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Richard Morse
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21 Feb 2012
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[Transcribed from Dick Pull’s handwritten notes. DS]

Year 3[?] Motor racing films. Stan Schofield Productions; Stirling Moss ‘V’ sign – left,  Nfilm [?] medical films. I left, went to Derek Stuart BP Producer, £30,000 budget films for COI [Central Office of Information]; First film, editor. Other jobs: went to British Transport Films, then ATV with Cyril Bennett: fast paced job, did not last long. Edgar. “You are now an Editor”, worked with Ted [?], no money, so went home and built furniture!

Meet John Betjeman; preview theatre, bike clips story; Stanley Holloway story; Third Sam! John Schlesinger: Terminus. Then freelance, got married 1963. VisNews, Night shift, Commonwealth News; Satellite television, Early Bird [space satellite]. Phone rings: NBC/ABC used the system asked to go to Paris. Student riots, sun on the pic synch. Back to VisNews, satellite jobs.

Q. You travelled a lot – technology changed quick. Eng: 500 kilos of luggage, CRT [Cathode Ray Tube] monitors. News stories: competition, Nigeria, Jimmy Carter. US President picture problems, Eqypt, Nixon ill, could not stand up.

Technical problems in Egypt, Dr Wasser – Arab League.


Took equipment to Cairo, cuts in film – exit visa problems with film, getting money out of them is a problem – paid in local currency.

Q. You worked with bug companies

Lots of tape formats, lots of machines, clients asked for big discounts, many companies went bankrupt. Franco died story, Madrid. Everybody sent home – filmed photographs for news story. Franco died, then long queue to see coffin; behave yourself on holiday.

It was a passion not a job. Advice: stay out of the industry. BBC Worldwide told students to make films for Youtube.

I have worked hard [in] dangerous situations, friend Simon Maxwell got arrested. German TV story: no Americans; Barbara Walters story.


As a boy experimented with amateur film 9.5mm etc. Worked for various companies including Movietone. Owner of Lane End Facilities and editing company. Worked very closely with US ABC News. Very extensively traveled.