Bob Jordan

Bob Jordan
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20 Jun 2006
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Bob Jordan
Bob Jordan
Bob Jordan

Bob Jordan gives a very in depth interview with many anecdotes of on set working. A very long explanation in to the art of focus pulling. Bob being non academic was introduced  in to the film industry by his father a bookmaker. Started at Pathe News and the to Danzigers the original Robin Hood as a trainee focus puller. One of his early efforts was out of focus. At Hammer films he worked on many films with Peter Cushing and Christoper Lee. As a camera operator he talks about techniques on film sets. On camera stars like Judy Geeson and Joan Collins were firm favourites. Directors he worked with Alfred Hitchcock briefly on the film "Frenzy" amd Michael Winner who he says was very challenging.Nice anecdotes about David Niven, Nigel Davenport and Burt Lancaster. Although regarded as a fill in job Bob did commercials which as he recounts were very well paid. Mentions a Sherry commercial with Orson Welles as the actor and Freddy Young as the Cameraman! Film School he says can only get you so far and that there is no substitute for experience.As a focus puller he was uncredited for many films unlike his camera operator work where he was.