Diana Parry

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13 Aug 2003
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Stage struck as a child. Grandfather worked with Sarah Bernhardt.  First job in PR . Became secretary to Ken Butson a theatrical emprasarrio. Worked as Production Secretary. Helped Mae West as her secretary. Helped Ivor Novello & Noel Coward..Worked for US government in France on the Marshall Plan from 1951-1953. Flat in Paris. Modelled for Vogue in Paris. Job with Assciated Rediffusion as PA.  All shows were live . Sickness relief as Casting Director. Mentored by Stella Richman of AR.  Transferred to London Weekend Television on increased salary as Casting Director.  

Diana Parry talking about productions .Difficulties with accents.We'll Meet Again casting difficulty. Talks of TV series Bouquet Barbed Wire amongst others. Relates minimal management of series. Compares Casting Today (2003) re repeat actor casting.. Introduction of video brought problems with show reels. Talks about Lindsay Anderson working. Worked with Alan Bennett on series. Talks of working with Agents..