Index of Interviews

Interview Title Forename/s Surname Work area/craft/role Industry
340 Jan Zilliacus Jan Zilliacus Historian (silent cinema) Film
368 Aida Young (nee Cohen) Aida Young (nee Cohen) Producer, Director Film, TV
4 Freddie Young Freddie Young DoP, Cinematographer Film, TV
645 Cy Young Cy Young Researcher, Film Editor Film, TV
256 Colin Young Colin Young Education Film
347 Emmanuel (Manny) Yospa Emmanuel (Manny) Yospa Sound Film, TV
55 Paula Wright (Springall) Paula Wright (Springall) Crowd Artist Film
123 Jimmy Wright Jimmy Wright documentary, Producer, Camera Film, TV
712 Neville Wortman Neville Wortman
365 Frank Worth Frank Worth Director Film
51 Adrian (Andy) Worker Adrian (Andy) Worker Accountant, Producer, Studio Manager
445 Arthur Wooster Arthur Wooster DoP Film, TV
238 John Woolf John Woolf Producer, Financier Film, TV
619 Nigel Wooland (with Barry Quinton) Nigel Wooland Exhibition, Projection Film
620 Nigel Wooland Nigel Wooland Exhibition, Projection Film
6 Kitty Wood (Morrison) Kitty Wood (Morrison) documentary, Editor, Continuity Film
562 Ean Wood Ean Wood Features, non-fiction, Director, Writer, Editor Film
594 Googie Withers (with John McCallum) Googie Withers Actor Film, Theatre, TV
93 Joan Winter/Oldfield (with Daphne Shadwell, Hazel Allen and Sheila Shadwell) Joan Winter (Oldfield) Actor TV
198 Syd Wilson Syd Wilson Laboratory, Technician, Manager Film
204 Dennis Main Wilson Dennis Main Wilson Producer TV
205 Donald Wilson Donald Wilson Writer, Producer Film, TV
611 Alfred Wilson Alfred Wilson Dubbing Editor Film, TV
494 Paul Wilson Paul Wilson Camera Film, TV
561 David Wilson David Wilson Film Editor, Post Production Manager TV
520 Betty Willingale Betty Willingale Script Editor, Producer TV
226 Billy Williams Billy Williams DoP Film
295 L P (Bill) Williams L P (Bill) Williams Art Director Film
175 Sam Williams Sam Williams Laboratory, Union
516 Derek Williams Derek Williams documentary, Director, Camera Film
213 Stephen Williams Stephen Williams Producer Radio
318 Edward Williams Edward Williams documentary, Composer Film
536 Bert Wilkins Bert Wilkins documentary, Director, Editor, Camera (3-D & 'Scope) Film
515 John Wiles John Wiles Director, Camera Film
160 Charles Wilder Charles Wilder Production Accountant Film
668 Bill Whittemore Bill Whittemore Production, Publicity, Music, Animation, documentary, Drama, Laboratories Film
607 Jim Whittell Jim Whittell Executive Film
592 Christine Whittaker Christine Whittaker documentary, Researcher, Producer TV
426 Ronnie Whitehouse Ronnie Whitehouse Camera, Writer, Director Film
415 empty - Leonard White - cancelled Leonard White
385 Sheila Whitaker Sheila Whitaker Exhibition Film, TV
259 Leslie J Wheeler Leslie J Wheeler Engineer, Executive Film, TV
330 Charles Wheeler Charles Wheeler Current Affairs, Foreign Correspondent, Presenter TV
294 Bill Welch (with Maurice Askew) Bill Welch Design, Props
457 Molly Weir Molly Weir Actor Film, Radio, TV
713 Gerry Weinbren Gerald Weinbren documentary, Director, Camera Film, TV
332 Gerry Weinbren Gerry Weinbren documentary, Director Film, TV
583 Mark Webber Mark Webber Avant Garde, Distributor Film
691 Margaret Watt Margaret Watt
452 Paul Watson Paul Watson documentary, Producer TV
646 John V Watson John V Watson Exhibition Film
159 Molly Watkins Molly Watkins
320 David Watkin David Watkin Camera, DoP Film
534 Ian Warren Ian Warren Producer, Distributor Film
103 Roy Ward Baker Roy Ward Baker Director Film
396 Bill Ward Bill Ward Producer TV
258 Stanley Warbey Stanley Warbey Laboratory, Union Film
466 Gus Walker Gus Walker Design Film
278 Gus Walker Gus Walker Construction Manager, Design. Film
219 Bernard Vorhaus Bernard Vorhaus Director, Writer Film
97 William R Vicker William R Vicker Engineer
