Anne V. Coates

Anne V
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20 May 1992
29 May 1992
9 Jun 1992
15 Jul 1992
8 Sep 1992
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Duration: 588 minutes

The interview was conducted over five days, non-consecutive, without a tape change at the end of each session so that they run through.

Session 1: 20.05.1992 Tracks 1-3 ends 0:37:33 : Session 2: 29.05.1992   Tracks 3-6   ends 0:05:17 ;  Session 3: 09.06.1992 Tracks 6-8 ends 0:16:36;  Session 4: 15.07.1992 Tracks 8-10 to end of tape ;  Session 5: 08.09.1992 Tracks 11-14.



Anne Voase Coates (born 12 December 1925) was a British film editor with a more than 60-year-long career. She was perhaps best known as the editor of David Lean's epic film Lawrence of Arabia in 1962. Coates was nominated five times for the Academy Award for Film Editing for the films Lawrence of Arabia, Becket (1963), The Elephant Man (1980), In the Line of Fire (1993), and Out of Sight (1998). In an industry where women accounted for only 16 percent of all editors working on the top 250 films of 2004, and 80 percent of the films had absolutely no females on their editing teams at all, Coates continued to thrive as a top film editor. She was awarded BAFTA's highest honour, a BAFTA Fellowship, in February 2007 and was given an Academy Honorary Award, which are popularly known as a Lifetime Achievement Oscar, in November 2016 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences