Abel Goodman

Abel Goodman
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17 Mar 1992
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Born 1931 on General Election day in Birmingham. Moved to Bournemouth at age of 3. First film he saw was Wuthering Heights which frightened him as a small child. The Way Ahead he remembers as one of the many other films he saw. In the film In Which We Serve he thought Noel Coward a ham. The first company Abel Goodman worked for was Cinechrome in Bournemouth, he talks about its setup up and operation. He was a member of the Bournemouth Film Society and then did his National Service in the army. In 1952 he joined Technicolour as Assistant Assembly Editor working with the three matrices. This was suggested as a way to get a union ticket. Then to Elstree as an assistant doing rubber numbering, this was also where Nic Roeg was the Focus Puller. Then to the Film Producers Guild with Green Park in 1954. In November of that year he started working at Merton Park Studios on documentaries. Left Merton Park to Future Productions - an offshoot of Associated Rediffusion working on technical & scientific films. In 1963 he started working in Bond Street on commercials and worked with many famous film directors who did commercials at the time (Ken Russell, Joseph Losey, Philip Saville). Started directing in 1961 inserts for commercials at Garretts and he was appointed Shop Steward at ACTT. Briefly out of work for family reasons 1973 and then worked in Holland until 1978. Worked for Worldwide, Millbank and Moving Picture Company. 1990's moved to video tape.hE was second unit director on The Far Pavilions which was produced by Goldcrest in 1984 (TV series from the book by MM Kaye, starred Omar Sharif and Christopher Lee)