569 Yvette Vanson Yvette Vanson documentary, Producer, Director TV
484 Ronnie Udell Ronnie Udell Design, Construction Manager Film
79 Allan Tyrer Allan Tyrer Film Editor TV
348 Ann Turner Ann Turner Director, Producer Film, TV
421 John Turner John Turner Newsreel, Camera; production manager, Producer Film
281 Alice (Queenie) Turner Alice (Queenie) Turner Laboratory, Assembly Film
547 Mike Turk Mike Turk Boatmaster Film
113 A A "Alf" Tunwell A A "Alf" Tunwell Newsreel, Cinemagazine, Camera Film
241 John Trumper John Trumper Editor Film, TV
697 Kennith Trodd Kennith Trodd
640 Edna Traill (nee Owen) Edna Traill (nee Owen) Executive Assistant TV
609 Norman Tozer Norman Tozer Actor, Producer
197 Wendy Toye Wendy Toye Director, Writer, Actor, Dancer Film, Theatre, TV
613 Ray Townsend Ray Townsend Executive, Editor, Director Film
608 Harry Alan Towers Harry Alan Towers Producer Film
436 Bernard Tonks Bernard Tonks Exhibition, Projectionist Film
169 Fred Tomlin Fred Tomlin Sound, Boom Operator Film
486 Rose Tobias-Shaw (nee Tobias) Rose Tobias-Shaw (nee Tobias) Casting Film, Radio, TV
677 Derek Threadgall Derek Threadgall Studio Manager Film, TV
359 Derek Threadgall Derek Threadgall Public Relations Film
99 Margaret Thomson Margaret Thomson documentary, Director Film
502 Bob Thompson Bob Thompson
237 Graham Thompson Graham Thompson Newsreel, Camera Film, TV
469 Colin Thomas Colin Thomas documentary, Drama Doc, Animation, Director TV
181 Nancy Thomas Nancy Thomas Secretary, Programme Planner, Producer Radio, TV
350 Cyril (Cid) Thawley Cyril (Cid) Thawley Union (NATKE), Studio construction Film
700 Brian Tesler Brian Tesler Production, management TV
378 William Temple William Temple Projectionist Film
499 Brian Taylor Brian Taylor Producer, Director Film, TV
34 John Taylor John Taylor documentary, Director, Writer, Camera Film
13 Peter Tanner Peter Tanner Editor Film, TV
578 Diane Tammes Diane Tammes documentary, Camera, Director, Producer Film, TV
127 Norman Swallow Norman Swallow documentary, Current Affairs, Producer, Director Film, TV
239 Shaun Sutton Shaun Sutton Producer, Director, Writer, Actor Theatre, TV
17 Reg Sutton Reg Sutton Sound
66 Wolfgang Suschitzky Wolfgang Suschitzky DoP, Camera Film, TV
503 Jeremy Summers Jeremy Summers Director Film, TV
483 Molly Sugden Molly Sugden Actor Theatre, TV
293 Peter Stroud Peter Stroud Projectionist Film
670 Chris Strachan Chris Strachan Executive Film
108 Hugh Stewart Hugh Stewart Producer, Editor Film
133 Ernest Steward Ernest Steward DoP Film, TV
550 Brian Stevens Brian Stevens Animation, Animator Film
623 David Stevens David Stevens documentary, Writer, Producer Film
354 Dawn Stanford Dawn Stanford documentary, Library Film
430 Bill Stallion Bill Stallion Art Department; storyboard Film, TV
506 Roly Stafford Roly Stafford documentary, Producer, Camera, Art Department Film, TV
408 Julian Spiro Julian Spiro Director, Writer, Producer Film
211 Adele Spencer (nee Reynolds) Adele Spencer (nee Reynolds) Continuity Film
263 John Spencer John Spencer documentary, Commercials, Director Film, TV
453 Norman Spencer Norman Spencer Production Manager Film
212 Ronald Spencer Ronald Spencer Director, Writer Film
167 Johnny Speight Johnny Speight Writer Radio, TV
497 Martin Smith Martin Smith Producer, Director, Editor, Writer Film, TV
473 Anthony Smith Anthony Smith Producer, Academic TV
574 John S Smith John S Smith Editor, Director TV
352 George Ivan Smith George Ivan Smith Producer TV
271 Charles Smith Charles Smith Camera (3-D & 'Scope) Film
407 E M (Michael) Smedley Aston E M (Michael) Smedley Aston Producer, Director, Production Manager Film
344 Graham Smart Graham Smart documentary, Producer, Director Film, TV
554 Tony Sloman Tony Sloman Director, Editor, Producer Film
68 Douglas Slocombe Douglas Slocombe DoP Film
