Ena Baga

Ena Baga
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28 Jan 1990
7 Mar 1990
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Sister of Florence De Jong. Ena Baga  was born in Islington November 1906 and went to a convent at St John's Duncan terrace. She was born after three sisters Celeste Beatrice and Florence and after nine years her mother  used to say it was the milkman because she was the only one that had dark brown hair .At  Southend she played the organ at the Palace Hotel she played at the Rivoli and on the pier. Next to the  Tivoli in the Strand sometimes royalty were upstairs in the circle. Edward & Miss Simpson  Noel Coward came down in his dressing gown with the cigarette holder. She accompanied him with an excerpt from Private Lives  Someday I'll find you. At Balmoral she played for King George VI. Lord Mountbatten was living in Park Lane and she played for him and his guest the King of Spain. Her last permanent job was Camden Town beautiful cinema like the Roxy New York.She played in an organ shop in Chiswick. It was called The Sound of Music where she was a teacher and demonstrator.