Alan Izod

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11 Jun 1988
19 Jan 1989
29 Jan 1989
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Lived in Australia  for formative years moved back to UK and joined Q Studios Marylebone as trainee. Gaumont British Instructional films as asst Director Documentaries Cleveland Street at £5 pw. Dallas Bower and Paul Rotha associates..Editor at Educational General Services 1936 .Worked on naval Films Dinah Sheridan in one.Moved to British Council . 1941 Naval Film Unit making B & W documentaries on Navy. Absorbed into Navy worked alongside John Paddy Carstairs. Joined COI after leaving Navy working on colonial films. Formed Central African Film Unit as Producer 1948 16 mm Documentaries.At this time the interviewer Stephen Peet worked for him until 1956. Louis Nell worked as Cameraman. Working as a colonial making films about Africa from base at Salisbury Rhodesia amongst others Wives of Nendi.1964 stopped film work went to London as Information Officer Was there at Rhodesia UDI . Returned to Rhodesia . To Australia as publisher of school books. Last section 5 is a recap of questions.