324 John R Sloan John R Sloan Producer
395 Dick Slade Dick Slade Studio Manager, Projectionist Film
663 Joyce Skinner Joyce Skinner Amateur filmmaker Film
297 Lois Singer Lois Singer Producer Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
309 Aubrey Singer Aubrey Singer Editor, Producer, Executive Film, Radio, TV
19 Adolph Simon Adolph Simon Newsreel, Stills, Camera, Sound Film
420 Anthony Simmons Anthony Simmons Director, Writer Film, TV
301 John Shirley John Shirley Editor Film
544 Helen Shingler (with Seafield Head) Helen Shingler Producer / Actor Film
470 James (Jimmy) Shields James (Jimmy) Shields Sound Editor Film, TV
170 Brian Shemmings Brian Shemmings Union (ACTT) Film
439 Ralph Sheldon Ralph Sheldon Dubbing Editor Film, TV
23 John Shearman John Shearman documentary, Producer Film
514 Alfred Shaughnessy Alfred Shaughnessy Writer, Producer, Director Film, TV
304 Don Sharp Don Sharp Director, Writer Film, TV
194 Daphne Shadwell Daphne Shadwell Director, Producer Radio, TV
93 Sheila Shadwell (with Daphne Shadwell, Joan Winter/Oldfield and Hazel Allen) Sheila Shadwell TV
93 Daphne Shadwell (with Joan Winter/Oldfield, Hazel Allen and Sheila Shadwell) Daphne Shadwell Producer TV
329 Vernon Sewell Vernon Sewell Director, Writer, Sound Engineer Film
96 Henry Seward Henry Seward Laboratory, Technician Film
191 Maxwell Setton Maxwell Setton Legal Adviser, Producer, Executive Film
37 Francis Searle Francis Searle Director, Producer, Writer Film
532 Peter Graham Scott Peter Graham Scott Writer, Producer, Director, Editor Film, TV
631 James Scott James Scott independent cinema, Artist Film
38 Elaine Schreyeck Elaine Schreyeck Continuity, Script Supervisor Film
652 Walter Schneiderman Walter (Wally) Schneiderman Make-up Film, TV
322 John Schlesinger John Schlesinger Director Film, Theatre, TV
242 Stanley W Sayer Stanley W Sayer Laboratory, Visual Effects, Camera Film
43 Peter Sargent Peter Sargent Camera Film, TV
150 Alan Sapper Alan Sapper Union (ACTT/BECTU)
577 Jimmy Sangster Jimmy Sangster Assistant Director, Production Manager, Screenwriter, Director Film, TV
42 Sydney Samuelson Sydney Samuelson Executive, Camera Film, TV
218 David Samuelson David Samuelson Camera, Lighting Film
409 Max Sammett Max Sammett Camera Film, TV
11 Winston (Wyn) Ryder Winston (Wyn) Ryder Sound Film
61 Len Runkel Len Runkel Laboratory, Union (ACTT), Technician Film
641 Ken Rowles Ken Rowles Editor, Producer Film, TV
674 Simon Rose Simon Rose Editor, Director, Projectionist, documentary, Drama, corporate TV
209 Norman Roper Norman Roper Newsreel, Editor Film
14 Alfred Roome Alfred Roome Editor Film
54 Jack Rockett Jack Rockett Exhibition, Theatre Manager, Executive
431 David Robson David Robson Projectionist, Telecine Operator Film, TV
334 David Robinson David Robinson Critic, Historian, Director Film
575 Doug Robinson Doug Robinson Actor, stuntman Film, Theatre, TV
210 Cliff(ord) Robinson Cliff(ord) Robinson Designer, Art Director Film, TV
75 Ken Roberts Ken Roberts Union (ACTT) Film, TV
579 Robert Rietti Robert Rietti Actor, Producer, Dubbing Expert Film
493 Jocelyn Rickards Jocelyn Rickards Costume Designer Film
405 Theo Richmond Theo Richmond Director, Producer Film, TV
437 Geoff Richman Geoff Richman documentary, Director, Producer, Writer Film, TV
437 Marie Richman Marie Richman documentary, Director, Producer, Writer Film, TV
546 Simon Relph Simon Relph Director, Producer Film
124 Michael Relph Michael Relph Producer, Set Design Film
193 Karel Reisz Karel Reisz Director, Editor Film, TV
505 Bobbie Reisel Bobbie Reisel
524 Ken Reeves Ken Reeves Camera Film
249 Sheelagh Rees Sheelagh Rees Production Assistant, Director TV
146 John Read John Read Arts Documentaries, Producer, Director TV
695 Bill Rawcliffe Bill Rawcliffe Sound Engineer TV
