Index of Interviews

Interview Title Forename/ssort descending Surname Work area/craft/role Industry
697 Kennith Trodd
699 Taylor Downing Producer, Writer. Film, TV
702 Dave Moody
703 John Ireland
707 Peter Mullins
708 Rebecca O'Brien
705 Roy Fowler
686 Maurice Kanareck
687 Howard Lanning
689 Oswald Morris
690 Lynn Lloyd
691 Margaret Watt
692 Patricia Dainton
693 Christine Bellamy
694 Clyde Jeavons
113 A A "Alf" Tunwell A A "Alf" Tunwell Newsreel, Cinemagazine, Camera Film
22 A A (Tubby) Englander A A (Tubby) Englander Camera Film, TV
246 A F (Peter) Birch A F (Peter) Birch Sound Film, Radio, TV
109 A W (Nick) Nicholls A W (Nick) Nicholls documentary, Director, Producer Film
245 Abel Goodman Abel Goodman documentary, Director Film, TV
149 Adam Dawson Adam Dawson Editor Film, TV
211 Adele Spencer (nee Reynolds) Adele Spencer (nee Reynolds) Continuity Film
19 Adolph Simon Adolph Simon Newsreel, Stills, Camera, Sound Film
51 Adrian (Andy) Worker Adrian (Andy) Worker Accountant, Producer, Studio Manager
368 Aida Young (nee Cohen) Aida Young (nee Cohen) Producer, Director Film, TV
501 Alan Goatman Alan Goatman Producer Film, TV
41 Alan Izod Alan Izod documentary, Producer, Director, Camera Film
236 Alan Hume Alan Hume DoP Film
15 Alan Lawson Alan Lawson Camera, Sound Film
581 Alan Douglas Alan Douglas Laboratory
150 Alan Sapper Alan Sapper Union (ACTT/BECTU)
95 Albert Critoph Albert Critoph Projectionist, Technician Film, TV
317 Alexander Faris Alexander Faris Music, Composer, Conductor Film, Theatre, TV
62 Alf Cooper Alf Cooper Laboratory, Technician Film
656 Alf Francis Alf Francis Exhibition, Projection Film
287 Alf (Alfred) Black Alf (Alfred) Black Camera, Director, Producer Theatre, TV
267 Alfie Cox Alfie Cox Film Editor, Sound Editor Film, TV
14 Alfred Roome Alfred Roome Editor Film
514 Alfred Shaughnessy Alfred Shaughnessy Writer, Producer, Director Film, TV
611 Alfred Wilson Alfred Wilson Dubbing Editor Film, TV
281 Alice (Queenie) Turner Alice (Queenie) Turner Laboratory, Assembly Film
685 Alison Chapman Alison Chapman Camera Operator TV
79 Allan Tyrer Allan Tyrer Editor TV
314 Allan Prior Allan Prior Writer TV
593 Alvar Kaulins Alvar Kaulins Productcion Manager, Producer
531 Alvin Bailey Alvin Bailey Editor Film
141 Andrew Mitchell Andrew Mitchell Executive Film
168 Angela Allen Angela Allen Continuity Film, TV
615 Angela Allen Angela Allen Continuity Film
216 Angela Martelli Angela Martelli Continuity Film
348 Ann Turner Ann Turner Director, Producer Film, TV
384 Ann Meo Ann Meo Editor TV
698 Anne Fleming Anne Fleming
710 Anne Hanford Anne Hanford Film Librarian TV
251 Anne V Coates Anne V Coates Editor Film
473 Anthony Smith Anthony Smith Producer, Academic TV
139 Anthony Havelock-Allan Anthony Havelock-Allan Producer Film
142 Anthony De Lotbinière Anthony De Lotbinière Producer, Director Film, TV
420 Anthony Simmons Anthony Simmons Director, Writer Film, TV
280 Anthony Mendleson Anthony Mendleson Costume Designer Film, TV
537 Arnold Barber Arnold Barber Distribution Film
464 Arnold Louis Miller Arnold Louis Miller Director. Producer Film
445 Arthur Wooster Arthur Wooster DoP Film, TV
16 Arthur Graham Arthur Graham
521 Arthur Pedlar Arthur Pedlar Circus Clown
156 Arthur Evans Arthur Evans Photographer, Stills Film
435 Asher (Harry) Gilbert Asher (Harry) Gilbert Hairdresser, Wig Maker Film, Theatre, TV
650 Assheton Gorton Assheton Gorton Production Designer Film, TV
651 Assheton Gorton Assheton Gorton Production Designer Film, TV
