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The History Project is a leading organisation in the production, archiving and dissemination of oral histories of the UK's broadcasting, media and entertainment industries.  Anyone can join us! You do not have to be a member of BECTU, or any union or broadcasting and entertainment profession. In fact, we love the diversity of our users and welcome professionals and students, academics and families, and anyone interested in the contributions of all the men and women who have contributed to the film, television, video, theatre and radio heritage of the UK. 

As a Member, you will be demonstrating support for the continued development of our work. For example, as we improve our online resources and provide additional features, these enhancements will be exclusively available to our Members, first, before being made available to the general public.  

You will also enjoy the following additional benefits:-

  • Access to engage with our community of like minded-professionals, enthusiasts and users

  • Posting and commenting on articles and participating in discussion forums.

  • Access to our user group for support and to offer feedback towards improving and developing our website and interview production and archiving resources

  • Invitations to monthly meetings, our AGM and other events

  • Voting rights and participation in our decision-making processes

  • Advanced notice and priority booking at workshops and events

  • Free training and free access to media production equipment

  • Opportunity to get involved in developing our professional interview productions, online resources and other activities and events

  • Contacting other members within our private network.