Bobbie Reisel

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3 Aug 2001

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Notes on interview with Bobby Reisel no.505, 3’dAugust, 2001. Tape 1, side 1

Met husband Oscar in 1974 at a charity function/ She was singer in night club. “Journey to England”. Lucky Perrera, Sri Lanka, cinema mananger, large age gap, death 23 years later, travelogues on holiday, son Nicholas 1978, David Percy, cinema short “Discomania”, professional actors, shown on circuit, half hour, colour, l6mm, “Excess Baggage” silent slapstick, won competitions. Club in Paris, “Change of Heart”, Finchley Cine Society, 10 best trophy, filming in hospital, edited himself, Daily Mail Ski Show, “Ski Mania”, cookery, boating, 1990, Majorca,1991, Radio Taxis 1992. Oscar refugee from Vienna, 1938, parents divorced, orphanage, at 14 came to London, hostel etc., back to Vienna 1950. Hapsburg Empress “The Last Journey” Arles, Writers Circle, Robin Muckerjee, “Temptation” won awards, BAVA, Bafta, “American Dream,” “Camcorder User”, 1994 sold his club, new car, Mercedes car rally, 1995, P.I.Crook artist, Pam, Cheltenham, Tony Lawrence, “Clouds” “Last Supper”, Lymington, won prizes, Chuck Jager, Rickmansworth Players, “42‘d Street”, Videos, Union problem, stayed amateur, Barbados etc., Travelogues, Barcelona, 1998 Walter Halinger, Vienna, Israel, filmed reunion.

Side 2:

1938 Oscar at 4 not with family in orphanage, school, Brighton during War. Many jobs, drumming, gigs, son a drummer, Kurt Eichner, started dances early 50’s, Club Vienna, Oxford Street, Club Concord, 60s. 30 years Leicester Square, club closed 1996. 1952 film career, “Blind Faith”, Ellen Bleueth, Anne Frank, John Collin “Vienna Today,” “Shapes in Plaster”, 34 making films 3 years,”Out of Harmony” 1960, 3 musicians playing concert, National Film Theatre, Fitzpatrick, contractors, 8mm user, Kensington Film Club, Finchley Film Society, Coldshield.


Married to Oscar Reisel