Graham Murray

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3 Jul 2010
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Graham Murray
Graham Murray
Graham Murray

Born in 1930 in Liverpool. Father liked silent movies especially Chaplin . Went to cinema with family as boy. Had a magic lantern at age of 6. Home was gaslight so projector ran off battery. School teacher had a 9.5 mm projector and camera Filmed school events. 1937. Listened to declaration of war on radio.Went to cinema during wartime of which there were many. Went to Liverpool Institute Secondary  school alumni were Arthur Askey and Paul McCartney. First job with Police as cadet in CID. National Service RAF after war. Did magic shows in church halls. Tried as professional magician.Made first film about Liverpool Docks as amateur on 9.5 mm. Processed  films in a tank at home. Job at Liverpool University as technician in lab. Describes the method in detail. First in colour of Isle of Man. Upgraded to 16mm Bolex.  Interviewed BBC Manchester as assistant cameraman  by Norman Swallow. Interviewed for COI job in London started in 1959 married and moved to London. Started in Film library. First film worked on 20th anniversary of Battle of Britain. Then The Valiant Years the BBC produced as researcher. Talks about Leslie Halliwell. Joined Granada TV interviewed by Sydney Bernstein to work with Leslie Halliwell in buying of films. Murray with clapperboard and lacing projector and showing film.

School days as learning piano and teacher who had 35mm projector..Graham Murray continues with career in Granada programmes worked on etc Recounts time at Granada when the ITV franchises changed.Travels in Africa filming on a 9.5mm camera for material. mentions how the programme Clapperboard got its name and also its production. When colour came to ITV Granada movie clips were from 16mm copies.There until retirement.After retirement he relates about continuing making amateur films using 9.5mm film combined with computer editing.