510 Esther Rantzen Esther Rantzen Presenter, Producer TV
614 Peter Rankin Peter Rankin Actor, Producer Film, Theatre
201 June Randall June Randall Continuity, Script Supervisor Film
462 Ian Rakoff Ian Rakoff Sound Editor Film, TV
232 Raymond Raikes Raymond Raikes Producer, Director, Actor Film, Radio
619 Barry Quinton (with Nigel Wooland) Barry Quinton Exhibition, Projection, Union (NATTKE) Film
621 Barry Quinton Barry Quinton Exhibition, Projectionist, Union (NATTKE) Film
600 David Puttnam David Puttnam Producer Film
648 Richard (Dick) Pull Richard (Dick) Pull documentary, advertising, Editor TV
138 Fred Pugh Fred Pugh Laboratory, Technician Film
605 Richard Pryke Richard Pryke Sound
679 David Prowse David Prowse Actor Film, TV
27 Peter Proud Peter Proud Art Director, Producer, Production Designer Film, TV
88 David Prosser David Prosser Union (ACTT), Camera, Producer TV
314 Allan Prior Allan Prior Writer TV
543 George (Nosher) Powell George (Nosher) Powell Actor Film, TV
321 Harry Pottle Harry Pottle Producer, Designer Film, TV
90 Charles Potter Charles Potter Distribution, Publicist Film
412 Vincent Porter Vincent Porter documentary, Writer, Academic Film, TV
135 Jim Pople Jim Pople Director, Producer, Editor TV
222 Peter Plouviez Peter Plouviez Union (Equity)
688 Tony Pierce-Roberts Tony Pierce-Roberts Cinematographer Film, TV
252 Tina Peters (nee Corder) Tina Peters (nee Corder) Production Manager Film
122 C M (Cyril) Pennington-Richards C M (Cyril) Pennington-Richards Director, Producer, Camera Film
404 Roy Pembrooke Roy Pembrooke Property Master Film, TV
163 Stephen Peet Stephen Peet documentary, Producer, Director Film, TV
521 Arthur Pedlar Arthur Pedlar Circus Clown
597 Evan Pearson Evan Pearson Fiction, documentary, Commercials, Director
39 Tom Peacock Tom Peacock Plasterer Film
599 Muriel Pavlow Muriel Pavlow Actor Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
604 Ray Pascoe Ray Pascoe Projectionist Film
525 Diana Parry Diana Parry Casting
44 Roy Parkinson Roy Parkinson Production Manager Film
596 Tony Palmer Tony Palmer Editor
635 Barry Palin Barry Palin Producer Film
389 Cyril Page Cyril Page Camera (news and other) Film, TV
716 Carol Owens Carol Owens Film Editor, Manager-Metadata Innovation TV
637 Trevor Owen Trevor Owen Producer, Director Film
612 Nigel Ostrer Nigel Ostrer Film
266 Les Ostinelli Les Ostinelli Camera, Laboratory Technical Adviser Film, TV
244 Michael Orrom Michael Orrom Director, Writer, Producer, Camera Film, TV
614 Mary Orrom Mary Orrom documentary, Writer, Producer Film
257 Paddy O'Gorman Paddy O'Gorman Union (ACTT), Laboratory Film
708 Rebecca O'Brien Rebecca O'Brien Producer Film, TV
627 Terence (Terry) Nunn Terence (Terry) Nunn Independent film, Director, Writer Film
634 Keith J Nunn Keith Nunn Exhibition, Projection, Cinema Manager Film
126 Leslie Norman Leslie Norman Director, Editor Film, TV
178 Ronnie Noble Ronnie Noble news, Current Affairs, Camera, Producer, Wimbledon Tennis Press officer Film, TV
109 A W (Nick) Nicholls A W (Nick) Nicholls documentary, Director, Producer Film
305 Ted (Robert Edward) Newman Ted (Robert Edward) Newman Exhibition, Projectionist Film
145 Sydney Newman Sydney Newman Producer Film, TV
441 Rafe Newhouse Rafe Newhouse Editor, Writer Film, TV
374 Peter Newbrook Peter Newbrook Camera, Producer Film, TV
538 Richard Need Richard Need documentary, Producer, Writer, Editor, Director
217 Ronald Neame Ronald Neame DoP, Producer, Director Film
434 Bob Narduzzo Bob Narduzzo Projectionist, Laboratory Technician Film
602 Vincent (Vince) Narduzzo Vincent (Vince) Narduzzo Special Effects, Colourist Film, TV
94 Harold Myers Harold Myers Critic Film
433 Peter Musgrave Peter Musgrave Sound Editor Film, TV
598 Graham Murray Graham Murray Producer, Researcher TV
