Gerry Anstiss

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1 Sep 1993
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298    GERRY ANSTISS           Synopsis

Born 1928, Hampstead. 

Talented scholar – RAM. Holloway County High School. 1939, leader of junior symphony orchestra. 

Rock Studios – apprenticeship, 6 months each section.

Jimmy Wilson chief cameraman.

Called up November 1945, Royal West Kent Regiment. Demobbbed May 1948.

ABPC (Associated British Picture Corporation) Welwyn Garden City.

Clapper boy – Otto Heller. Cavalcanti.

ABPC to Elstree.

Dancing years – first foreign location. Stephen Day. Norman Warwick. Harry King – sound. Vic films – Joe Janni. Mario Martelli, assistant in Italy.

Interview with Freddie Young at MGM – Ivanhoe. The Hour Of  13.

Tommy Howard – worked in Special Effects department. Fed up. Offered job at Pinewood – split team camera. George Ashworth, Vic Margutti, Roy Field.

Back on floor as clapper, then focus puller, with Jack Atcheler. Met Harry Waxman, Geoff Unsworth, Chris Challis, John Alcott.


298    GERRY ANSTISS          Synopsis

Campbells’s Kingdon, Hell Drivers, A Tale Of Two Cities, North West Frontier. J Lee Thompson. Most encouragement from Harry Waxman. 

Roy and John Boulting – given first job as operator. Charter Films, British Lion, Elstree – 16 years. Worked on Hornblower at Denham – Harry Waxman camera.

Most impressed with Roy Boulting as director. John Schlesinger.

Cameras – Debrie, Vinten H and Everest. BMC – Newall. Technicolor – Arriflex. Panavision – Mitchell.

Michael Winner. Dick Donner – director.

Favourite pictures: Yanks – Dick Bush, Schlesinger. 

Worked with Gil Taylor for five years.  

Merton Park  - AT Dinsdale [??] early days after War.

Last picture with Harry W: [Digby] The Biggest Dog In The World.

Worked with: Robert Taylor, Gregory Peck, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Victor Mature.