Ian Rakoff

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30 Nov 1999
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Interview notes

BEHP 0462 Ian Rakoff

Notes on interview with Ian Rakoff. Interviewed by Alan Sapper, recorded by Manny Yospa, who took the notes.


Born South Africa, natural language Afrikaans. Ken Annakin, opponent of apartheid had to leave South Africa.

Chelsea; Soho; coffee bar; editing Humphries Film Laboratory; Trade Union weekend school at Hastings, 1962; BFI courses. Free Cinema Movement, Karel Reisz, Lindsay Anderson; Basic Films, Leon Clorel; Bert [?] shop steward Victor -; Sam Napier Bell, Simon Napier Bell, John Schlesinger, Terminus; Housing Problems; John Legard; Edgar Anstey Night Mail; John Shirley; Shepperton; Launder and Gilliat; Joey Boy; Roy Benson; Michael Winner, Bernard Gribble; You Must be Joking; Charles Schneer; broke leg in judo; Journey to the Moon; Ann Chegwidden; Dick Lester, Hard Day’s Night; Johnny Jimpson; Missed the White Bus; John Smith; MRM; Chris Sutton; The Prisoner, Pat McGoohan; Western; Stephen Frears;  The Burning; It; Lindsay Anderson; Shop steward; ulcer; writing; Nick Roeg; Si Litvinoff; Glastonbury Festival; Deliverance; Johnn Boorman; De  Lane Lea; Bob Altman; Tommy Thompson; Images.


Oh Lucky Man!; selling napalm to Africa; Julie Christie; Holland; Tony Stratton-Smith, Charisma Records; Flight of the Eagle 1980s; Sol Lomita; Hugh Hudson; Orion; 16,000 comics to V&A; Comic books; Gerry Robinson; American comic books; Radical film and TV; 1960s. Inside The Prisoner; Prisoner Society books; Report from  the Sex Factory; UBUNTO; Africa before the white man;

[Notes may not cover the full interview DS]