Tony Bridgewater

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28 Jun 1990
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Born 1908, describes his early childhood and schooling; his father got a job in Canada and so the family moved to Toronto where he went to the University of Tonto, aged 16. His father’s job folded so they came back to the UK and he went to the Wireless Telegraphy School (Marconi) and was padded out and went to sea as a Third Wireless Officer, didn’t see a future, and via his father’s contact over Baird Company share issue, joined Baird Company in 1928. He describes his early experiences with Baird’s and then he joined the BBC to transmit the original 30 line television transmissions. He describes the early days of Alexandra Palace and the close down for war, and he then goes on with his wartime experiences. He then talks about his role in the reopening of BBC television services after the war and his becoming the engineer in charge of the newly formed OB (Outside Broadcast) Unit and then his rise to become chief engineer of the television service.


Chief Engineer, BBC Television