684 Pete Murray Peter Murray Disc Jockey (DJ), TV Presenter, Radio Presenter, Actor Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
565 Brian Murphy Brian Murphy Actor Film, TV
572 Laura Mulvey Laura Mulvey documentary, Director, Producer Film
707 Peter Mullins Peter Mullins
460 Geoff Mulligan Geoff Mulligan advertising, Training, documentary, Camera Film, TV
296 Ray (Ramon) Morse Ray (Ramon) Morse Designer, Model maker Film, Theatre
647 Richard Morse Richard Morse Editor, Producer Film, TV
9 Oswald (Ossie) Morris Oswald (Ossie) Morris DoP Film
689 Oswald Morris Oswald Morris
166 Peter Morley Peter Morley documentary, Producer, Director, Writer Film, TV
157 Royston Morley Royston Morley Producer, Director, Writer Film, TV
265 Diana Morgan Diana Morgan Script Writer, Actress Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
587 Christopher Morahan Christopher Morahan Director Film, Theatre, TV
702 Dave Moody Dave Moody
377 Ron Moody Ron Moody Actor Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
176 Cynthia Moody Cynthia Moody Editor Film
118 Ivor Montagu Ivor Montagu Director, Writer, Editor, Union (ACT/ACTT) Film
370 Peter Montagnon Peter Montagnon Producer, Director Film, Radio, TV
254 John Monck (Goldman) John Monck (Goldman) Producer, Director, Editor Film
446 Norman Mitchell Norman Mitchell Actor Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
141 Andrew Mitchell Andrew Mitchell Executive Film
120 Denis Mitchell Denis Mitchell documentary, Director Film, TV
492 Edward Mirzoeff Edward Mirzoeff Producer TV
422 empty - Duncan Minshull - cancelled Duncan Minshull
392 Steve Minchin Steve Minchin Producer, Director Film, TV
701 Dick Mills Dick Mills Sound Design Radio, TV
401 John Mills John Mills Actor, Producer, Director Film
20 Harry Miller Harry Miller Sound, Sound Editor Film, Theatre
464 Arnold Louis Miller Arnold Louis Miller Director. Producer Film
662 Roger Miles Roger Miles documentary, Archive features, Producer, Researcher, Radio Presenter Film, Radio, TV
351 Christopher Miles Christopher Miles Director, Writer, Producer Film, TV
260 Leonard Miall Leonard Miall TV
384 Ann Meo Ann Meo Editor TV
300 Joe Mendoza Joe Mendoza Director, Writer Film
280 Anthony Mendleson Anthony Mendleson Costume Designer Film, TV
485 Steven C Melendez Steven C Melendez Animation, Producer, Director Film, TV
454 David Meeker David Meeker Archivist Film, TV
261 Richard Q McNaughton Richard Q McNaughton documentary, Director, Editor, Writer Film, TV
279 Lewis (Rory) McLeod Lewis (Rory) McLeod Documentary; Union, Camera Film
512 Virginia McKenna Virginia McKenna Actor Film, Theatre, TV
630 Joe McGrath Joe McGrath Producer, Director, Executive Film, TV
594 John McCallum (with Googie Withers) John McCallum Actor Film, Theatre, TV
58 Gordon McCallum Gordon McCallum Sound, Recordist, Dubbing Mixer Film
489 Ernest Maxim Ernest Maxim Producer TV
362 Erica Masters Erica Masters Production Manager, Assistant Director Film
21 Bill Mason Bill Mason documentary, Director Film
533 Murray Martin Murray Martin documentary, Director, Producer Film, TV
539 Ben Martin Ben Martin Photographer Film
47 Doris Martin Doris Martin Continuity Film, TV
216 Angela Martelli Angela Martelli Continuity Film
31 Kitty Marshall (Hermges) Kitty Marshall (Hermges) documentary, Producer, Editor, Director Film
660 Laurence Marks Laurence Marks Drama, Sitcom, Writer Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
361 Richard Marden Richard Marden Editor, Sound Film, TV
673 Nigel Mantell Nigel Mantell Projectionist Film
687 Howard Lanning Howard Manning
311 Pamela Mann-Francis (nee Mann) Pamela Mann-Francis (nee Mann) Writer, Production Secretary, Continuity Film
603 Jonathan Mann Jonathan Mann Restoration
383 Harry Manley Harry Manley Laboratory, Executive Film