Marie Richman

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9 Jul 1998
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Interview notes


[These notes cover a mix of names, films and activities referred to in the interview; these are [originally] left wing/socialist film makers usually working with short films and ‘trigger’ films, often on health education or political issues. DS]


Tape one, SIDE ONE


G.R. Born 1932 in Leeds; Marie, born 1934 father hospital porter. Met through a common interest in music, married in 1954, have three children. GR joined the Communist Party and the Young Communist League (YCL) when a medical student. He is the senior partner of a practice of 4. Joined the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign (VSC) in 1967. In 1968 he was honorary chairman, Marie was Hon. Treasurer of North West London VSC. Met Tony Wickert an Australian actor, a film director at the BBC. Ellen and Richard Hammerschlag; Angry  Arts; End of a Tactic. 1969 Dead End of Movement. Use film. Tony gave up BBC to start a film company. Camden festival. Showed tape and slide and films.     1970 Anniversary of Education. Parents association, plan space for children. Painted bridge, Mill Lane. Filmed in 16mm. Start or production of Liberation Films. 1966 Expelled from Communist Party. Wrote poetry at Oxford. Sought out YCL. Asked a policeman.                                Peter Fryer. 1971/2 Local Authority Community Development. Local films about areas.          

Voice overs. Greater London Arts Association (GLAA). Project Octopus. Event ln a festival. Poplar.                       Video. Gulbenkian grant. Tony Sickert getting paid. Peter Brinson. Non-profit company, Liberation; Sue Crockford; Aubrey Shyam, dentist. GLAA £8000. Films on tooth decay. Recruited people to do their own videos. Fly a Flag for Poplar. 1976 London Film Festival. Balham. Traffic Crossing. Open Door series. Plumstead with local theatre.



Filming, being a doctor, three children. Peterhead. Glasgow. You can still be beautiful. Caroline Goldie. Luton, filmed by West German TV. Sound man married Caroline. Sheffield. Jenny Ferrugg. Trigger films.

Film on VD. Health Education Council on smoking. Paul Soto. Ivan Strasburg.                               Films for schools, training schools. Derrick Knight and Brenda. Concord [Film & Video Council, Ipswich] distributed. The Professionals Birmingham dentists. Nurses at Royal Free [Hospital]. Pitmans distributed. Lots of Trigger Films. Arts Council. Mural   Movement. Morgan's Wall   Film. Tony went back to Australia. Break up of Liberation. Health education changed under new government. "You can still be beautiful". Dan Whistler. Brent Active Pensioners. New video. Film on blood pressure. Sue Crockford. General secretary of Socialist Medical Association.         Lee Jeans’ strike video.




CinemaAction.     BFI Production Board. Peter Sainsbury, changing in documentary films.  Present activity [1998]