disciple; Linda Christian; Tyrone Power Archive; Trust; Abandon Ship; Julian Temple; Keith Richard; Red Skelton; Pickwick Papers; Monarch Films; E.J.Fancy; Ronald Adam; Border Films; New Realm; Frank Green; Shoot to Kill; Dermot Walsh; Michael Winner; Mr Frost; Radio 62; Daily Report; South Africa.


Leonard Bernstein; Linda Christian; Romina Power; Maureen Donaldson; Cary Grant; David Sullivan; Sex Business; The Playbirds; Private; Mary Millington; Come Play With Me; Publicist; The Playbirds; Alan Lake; Diana Dors; Star Sex; Queen of the Blues; Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair; Drugs overdose; Tape; Tigon Pictures;  Jay Jay; True Blue Confessions; Julie Lee; Emanuelle in Soho; Queen Kong 1982/3; Lady wrestlers; Peter Noble; Julie Lee.



Grandson of actor John M East (1860-1924)