Dick Slade

Dick Slade
Dick Slade
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16 Apr 1997
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Interview notes

Rough notes of interview 395, Dick Slade. 16th April 1997

Wheathampstead. Projectionist at Rex, Leytonestone. H.& G Enterprises.

Academy, State. Conscripted into arrny. Projectionist, Staff Sergeant. Married at 20. Farm Machinery, Horace Bishop, British Lion, Preview Theatre; Macllroy,

1952/4. Dispatch, Bert Chapman, Bob Marrow, Assistant Manager, Olympic Labs., 1952-54 Renown Pictures. (1955-58) Dispatch Manager 1958. Cross Channel Films Preview Theatre 1958/59.

Preview, Richard Shulman. Brian Samms. Anglo—amalgamated. 1959/1967. Trident Preview Theatre 1967-77 EJ Fancy Celluloid Film Services Technical Manager 1977-79; Alan

Ramsay, Maurice Young. 1968 Dave Gillard, Morman and Barry Sheffield,1967. "McKenna's Gold". November 1977. Michael Winner. Bob Baker.

"Hannibal Brookes" Marlon Brando, Hew Realm Films, Wardour Preview, John Smith, B.J.Fancy. "The Ship" Terry Slade Baker, De Lane Lea,1979-1997 Studio Manager. March 1979,Pop Promos, Trillion, Lime House Studios 1987.Godfrey Pine, 88, Sky, 88/89, Scott Chisholm, Jan 91.

SIDE 2; Jan 90, Freelance, October 96, Closed January 1997. Resources

Manager. Various Stories. Newsreel. Fire. Eddie Fairbrother tooth. George Minton, Renown Pictures, Anglo, Lisa Minelli, Alan Lake,

"Charlie Bubbles" Freddy Young.