309 Aubrey Singer Aubrey Singer Editor, Producer, Executive Film, Radio, TV
100 Barbara (Bimbi) Harris Barbara (Bimbi) Harris Camera, Director TV
60 Barbara K Emary Barbara K Emary Writer, Associate Producer Film
619 Barry Quinton (with Nigel Wooland) Barry Quinton Exhibition, Projection, Union (NATTKE) Film
635 Barry Palin Barry Palin Producer Film
621 Barry Quinton Barry Quinton Exhibition, Projectionist, Union (NATTKE) Film
539 Ben Martin Ben Martin Photographer Film
436 Bernard Tonks Bernard Tonks Exhibition, Projectionist Film
219 Bernard Vorhaus Bernard Vorhaus Director, Writer Film
92 Bernard Happé Bernard Happé Laboratory, Technician
369 Bernard Gribble Bernard Gribble Editor, Production Manager Film
590 Bernie Andrews Bernie Andrews Producer Radio
536 Bert Wilkins Bert Wilkins documentary, Director, Editor, Camera (3-D & 'Scope) Film
119 Bert Craik Bert Craik Union (ACT), Special Effects
12 Bessie Bond (née Span) Bessie Bond (nee Span) Union (Tailor & Garment Workers, ACT)
488 Betsy Blair Betsy Blair Actor, Scriptwriter Film, Theatre
520 Betty Willingale Betty Willingale Script Editor, Producer TV
56 Betty Bachelor Betty Bachelor Union (Electrical Trades Union)
618 Betty Hickson a.k.a Joy Conway Betty Hickson Actor, singer Film, Radio
3 Bill Girdlestone Bill Girdlestone Editor and laboratories Film
294 Bill Welch (with Maurice Askew) Bill Welch Design, Props
231 Bill Hughes Bill Hughes Distribution Film
668 Bill Whittemore Bill Whittemore Production, Publicity, Music, Animation, documentary, Drama, Laboratories Film
207 Bill Borrows Bill Borrows Union
576 Bill Lewthwaite Bill Lewthwaite Film Editor Film
695 Bill Rawcliffe Bill Rawcliffe Sound Engineer TV
21 Bill Mason Bill Mason documentary, Director Film
153 Bill Cotton Bill Cotton Executive, Producer TV
396 Bill Ward Bill Ward Producer TV
430 Bill Stallion Bill Stallion Art Department Film, TV
591 Bill Bebb Bill Bebb Producer Radio, TV
226 Billy Williams Billy Williams DoP Film
282 Billy Jordan Billy Jordan Camera Film
434 Bob Narduzzo Bob Narduzzo Projectionist, Laboratory Technician Film
502 Bob Thompson Bob Thompson
376 Bob Larbey Bob Larbey Writer Radio, TV
513 Bob Holness Bob Holness Presenter, Producer TV
552 Bob Jordan Bob Jordan Features, Commercials, Camera Film
394 Bob Allen Bob Allen Sound Film, TV
158 Bob Godfrey Bob Godfrey Animation, Producer, Director, Animator Film, TV
505 Bobbie Reisel Bobbie Reisel
455 Brad Ashton Brad Ashton Comedy, Writer Radio, TV
499 Brian Taylor Brian Taylor Producer, Director Film, TV
565 Brian Murphy Brian Murphy Actor Film, TV
665 Brian Dale Brian Dale Laboratory Film
170 Brian Shemmings Brian Shemmings Union (ACTT) Film
550 Brian Stevens Brian Stevens Animation, Animator Film
700 Brian Tesler Brian Tesler Production, management TV
98 Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson Producer TV
2 Bryan Langley Bryan Langley DoP, cameraman Film, TV
331 Bryan Forbes Bryan Forbes Director, Actor Film, Theatre, TV
122 C M (Cyril) Pennington-Richards C M (Cyril) Pennington-Richards Director, Producer, Camera Film
288 Carmen Dillon Carmen Dillon Art Director, Production Designer Film
229 Cedric Dawe Cedric Dawe Art Director Film
160 Charles Wilder Charles Wilder Production Accountant Film
72 Charles Crichton Charles Crichton Director, Editor Film, TV
474 Charles Beddow Charles Beddow Exhibition, Projectionist Film, TV
442 Charles Beddow Charles Beddow Exhibition, Projectionist
330 Charles Wheeler Charles Wheeler Current Affairs, Foreign Correspondent, Presenter TV
