Harry Fowler

Harry Fowler
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7 Oct 2011
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HP0629 Harry Fowler  
Synopsis of Harry Fowler BECTU interview with David McGillivray. Notes by David Sharp 2011 [Interview is roughly chronological but jumps back and forth as things occur to HF. Also tends to be non-critical: lots of “he was a splendid fellow”]. CD1  Born Henry James Fowler 1926, brought up in Lambeth Walk by “Granny”. Talks about growing up in a poor but happy family. Anecdote about Wendell Wilkie, US presidential candidate visiting pub and being pick-pocketed. Talks about the “tallyman” (door-to-door instalment payment salesmen). Leaves school gets job on newspaper as a vendor, but wants to be a crime reporter Cinema-going; war; air-raids. Broadcasting House, interview on Radio, also refers to Edward Rigby, Formby (at Islington) Bevan Boy down mines; airforce, (typing) based at Bush House Harry Alan Towers; Diana Dors; George Brent CD2  She Shall Have Murder (Riverside) Estimates he has been in 200+  films   Peter Noble and Marianne Stone Love of Hollywood and character actors.- Oliver Twist. Stork Club; Amateur Night intro’d Ronnie Corbett Fire Maidens from Outer Space/Sydney Tafler/ Anthony Dexter (Valentino) Blue Peter (Kieron Moore/Don Sharp)-Singapore/ Run Run Shaw Lawrence of Arabia – Peter O’Toole/David Lean/  Flight to Seville via Madrid (plane caught fire) Spielberg’s favourite scene is the one HF is in. Young Indiana Jones (for TV) John Huston TV Prog: “April the 8th Show, Seven Days Early”. Goons/Sellers.TV Prog “The Melting Pot” “Start the Revolution Without me” Queen’s Elm pub, Chelsea. Love of Tennis.Talks about wife Kay, a designer, married in 1961.-Claude Raines, Brian Blessed, “Little World of Don Camillo”-Peter Hammond CD3 Army Game/Mario Fabrizi- Ken Annakin Crooks Anonymous – Julie Christie Jackanory/MBE/ Kenny Lynch “Get This”/ James Villiers Sir Henry at Rawlinson’s End Brief discussion about possibly moving from Chelsea CD4  Patrick Magee Elkan Allen “Don’t Say a Word” (4 years) Dr Who/ Simon Williams/Hugh Lloyd Stand-ins: Frank Howard; Robert Shaw and Sean Lynch’s father. More or less retired since 2004 apart from celebrity auctions and nostalgia shows as interviewee. Witzend Productions; “Dead Ernest” Views on “Dad’s Army” Edward Judd, Gerald Campion Voiceover work. PG Tips adverts.  His collecting passion: film books Picturegoer, Picture Show.