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T Leslie
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23 Oct 1990
1 Nov 1990
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T. Leslie Jackson was a BBC light entertainment television producer and director. Jacko, as he was known throughout the BBC for all the many years he worked there, was born just outside Manchester in 1910. Following several jobs, including a short career as a professional boxer, he turned to the theatre. Throughout the thirties he worked for several repertory companies, mainly in the North West, as a stage manager, actor and stage director. 

Following the war, he joined the newly re-opened BBC Television at Alexandra Palace in 1946, starting as a studio manager. By 1950 he was a director and in 1956 was made a producer working in light entertainment most of his career.  During his time at the BBC, Jackson was involved in many of the early landmark events of British television such as “An Evening at Home with The Bradens” with Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly.

In 1951 he directed the first series of "What’s My Line?" which he continued to run for over six years. The show brought him together with Eamonn Andrews , with whom he brought another British television institution to the screen in 1955 when “This is Your Life" began transmission. He produced the series until 1964. In 1965 Jackson produced a new panel game "Call My Bluff” which became another long-running BBC popular success. Robin Ray was its first chairman, followed by Robert Robinson. Jackson continued with the programme until he retired in 1970.