271 Charles Smith Charles Smith Camera (3-D & 'Scope) Film
356 Charles Hamill Charles Hamill Exhibition, Projectionist Film
121 Charles Cooper Charles Cooper Distribution Film
250 Charles Bennett Charles Bennett Writer, Director Film, TV
90 Charles Potter Charles Potter Distribution, Publicist Film
173 Charlotte Jennings Charlotte Jennings Designer, Director Film
670 Chris Strachan Chris Strachan Executive Film
345 Christine Collins Christine Collins Sound Film
592 Christine Whittaker Christine Whittaker documentary, Researcher, Producer TV
351 Christopher Miles Christopher Miles Director, Writer, Producer Film, TV
587 Christopher Morahan Christopher Morahan Director Film, Theatre, TV
59 Christopher Challis Christopher Challis DoP Film, TV
210 Cliff(ord) Robinson Cliff(ord) Robinson Designer, Art Director Film, TV
490 Clive Donner Clive Donner Director, Editor Film
553 Coeks Gordon Coeks Gordon Theatre
469 Colin Thomas Colin Thomas documentary, Drama Doc, Animation, Director TV
366 Colin Dean Colin Dean Producer, Director, Writer Film, TV
256 Colin Young Colin Young Education Film
413 Constance Cummings Constance Cummings Actor Film, Theatre
542 Cornel Lucas Cornel Lucas Stills Photographer Film
645 Cy Young Cy Young Researcher, Film Editor Film, TV
176 Cynthia Moody Cynthia Moody Editor Film
264 Cyril Frankel Cyril Frankel Director Film, TV
76 Cyril Crowhurst Cyril Crowhurst Sound Film
389 Cyril Page Cyril Page Camera (news and other) Film, TV
52 Cyril Howard Cyril Howard Studio Manager Film
350 Cyril (Cid) Thawley Cyril (Cid) Thawley Union (NATKE), Studio construction Film
5 Dallas Bower Dallas Bower Director, Film Editor, Writer, Sound Recordist, Producer Film, Radio, TV
194 Daphne Shadwell Daphne Shadwell Director, Producer Radio, TV
80 Daphne Ancell Daphne Ancell Union (ACTT)
84 Daphne Anstey (nee Lily) Daphne Anstey (nee Lily) documentary, Neg cutter, Producer Film
93 Daphne Shadwell (with Joan Winter/Oldfield, Hazel Allen and Sheila Shadwell) Daphne Shadwell Producer TV
567 Darrol Blake Darrol Blake Designer, Producer, Director Theatre, TV
535 David Fyson David Fyson Production Buyer TV
504 David Eady David Eady Director, Producer, Editor Film
600 David Puttnam David Puttnam Producer Film
570 David Cobham David Cobham Producer, Director Film, TV
541 David Croft David Croft Producer, Writer, Editor, Director TV
679 David Prowse David Prowse Actor Film, TV
334 David Robinson David Robinson Critic, Historian, Director Film
675 David Francis David Francis Archivist Film, TV
454 David Meeker David Meeker Archivist Film, TV
696 David Elstein David Elstein Producer, Director, Head of Programmes, CEO TV
391 David Collison David Collison documentary, Producer, Director; Radio announcer Radio, TV
88 David Prosser David Prosser Union (ACTT), Camera, Producer
218 David Samuelson David Samuelson Camera, Lighting Film
623 David Stevens David Stevens documentary, Writer, Producer Film
431 David Robson David Robson Projectionist, Telecine Operator Film, TV
190 David Attenborough David Attenborough Producer TV
561 David Wilson David Wilson Film Editor, Post Production Manager TV
320 David Watkin David Watkin Camera, DoP Film
354 Dawn Stanford Dawn Stanford documentary, Library Film
85 Denis Forman Denis Forman Producer, Executive TV
120 Denis Mitchell Denis Mitchell documentary, Director Film, TV
671 Dennis Fraser Dennis Fraser Grip, Union (NATTKE & BECTU) Film
313 Dennis Kimbley Dennis Kimbley Executive
204 Dennis Main Wilson Dennis Main Wilson Producer TV
