Dudley Lovell

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7 Jan 1990
6 Feb 1990
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Shepherds Bush Studios as film loader at 16. Assistant Cameraman. Films Yank at Oxford at Pinewood. Worked with Hitchcock has amusing stories of him.Gaumont British when WW2 broke out.Joined TA in 1939. Anti Aircraft battery in war. Joined secret radar crew and ended as Instructor. Back to Shepherds Bush after war as camera asst. First film the Wicked Lady. To Islington studios from Gainsborough pemanently.Pinewood as Camera operator. Until 1949. Left industry for while .Then freelance in 1945 Worked for Carnegie Films. In 1950's for Warwick Films. Cockleshell Heroes, Battle of Britain , Zulu and Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines. Dudley Lovell explores in some detail about everyday work and problems on set on the many pictures he worked on.Commercials in 1968. Documentaries from 1977 to 1987. Also with Anglia TV as cameraman for news programmes on videotape. Dudley Lovell talks about the ACTT union dealings at the end.