Gordon Hales

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8 Jun 1989
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Born Watton in Norfolk, Ipswich Preparatory School as a child never allowed to go to Cinema in Lent.. First film seen Rin Tin Tin.Started a film society in 1936 16 mm. GPO film unit 1938. Junior assistant general duties. Crown Film Unit during war as conscientious objector. Denham in 1940 making propaganda films.Target for Tonight 1941.Moved to Pinewood. First assistant on Henry V 1944 Laurence Olivier Two Cities Films. Gordon Hales talks in depth about this film. First feature film as Film Editor The Seventh Veil Sydney Box Productions. Betty Box Dear Murderer, When the Bough Breaks, Huggetts Family Series. Hales went Freelance 1948 at Pinewoood. Twickwenham Studios 1950 So Long at the Fair. Another Man's Poison. First Director jobs in shorts and commercials 1950's.