140 Denny Densham Denny Densham Camera, Director Film
375 Derek Malcolm Derek Malcolm Critic, Director of London Film Festival Film
633 Derek Boshier Derek Boshier independent cinema, Director, Script Film
677 Derek Threadgall Derek Threadgall Studio Manager Film, TV
636 Derek Lewis Derek Lewis Exhibition, Projectionist Film
516 Derek Williams Derek Williams documentary, Director, Camera Film
359 Derek Threadgall Derek Threadgall Public Relations Film
456 Derrick Knight Derrick Knight documentary, Director, Producer Film
111 Desmond Dickinson Desmond Dickinson Camera, Director Film
265 Diana Morgan Diana Morgan Script Writer, Actress Film, Radio, Theatre, TV
525 Diana Parry Diana Parry Casting
578 Diane Tammes Diane Tammes documentary, Camera, Director, Producer Film, TV
468 Dick Horn Dick Horn Animation, Director, Animator Film, TV
701 Dick Mills Dick Mills Sound Design Radio, TV
395 Dick Slade Dick Slade Studio Manager, Projectionist Film
367 Dicky Leeman Dicky Leeman ASM, Producer, Director, Writer Film, Theatre, TV
304 Don Sharp Don Sharp Director, Writer Film, TV
205 Donald Wilson Donald Wilson Writer, Producer Film, TV
47 Doris Martin Doris Martin Continuity Film, TV
382 Chili (Dorothy) Bouchier Dorothy, Irene ('Chili') Bouchier Actor Film
575 Doug Robinson Doug Robinson Actor, stuntman Film, Theatre, TV
676 Doug Allan Doug Allan Wildlife Cameraman, Underwater photographer Film, TV
68 Douglas Slocombe Douglas Slocombe DoP Film
425 Douglas Gordon Douglas Gordon documentary, Producer, Director, Writer, Editor; film librarian Film, TV
125 Dudley Lovell Dudley Lovell Camera Film
422 empty - Duncan Minshull - cancelled Duncan Minshull
230 E E (Dave) Davies E E (Dave) Davies Laboratory, Technician Film
407 E M (Michael) Smedley Aston E M (Michael) Smedley Aston Producer, Director, Production Manager Film
562 Ean Wood Ean Wood Features, non-fiction, Director, Writer, Editor Film
678 Earl Cameron Earl Cameron Actor Film, Theatre, TV
595 Eddie Joffe Eddie Joffe Producer TV
640 Edna Traill (nee Owen) Edna Traill (nee Owen) Executive Assistant TV
36 Edward Dryhurst Edward Dryhurst Writer, Producer, Director Film
492 Edward Mirzoeff Edward Mirzoeff Producer TV
318 Edward Williams Edward Williams documentary, Composer Film
182 Edward (Teddy) Carrick (Craig) Edward (Teddy) Carrick (Craig) Art Director, Production Designer Film, Theatre
284 Edwin (Ted) Astley Edwin (Ted) Astley Music, Composer Film, TV
323 Eileen Diss Eileen Diss Production Designer Film, Theatre, TV
38 Elaine Schreyeck Elaine Schreyeck Continuity, Script Supervisor Film
202 Elizabeth Furse (née Wolpert) Elizabeth Furse (née Wolpert) Continuity Film
423 Elizabeth Forty (Tofield) Elizabeth Forty (Tofield) Radio, TV
40 Ella Mallet Ella Mallet Music, Cinema Pianist Film
347 Emmanuel (Manny) Yospa Emmanuel (Manny) Yospa Sound Film, TV
171 empty - Peter Mullins - cancelled empty empty
491 empty empty empty
129 Ena Baga Ena Baga Cinema Organist Film
1 Eric Cross Eric Cross DoP, camerman Film
362 Erica Masters Erica Masters Production Manager, Assistant Director Film
133 Ernest Steward Ernest Steward DoP Film, TV
447 Ernest Dudley Ernest Dudley Actor, Writer Film, Radio
489 Ernest Maxim Ernest Maxim Producer TV
64 Erwin Hillier Erwin Hillier DoP Film
510 Esther Rantzen Esther Rantzen Presenter, Producer TV
465 Esther Harris Esther Harris Trailer Producer Film
597 Evan Pearson Evan Pearson Fiction, documentary, Commercials, Director
243 Ezra Dearing Ezra Dearing Animation, Artist, Model-maker, Animator, Director Film, TV
315 F E (Ernie) Diamond F E (Ernie) Diamond Carpenter, Construction Manager
132 Frances Cockburn Frances Cockburn Editor, Executive Film
37 Francis Searle Francis Searle Director, Producer, Writer Film
184 Francis Gysin Francis Gysin Producer, Director Film
196 Frank Godwin Frank Godwin Producer, Writer, Director Film
365 Frank Worth Frank Worth Director Film
91 Frank Littlejohn Frank Littlejohn Laboratory, Manager Film
169 Fred Tomlin Fred Tomlin Sound, Boom Operator Film
138 Fred Pugh Fred Pugh Laboratory, Technician Film
478 Fred Gamage Fred Gamage documentary, Camera Film
511 Fred Keil Fred Keil Scenery, miniatures and props builder TV
4 Freddie Young Freddie Young DoP, Cinematographer Film, TV
308 Freddie Francis Freddie Francis DoP, Director Film, TV
353 Fredrick [Frederick?] Bentham Fredrick [Frederick?] Bentham Lighting Designer Film, Theatre, TV
32 Geoff Hermges Geoff Hermges Producer, Camera Film, TV
65 Geoff Labram Geoff Labram Camera Film
437 Geoff Richman Geoff Richman documentary, Director, Producer, Writer Film, TV
460 Geoff Mulligan Geoff Mulligan advertising, Training, documentary, Camera Film, TV
247 Geoffrey Baines Geoffrey Baines documentary, Editor, Director, Producer Film, TV
87 Geoffrey Conway Geoffrey Conway Editor
28 Geoffrey Foot Geoffrey Foot Film Editor Film, TV
270 empty (George Hawk - cancelled) George Hawk
115 George Elvin George Elvin Union (ACT/ACTT), General Secretary
543 George (Nosher) Powell George (Nosher) Powell Actor Film, TV
114 George E Hill George E Hill Engineer Film
352 George Ivan Smith George Ivan Smith Producer TV
713 Gerry Weinbren Gerald Weinbren documentary, Director, Camera Film, TV
307 Gerald Chambers Gerald Chambers Floor Manager TV
298 Gerry Anstiss Gerry Anstiss Camera Film
332 Gerry Weinbren Gerry Weinbren documentary, Director Film, TV
303 Gerry Fisher Gerry Fisher Camera, DoP Film
364 Gerry Humphreys Gerry Humphreys Sound Film, TV
400 Gerry Lewis Gerry Lewis Camera Film
248 Gilchrist (Gil) Calder Gilchrist (Gil) Calder Producer, Director TV
582 Glyn Jones Glyn Jones Writer, Producer
183 Godfrey Jennison Godfrey Jennison documentary, Producer, Director Film
594 Googie Withers (with John McCallum) Googie Withers Actor Film, Theatre, TV
89 Gordon Hales Gordon Hales Editor, Director Film
58 Gordon McCallum Gordon McCallum Sound, Recordist, Dubbing Mixer Film
658 Graham Hartstone Graham Hartstone Sound Film
598 Graham Murray Graham Murray Producer, Researcher TV
344 Graham Smart Graham Smart documentary, Producer, Director Film, TV
237 Graham Thompson Graham Thompson Newsreel, Camera Film, TV
46 Guido Coen Guido Coen Producer, Executive Film
466 Gus Walker Gus Walker Design Film
278 Gus Walker Gus Walker Design Film
233 Guy Green Guy Green DoP, Director Film, TV
179 Harold French Harold French Actor, Director Film, Theatre
94 Harold Myers Harold Myers Critic Film
321 Harry Pottle Harry Pottle Producer, Designer Film, TV
629 Harry Fowler Harry Fowler Actor Film, TV
136 Harry Holton Harry Holton Lighting TV
269 Harry Courcha Harry Courcha Laboratory, Technician Film
383 Harry Manley Harry Manley Laboratory, Executive Film
20 Harry Miller Harry Miller Sound, Sound Editor Film, Theatre
608 Harry Alan Towers Harry Alan Towers Producer Film
93 Hazel Allen (with Daphne Shadwell, Joan Winter/Oldfield and Sheila Shadwell) Hazel Allen Violinist TV
669 Hazel Ascot Hazel Ascot Child actor, Dancer Film
477 Hazel Adair Hazel Adair Writer, Producer Film, TV